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Adams, John
O'Gara's Irish Run43:25
Get in Gear1:36:29

Adams, Katherine
Earth Day2:00:10
Lake Wobegon Trail4:26:13

Adriaens, Mary
Hot Dash27:45

Albares, Paul
Earth Day1:38:22

Albu, Pamela
Bud Break34:07
Get in Gear1:09:12

Alger, Brian
Get in Gear1:12:17

Allyn, Richard
Medtronic TC10:24

Amundson, James
Lake Wobegon Trail3:51:44

Amundson, Pamela
Goldy's Run1:39:17

Anderholm, Julie
Goldy's Run1:28:36

Anderson, Barb
Hot Dash1:29:44

Anderson, Debbie
Medtronic TC10:25

Anderson, Juliane
Goldy's Run1:55:53

Anderson, Kimberly
Medtronic TC6:29

Anderson, Liz
Goldy's Run30:49

Anderson, Twyla
Get in Gear2:24:00

Angerhofer, Cindy
Medtronic TC8:45

Antin, Nancy
Medtronic TC11:11

Anvid, Mary Jo

Arnett, John
Goldy's Run1:34:32

Arnold, Joe
Medtronic TC4:36

Arthur, Dennis
Get in Gear29:42

Asp, Kathryn
Get in Gear40:22

Atchison, Dawn
Women Run the Cities30:47

Ayers, Nan
Women Run the Cities48:49

Ayotte, Raymond
Get in Gear39:17

Babcock, Mike
Get in Gear1:37:11

Bach, Perry
Brian Kraft Memorial19:23

Backlund, Theresa
Women Run the Cities1:38:41
Hot Dash1:40:18

Bagshaw, Helen
Goldy's Run1:42:12

Baillon, Frances
Hot Dash1:21:34

Baker, Andrew
Medtronic TC4:46

Baker, Michael
Get in Gear2:06:57
Ron Daws3:14:19

Balazovic, Deb
Women Run the Cities57:54

Baldwin, Doug
O'Gara's Irish Run28:25

Baldwin, Jennifer
Women Run the Cities1:24:51
Goldy's Run1:26:52
Hot Dash1:27:34

Banchy, Cindy
Women Run the Cities1:30:42
Get in Gear2:01:52

Bangma, Pauline
Get in Gear1:02:17

Bantle, Heather
Goldy's Run31:08

Bares, Joan
Medtronic TC8:24

Barnette, Glenn
Get in Gear1:23:42

Baron, Daniel
Medtronic TC5:49

Barringer, Greg
Medtronic TC6:57

Bartelme, Delma
Medtronic TC8:37
Hot Dash1:39:24

Bartels, Chad
Hot Dash59:44

Bashore, Julie
Goldy's Run1:29:27

Bauck, Bill
Get in Gear47:54

Bauer, Austin
O'Gara's Irish Run25:32
Get in Gear1:11:59

Baugh, Anita
Medtronic TC7:34
Brian Kraft Memorial25:37
O'Gara's Irish Run41:42
Hot Dash1:30:39
Get in Gear2:10:53

Baumert, Lisa
Medtronic TC5:08
Brian Kraft Memorial17:35
O'Gara's Irish Run29:08

Bealka, Dennis
Get in Gear1:00:38

Beatty, Colleen
Medtronic TC5:35

Bebchuk, Karen
Goldy's Run22:34

Becker, Ryan
Hot Dash52:43

Beckman, Pam
Goldy's Run1:38:54

Bednarz, Deborah
Women Run the Cities54:18

Behling, Scott

Behrendt, Brian
Medtronic TC4:59

Bell, Kathleen
Women Run the Cities29:47

Ben-Ner, Avner
Get in Gear26:03

Benzi, Tj
Medtronic TC5:20

Berg, Joan
Women Run the Cities1:55:12

Bergen, Kim
Women Run the Cities56:34

Bergin, Jon
Get in Gear1:06:28

Bergseth, Jerry
Get in Gear1:12:17

Berkner, Larry
Get in Gear22:58

Berkopec, Mike
Hot Dash1:14:12

Besemer, Lyle
Get in Gear1:43:20

Billig, Patrick
Medtronic TC5:10
Brian Kraft Memorial17:23
O'Gara's Irish Run28:12
Get in Gear35:36

Birkeland, Diane
Goldy's Run1:21:32

Birkholz, Daniel
Get in Gear57:00
Hot Dash1:35:15

Bjornberg, Michael
Get in Gear47:40

Blackstock, Cindy
Goldy's Run1:18:26

Block, Carol
Medtronic TC11:48

Bluhm, Lavonne
Medtronic TC8:37

Boatman, Jim
Goldy's Run1:11:22

Boggie-Miloserdo, Irina

Bogue-Harper, Margaret
Medtronic TC13:39

Bohlke, Allan
Medtronic TC5:09
Brian Kraft Memorial17:37
O'Gara's Irish Run29:30

Bole, Ron
Hot Dash29:11

Bolla, Jane
Medtronic TC7:40
Brian Kraft Memorial25:32
Goldy's Run25:37
Hot Dash1:36:18

Bolla, Mary
Hot Dash1:37:12

Bolton, Elizabeth
Get in Gear1:55:29

Bonnert, Eileen
Goldy's Run1:17:04

Boon, Christopher
Valentine's Day TC27:52
Hot Dash1:29:50

Boraas, Linda
Goldy's Run25:10

Borash, Daniel
O'Gara's Irish Run25:44

Bostrom, Jean
Hot Dash1:57:33

Bourassa, Joyce
Brian Kraft Memorial21:05

Bowar, Melissa
Get in Gear28:36

Braaten-Lee, Arland
Medtronic TC7:05
Brian Kraft Memorial25:27
Get in Gear51:35

Braley, Doris
Get in Gear36:40

Brand, James
Medtronic TC5:04

Brandt, Laura
Earth Day2:08:25

Brannan, Rodger

Breedlove-Gerard, Peggy
Medtronic TC7:36
Get in Gear25:48
Mothers Day25:51

Breen, Jenny
Medtronic TC6:23
Women Run the Cities1:20:21

Brennan, John
Get in Gear1:21:59

Brennan, Thomas
Get in Gear1:36:12
New Prague1:38:16

Brenner, Anita
Goldy's Run1:23:00
Get in Gear1:47:58

Brewer, Kathryn
Get in Gear42:50

Brindley, Karen
Medtronic TC10:30
Hot Dash1:36:57

Brisbois, Havila
Medtronic TC5:57

Brochman, Carolyn
Brian Kraft Memorial25:33

Brooks, Conley
Valentine's Day TC37:35

Brooks, Dale
Earth Day1:38:27

Brose, Mark
Hot Dash1:04:35

Brown, John
Goldy's Run35:34

Brown, Lisa
Get in Gear1:07:44
Hot Dash1:48:06

Brown, Michael
Medtronic TC6:01

Brown, Paul
Hot Dash20:06
Goldy's Run1:07:31

Brown, Tim
Medtronic TC6:16

Bruestle, Sharon
New Year's Day Hopeful32:33

Buchholtz, Trasi
Get in Gear1:31:52

Buck, Collin
Medtronic TC4:50

Buck, Lisa
Women Run the Cities30:05

Buckentine, Joe
Earth Day1:27:58

Buckland, Cindy
Goldy's Run28:42

Burich, Judy
Get in Gear40:26

Burlet, Teresa
Hot Dash1:22:17

Burnier, Edith
Medtronic TC13:40

Busch, Doug
Valentine's Day TC29:46

Byers, Angela
Women Run the Cities1:10:59

Cady, Stacey
Hot Dash1:40:12

Calhoun, Pam
Women Run the Cities1:01:32

Campeau, Kari
Medtronic TC5:31
O'Gara's Irish Run29:36
Get in Gear38:24

Campeau, Nathan
Medtronic TC5:03

Capra, Trevor
Brian Kraft Memorial14:56

Carey, Bob

Carlson, Dj
Hot Dash34:14
Valentine's Day TC34:40

Carlson, Nancy
Get in Gear2:06:05

Carlson, Roger

Carlson, Sandy
O'Gara's Irish Run28:35

Carlson, Sheri
Women Run the Cities1:20:25

Caron, Chris
Medtronic TC4:42

Carr, Dede
Medtronic TC11:11

Carroll, Lynn
Goldy's Run1:36:36

Celichowski, Colette
Medtronic TC5:12
Brian Kraft Memorial18:15
O'Gara's Irish Run30:02
Get in Gear38:11

Charlesworth, Scott
Get in Gear2:05:08

Cherne, Sara
Lake Wobegon Trail4:53:38

Chestolowski, Mary
Lake Wobegon Trail3:24:37

Chin, Richard
Get in Gear20:35

Chirhart, Tom
Earth Day2:09:13

Christensen, Darrell
Medtronic TC7:52
Brian Kraft Memorial28:32
Valentine's Day TC29:00
O'Gara's Irish Run46:46
Get in Gear56:30
Hot Dash1:38:05

Chrudimsky, Jason
Medtronic TC5:05

Clancy, Brenda
Women Run the Cities31:33

Clanton, Anne
Get in Gear1:03:57

Clark, Amy
Medtronic TC7:04
O'Gara's Irish Run39:00

Clark, Dave
Medtronic TC5:38

Clark, Doron
Brian Kraft Memorial16:23

Clark, Harrison
Medtronic TC4:31

Clark, Jill

Clark, Joan
Get in Gear31:09
Valentine's Day TC31:24
Hot Dash1:49:20

Class, Katy
Medtronic TC7:07

Class, Rob

Clements, Kathy
Get in Gear2:13:39

Clowser, Ann
Goldy's Run1:30:21

Coffey, Joe
Medtronic TC4:06
Brian Kraft Memorial14:51
O'Gara's Irish Run24:55

Collins, Don
O'Gara's Irish Run45:34
Get in Gear46:19

Collins, Mary
Medtronic TC10:49

Colton, Diane
Goldy's Run1:39:09

Conley, Joyce
Bud Break32:00

Conlin, Patricia
Women Run the Cities1:15:21

Connell, Patricia

Conrad, Alison
Women Run the Cities1:33:07
Earth Day2:09:18

Conrad, Lindsay
Medtronic TC5:50

Conrad, Sara
Medtronic TC5:46
Brian Kraft Memorial20:00
Get in Gear41:07
Ron Daws1:55:27

Cooper, Ken
Brian Kraft Memorial17:42

Corcoran, Gina
Goldy's Run1:13:20

Cottrell, Claudia

Cottrell, Harry

Couillard, Tom
O'Gara's Irish Run45:22

Covey, Steve
Earth Day1:34:40

Crawford, Sara
Get in Gear1:58:29

Crawford, Tanya
Hot Dash1:19:04
Goldy's Run1:22:42

Cruz, Esther
Women Run the Cities46:40
Goldy's Run46:45

Culbertson, Tina
Goldy's Run20:04

Curland, Nathan
Get in Gear1:19:35

Currie, Juli
Goldy's Run1:18:16

Czerwinski, Greg
Goldy's Run1:29:41

Dahlin, Clara
Medtronic TC13:09
Hot Dash49:44

Dahms, Nadine
Goldy's Run1:56:19

Daker, Jan
Medtronic TC8:25
Women Run the Cities1:39:34
Hot Dash1:40:13
Goldy's Run1:44:01
Get in Gear2:15:02

Dalquist, Sandra
Medtronic TC9:12
Brian Kraft Memorial30:44
Valentine's Day TC32:33
O'Gara's Irish Run51:39
Women Run the Cities1:00:47
Get in Gear1:04:03
Goldy's Run1:50:16

Daly, Margaret
Get in Gear58:37

Damario, Mark
Medtronic TC6:25

Danielson, Scott
Goldy's Run28:37

Danielson, Steven
Earth Day1:37:49

Danielson, Tom
Medtronic TC6:14
O'Gara's Irish Run38:11
Get in Gear46:40

Daubert, Dave
Valentine's Day TC39:08

Daubert, David
Goldy's Run2:09:31
Get in Gear2:48:53

Davenport, Brian
Medtronic TC5:01

Davidson, Ken

Davis, Kate
Brian Kraft Memorial22:06

Day, Robert
Brian Kraft Memorial19:00
Ron Daws1:45:47
Lake Wobegon Trail3:10:52

Deblieck, Carol
Get in Gear1:08:33

Decker, Cole
Ron Daws1:28:40

Decker, Sonya
Medtronic TC6:15
Brian Kraft Memorial20:27
O'Gara's Irish Run32:40
Women Run the Cities41:56
Hot Dash1:07:29

Deetz, Dorothy
Get in Gear53:30

Degner, Ariella
Women Run the Cities1:02:00

Delapp, Steven
Get in Gear1:25:33

Demartino, Jeanne
Women Run the Cities1:22:47

Dibley, Dawn
Valentine's Day TC31:16

Diedrich, Darrin
Get in Gear39:29

Dinneen, Michael
Medtronic TC8:22

Dixon, Brian
Get in Gear40:58
Ron Daws1:59:17

Dobbs, Bill
Medtronic TC6:20

Docherty, Daniel
Brian Kraft Memorial15:16

Docherty, Laura
Hot Dash1:04:38

Doe, Kevin
Brian Kraft Memorial16:16

Donnelly, Laura
Medtronic TC5:45

Donnelly, Paul
Medtronic TC4:55

Donner, Joan
Get in Gear54:08

Dornfeld, Don
Get in Gear2:37:40

Draper, Laurene
Medtronic TC7:28

Drobac, Thomas
O'Gara's Irish Run26:13

Duda, Ruthann
Hot Dash1:28:30
Get in Gear1:56:26

Duffy, Beth
Bud Break33:17

Duffy, Michael
Brian Kraft Memorial27:28

Duncan, Paul
Get in Gear40:24

Dunn, Vickie
Women Run the Cities1:08:22

Dykstra, Anne
Get in Gear56:04

Easker, Aaron
Medtronic TC4:20
Brian Kraft Memorial14:38
Get in Gear30:08

Economy, Jeannie
Ron Daws2:19:56

Economy, Robert
Medtronic TC5:17
Brian Kraft Memorial17:39
Valentine's Day TC18:18
O'Gara's Irish Run29:17
Ron Daws1:38:55

Edlund, Roger
Get in Gear38:54

Eggers, Jacob
Medtronic TC4:26

Eilers, Kim
Women Run the Cities1:28:55

Elmer, April
Medtronic TC8:13
Get in Gear2:11:42

Emanuelson, Cindy
Women Run the Cities1:37:35
Goldy's Run1:40:15

Emery, Chip

Emmerich, Teeny
Hot Dash1:21:36

English, Ken
Lake Wobegon Trail3:30:23

Erickson, Audrey
Get in Gear35:38

Erickson, Phil
Medtronic TC9:08
Brian Kraft Memorial28:49
O'Gara's Irish Run52:28
Get in Gear2:18:15
Ron Daws3:11:01

Euller, Steve
Get in Gear57:44

Evans, Sue
Women Run the Cities1:01:49

Fackler, Jennifer
Medtronic TC7:28

Feda, Jessica
Lake Wobegon Trail3:32:13

Feichtinger, Thomas
Medtronic TC4:40

Feyereisen, Bill
Medtronic TC4:42

Fickenscher, Pamela
Get in Gear51:43

Fines, Bonnie
Earth Day1:43:22

Finke, Robert
Medtronic TC5:12

Finnegan, Karen
Goldy's Run1:24:22

Fisher, Dan
Get in Gear35:53

Fisher, Geri
Women Run the Cities37:07
Get in Gear1:22:24

Fisher, Julia
Women Run the Cities1:04:53

Fisher, Terry
Hot Dash1:43:54

Fiskness, Ralph
Earth Day2:10:50

Fitting, Stanton
Earth Day1:44:41

Fitzpatrick, Terry
Get in Gear1:44:41

Fladland, William
O'Gara's Irish Run25:39

Flaherty-Eftefield, Rose
Women Run the Cities42:09

Fleming, Franklin
Get in Gear2:08:24

Flower, Jill
Medtronic TC10:58

Foley, Sarah
Earth Day1:48:53

Folkeringa, Gracia
Hot Dash1:04:23

Ford, Paul
Earth Day1:58:43

Foss, Shirley
Get in Gear2:31:31

Fossum, Alex
Medtronic TC5:25

Fouts, Abigail

Franzen, Carrie
Hot Dash1:28:43

Fraser, Bill
Medtronic TC11:36

Fredrickson, Michele
Hot Dash1:24:32
Get in Gear1:49:19

Fremont, Pat
O'Gara's Irish Run37:04
Valentine's Day TC37:59
Challenge Arthritis and Diabetes38:53
Goldy's Run2:13:43

French, Jean
Hot Dash1:27:39

Frick, Elizabeth
Get in Gear35:21
Hot Dash1:00:57

Friede, Wendy
Get in Gear1:00:11

Fryer, Anthony
Medtronic TC4:55
Ron Daws1:38:21

Fulton, Tom
Valentine's Day TC34:49
Brian Kraft Memorial36:48
Get in Gear1:11:13

Gaalswyk, Sheila
Get in Gear2:09:52

Gacek, Melissa
Medtronic TC5:31
O'Gara's Irish Run30:43
Get in Gear38:56
Goldy's Run1:04:40

Gagner, Joseph
Get in Gear1:39:51

Galbreath, Christine
Goldy's Run1:19:54

Gallagher, Jacob
Medtronic TC4:46

Gallagher, Mimi
Medtronic TC8:05

Garry, Amber
Women Run the Cities1:10:26

Gau, Wanda
Brian Kraft Memorial19:39
O'Gara's Irish Run32:01
Ron Daws1:48:52
Lake Wobegon Trail3:05:44

Gavin, Christine
Women Run the Cities1:24:40

Geisen, Mary Lee
Women Run the Cities53:47

George, Linda
Goldy's Run1:26:23
Earth Day1:54:57

Gerber, Lynne
Goldy's Run2:11:20

Gerlach, Deb
Women Run the Cities58:38

Giannobile, Paul
Valentine's Day TC19:38

Gilmore, Bruce
Get in Gear1:00:01

Gitzlaff, Susan
Earth Day1:43:55

Goetzke, Kirt
Brian Kraft Memorial20:18
Get in Gear42:53
Goldy's Run1:14:05
New Prague1:36:51

Gordanier, Danielle
Medtronic TC6:32
Brian Kraft Memorial21:04
O'Gara's Irish Run35:24
Get in Gear44:09
Hot Dash1:15:00

Gorence, Jane
Medtronic TC11:15

Gossfeld, Megan
Medtronic TC5:28

Goudreault, Laurie
Brian Kraft Memorial27:37
O'Gara's Irish Run44:05

Gragert, Carol
Get in Gear1:01:31

Graupner, Jim
Medtronic TC7:01
Get in Gear49:08

Green, Kiley
Medtronic TC5:31

Greeno, Dan
Brian Kraft Memorial15:37
Get in Gear31:36
Ron Daws1:28:27

Gregg, Caitlin
Get in Gear39:08

Gregory, Barbara
Lake Wobegon Trail5:07:46

Groff, Susan
Goldy's Run44:49

Gross, Cathleen
O'Gara's Irish Run30:18

Gross, Seymour
Get in Gear49:59

Gross, Thomas
Goldy's Run1:54:52

Grosso, Paul
Get in Gear1:48:26

Grundstrom, Wayne
Medtronic TC7:00
O'Gara's Irish Run38:05
Get in Gear48:23

Gunawan, Kevin
Medtronic TC4:41

Gural, Suzanne
Goldy's Run1:37:25

Gutermuth, David
Hot Dash1:08:05

Haake, Patrick
Get in Gear46:29

Hagen, David
Get in Gear57:45

Hagen, Rebecca
Valentine's Day TC28:07
Hot Dash1:35:48

Hahn, Lori
Get in Gear1:02:13
Hot Dash1:57:29

Hall, Larry

Hallback, Patti
Women Run the Cities1:41:54

Hamilton, Rebecca
Women Run the Cities37:40
Valentine's Day TC41:47

Hammer, Carol
Valentine's Day TC28:12

Hammond, Marilee
Medtronic TC10:41

Hamp, Kathy
Women Run the Cities42:07

Hampton, Jacqueline
Earth Day2:03:56

Handegard, Karen
Goldy's Run1:35:24

Hannon, Jim
Goldy's Run1:06:18
Hot Dash1:08:00

Hanscom, Laurie
Medtronic TC6:48
Brian Kraft Memorial22:37
O'Gara's Irish Run36:09
Ron Daws2:16:12

Hansen, Karen
Hot Dash1:33:27

Hansen, Leanne
Bud Break39:55

Hansen, Lynda
Medtronic TC12:54

Hanson, Scott
Medtronic TC5:23

Hardy, Tim
Medtronic TC4:51
Brian Kraft Memorial16:06
O'Gara's Irish Run26:33
Get in Gear32:53

Harley, Lori
Women Run the Cities1:30:16

Harnly, Rosemary
Medtronic TC9:47
Brian Kraft Memorial33:35
Get in Gear33:55

Harrington, Mary
Women Run the Cities1:46:33

Harris, Ann
Get in Gear26:37

Harris, Robert
Get in Gear36:48

Hartnett, Michael
Medtronic TC4:58
Brian Kraft Memorial16:09

Hartz, David
Earth Day1:41:59

Haugejorde, Ann
Brian Kraft Memorial31:50
Get in Gear1:00:09

Haus, Andrea
Medtronic TC5:18

Hawkins, Eric
Medtronic TC5:32
Brian Kraft Memorial19:30

Hawkins, Peter
Get in Gear27:24

Hay, Mary
Women Run the Cities57:00
Get in Gear58:24

Heal, Wesley
Medtronic TC4:40

Heaps, Jerry
Hot Dash1:23:37

Hefferan, Cindy
Women Run the Cities33:45

Hegg, Anne

Hegg, Chris
Medtronic TC6:23

Heinen, Dale

Henderson, Vicki
Goldy's Run1:59:57

Hendrickson, Anita

Henn, Linda
Women Run the Cities1:33:32

Henry, David
Hot Dash1:09:13

Hentges, Carol
Women Run the Cities1:19:51

Hessini, Diane
Get in Gear22:38

Hewes, Karen
Get in Gear56:54

Hiatt, Mary
Medtronic TC11:57
Brian Kraft Memorial47:26

Himes, Lisa
Hot Dash1:22:31

Himler, Heather
O'Gara's Irish Run34:14

Hlebain, Rick
Earth Day1:46:18
Lake Wobegon Trail3:54:49

Hoaglund, Willow
Medtronic TC6:25

Hobart, Kim

Hoekstra, Joel
Medtronic TC5:23

Hoff, Krisana
Brian Kraft Memorial20:43

Hoffert, Susan
Get in Gear1:06:56

Hogan, Jayme
Goldy's Run22:06

Hokenson, Marcy
O'Gara's Irish Run56:52

Holey, Linka
Goldy's Run46:00

Holmvik, Cynthia
Get in Gear2:00:00

Holovnia, Jim
Medtronic TC5:15
Brian Kraft Memorial18:16
O'Gara's Irish Run30:44
Get in Gear37:44

Holt, McKenzie
Goldy's Run1:04:32
Hot Dash1:05:18

Holt, Susan
Get in Gear1:02:56

Hoornaert, Jamie
Medtronic TC5:35

Hope, Roseanne
Goldy's Run1:42:29

Horns, Dorothy
Get in Gear39:46

Howe, Susan
Medtronic TC7:42
Goldy's Run1:28:12
Hot Dash1:29:15

Howell, Lee Ann
Lake Wobegon Trail3:47:01

Hron, Diane
Women Run the Cities56:03

Hull, Blair
Medtronic TC5:01

Hull, Julie
Ron Daws2:07:20

Hurley, Julie
Brian Kraft Memorial22:57

Husmoe, John
Get in Gear57:23

Husnik, Nancy
Women Run the Cities31:22

Huss, Dongi
Goldy's Run21:00

Hyde, MaryAnn
Goldy's Run26:58

Imes, Julian

Jaakola, Jenny
Medtronic TC6:57
Valentine's Day TC24:51
O'Gara's Irish Run40:56
Get in Gear50:52
Hot Dash1:27:03

Jacobs, Laura
Medtronic TC5:37

Jacobsen, Sonia
Earth Day2:09:11

James, Judith
Women Run the Cities39:14
Goldy's Run42:29

Jansen, Gloria
Medtronic TC8:06
Valentine's Day TC27:50
Get in Gear54:57

Janssen, Susan
Goldy's Run1:38:21

Januschka Murray, Judy
Hot Dash1:25:53
Earth Day1:54:46

Januschka, Mary
Hot Dash1:25:53
Goldy's Run1:27:50
Earth Day1:54:46

Januschka-Johns, Karen
Goldy's Run1:28:07
Hot Dash1:28:51

Jaskulke, Carmen
Goldy's Run1:14:01

Jenkinson, Bruce
Hot Dash1:24:04

Jensen, Julie
Women Run the Cities1:07:47

Jeppesen, Joe
Goldy's Run1:23:54

Jermann, Tyler
O'Gara's Irish Run24:58
Get in Gear30:53

Johnson, Allen
Get in Gear52:08

Johnson, Dan
Medtronic TC5:30
Brian Kraft Memorial18:36
O'Gara's Irish Run30:36
Get in Gear38:11

Johnson, Eric
Medtronic TC4:43
Get in Gear34:13

Johnson, Harvey
O'Gara's Irish Run51:20
Get in Gear1:03:15

Johnson, Kristin
Bud Break38:36

Johnson, Rick
Medtronic TC8:19
Goldy's Run1:35:54

Johnson, Robin
Earth Day2:08:14

Johnson, Susan
Women Run the Cities32:16

Jokela, Joanne
Women Run the Cities1:59:20

Jordan, Denny
Medtronic TC6:17
Brian Kraft Memorial21:39
O'Gara's Irish Run35:05
Get in Gear43:01

Joyer, Rod
Get in Gear1:49:29

Judd, Elaine
Earth Day2:17:19

Kaiser, Kevin
Hot Dash1:13:17

Kamm, Jennifer
Lake Wobegon Trail3:41:48

Kartak, Joann
Medtronic TC12:28

Kasal, Barb
Women Run the Cities43:13

Kaschmitter, Laura
Goldy's Run1:35:00

Kautzer, Stacia
Lake Wobegon Trail3:36:35

Kavouras, Theresa
Goldy's Run1:23:46
New Prague1:46:18

Keane, Sarah
Get in Gear39:53

Keeler Ramacier, Kelly
Medtronic TC7:01
O'Gara's Irish Run38:35
Get in Gear48:00

Keilen-Howells, Mary
Goldy's Run1:22:22

Keith, Bebe
Women Run the Cities24:34

Keller, Doug
Brian Kraft Memorial18:20

Kempf, Daniel
Medtronic TC5:45

Kennedy, Angie
Ron Daws2:04:10

Kennedy, Michael
Medtronic TC6:11
Brian Kraft Memorial20:43

Kessler, Pete
Medtronic TC5:42
Valentine's Day TC20:37
O'Gara's Irish Run33:51
Get in Gear42:29

Kibbel, Glory
Get in Gear1:23:33

Kiefer, Jan
Get in Gear39:15

Kiesling, Susan
Valentine's Day TC43:12

King, Laurie
Medtronic TC6:38
Brian Kraft Memorial23:43
Get in Gear47:07

Kipruto, Elisha
Medtronic TC4:14
O'Gara's Irish Run25:05

Klein, Joe
Earth Day1:38:25
Lake Wobegon Trail3:27:42

Kleingarn, David
Brian Kraft Memorial23:15
O'Gara's Irish Run37:06
Get in Gear48:16
Goldy's Run1:17:04

Kley, Stephen
Get in Gear53:19

Kleyman, Rick
Medtronic TC9:01
Brian Kraft Memorial42:32

Klosterman, Mark
Goldy's Run1:18:08

Knight, Abby
Ron Daws1:48:17

Knuth, Gaylan
Get in Gear41:06

Kobilarcsik, Linda
Brian Kraft Memorial22:18
O'Gara's Irish Run36:34
Goldy's Run1:17:47
Lake Wobegon Trail3:35:08

Kobs, Jeanne
Women Run the Cities1:37:55

Koenig, Emma
Medtronic TC5:31

Kogo, Elisha
Get in Gear31:31

Kohlnhofer, Teresa
Hot Dash1:26:39

Koidahl, Clifford
Get in Gear1:05:17

Koski, Jess

Koski, Jill
Earth Day1:50:05

Koski, Kari
O'Gara's Irish Run34:18

Kovell, Bob
Earth Day2:04:17
Lake Wobegon Trail4:45:36

Kraftson, Torry

Kranz, Sonja
Lake Wobegon Trail4:23:33

Krostag, Connie
Women Run the Cities1:39:54

Kruckow, Debra
Women Run the Cities58:47
Hot Dash1:40:17
Goldy's Run1:42:02

Kucera, Ceri
Women Run the Cities1:13:50
Earth Day1:43:13

Kuhl, Kathy
Women Run the Cities1:34:22

Kurak, Rob
Medtronic TC6:13

Kurpiers, Eileen
Earth Day2:02:59

Kycek, Frederick
Valentine's Day TC31:55
Get in Gear1:14:30

Kysely, Genevieve

Labalestra, John
Medtronic TC7:15
Brian Kraft Memorial25:01
Hot Dash25:44
Goldy's Run25:46
Valentine's Day TC26:37
O'Gara's Irish Run41:48
Get in Gear51:25

Lakhan, Jill

Landwehr, Rhonda
Medtronic TC5:59

Langhout, Bill
Brian Kraft Memorial20:50
O'Gara's Irish Run33:53
Get in Gear43:23

Langum, Patricia
O'Gara's Irish Run40:13
Get in Gear51:06

Larranaga, Jim
Medtronic TC5:11
Brian Kraft Memorial18:35
Valentine's Day TC18:42
O'Gara's Irish Run30:56

Larsen, Libby
Get in Gear32:08

Larson, Gregg
Medtronic TC9:39

Larson, Kristi
O'Gara's Irish Run42:02

Larson, Mary
Medtronic TC13:12
Women Run the Cities42:23
Hot Dash45:08

Larson, Patricia

Lauer, Dot
Lake Wobegon Trail4:47:04

Laughlin, Barbie
Hot Dash1:33:23

Lavere, Carla
Medtronic TC7:33

Lawson, Jerry
Medtronic TC9:44

LeDuc, Annette
Medtronic TC9:29
Brian Kraft Memorial39:50
Valentine's Day TC41:10
O'Gara's Irish Run57:58
Get in Gear1:12:21

Leafgren, Victoria
Get in Gear58:19

Lecy, Gina
Medtronic TC6:59

Lee, Elizabeth
Medtronic TC7:41
O'Gara's Irish Run40:01
Get in Gear50:51

Leer, Sarah
Get in Gear29:54

Leeson, Stan
Get in Gear39:14

Lehn, Calvin
Medtronic TC4:29
Brian Kraft Memorial15:12
O'Gara's Irish Run25:29
Get in Gear31:36

Leifur, Conrad
Medtronic TC5:19

Leininger, Barb
Medtronic TC8:02
Brian Kraft Memorial26:46

Lembke, Sarah
Medtronic TC5:44

Lemm-Tabor, Brook
Goldy's Run30:48

Lenarz, Jen
Hot Dash1:14:56
Women Run the Cities1:14:59

Lensing, Rosemary
Medtronic TC8:20
Women Run the Cities56:19

Lewandowski, Cindy
Earth Day1:42:06
Lake Wobegon Trail3:41:08

Lewis, Kevin
Medtronic TC4:19
Brian Kraft Memorial14:34

Lewis, Wanda
Women Run the Cities1:18:28
Hot Dash1:18:51

Lindell, W. Scott
Medtronic TC5:00
Brian Kraft Memorial17:31
Get in Gear35:26

Lindell, W.Scott
Earth Day1:21:56

Lindwurm, Dakotah
Brian Kraft Memorial17:23
O'Gara's Irish Run28:21
Get in Gear34:49
Women Run the Cities58:22

Loeffler, Eric
Medtronic TC4:30
Brian Kraft Memorial15:07
O'Gara's Irish Run25:16
Hot Dash51:57

Loeffler, Michelle
Get in Gear52:29

Longley, Jesse
Medtronic TC5:37

Loran, Rod
Medtronic TC6:01
O'Gara's Irish Run34:23

Lorentzen, Carol
Goldy's Run1:40:38

Louiselle, Louise
Goldy's Run1:28:25

Loving, Dawn
Get in Gear32:56

Lowry, Michaline
Earth Day2:34:08

Ludick, Margaret
Brian Kraft Memorial17:47
O'Gara's Irish Run29:05
Get in Gear36:27

Lund, Susan
Women Run the Cities26:29

Lundgren, John
Get in Gear1:02:28

Lungstrom, Kraig
Get in Gear40:35
Hot Dash1:06:58

Lyke, Tom
Get in Gear2:59:22

Lyman, Lori
Goldy's Run31:00

Lyng, Julia
Medtronic TC6:49

MacMillan, Tracy
Goldy's Run1:38:20

Madden, Kathi

Madole, Jennifer

Magee, Sue
Women Run the Cities1:26:48

Magnuson, John
O'Gara's Irish Run44:38

Magnuson, Keith
Goldy's Run22:51

Mahabadi, Shireen
Goldy's Run1:18:06
Lake Wobegon Trail3:38:02

Maier, Bob
Medtronic TC8:55
Goldy's Run1:48:12
Get in Gear2:24:07

Maiers, Mike
Goldy's Run1:14:31

Maijala, Yvette
Get in Gear48:12

Majeski, David

Mann, Michael
Medtronic TC7:07
Brian Kraft Memorial23:31
Valentine's Day TC24:31
Hot Dash24:41
O'Gara's Irish Run40:07

Marble, Jill
Ron Daws2:01:36

Marden, Dorothy
Medtronic TC11:49
O'Gara's Irish Run40:40
Valentine's Day TC41:32
Brian Kraft Memorial44:44
Women Run the Cities2:16:09
Goldy's Run2:19:58
Hot Dash2:24:18

Marshall, John
Get in Gear42:38

Marshall, Wayne
Hot Dash42:55

Martin, Michael
Goldy's Run1:28:59

Martisko, Les
New Prague2:32:13

Martone, Jennifer
Medtronic TC6:17
Hot Dash1:14:07

Massah, Joan
Get in Gear36:38

Matthees, Barbara
Hot Dash30:29
Valentine's Day TC31:03

Mattson, Lori
Women Run the Cities23:57

Maves, Traci
Medtronic TC6:50

Mayer, Suzanne
Get in Gear29:01

McCauley, Susan
Get in Gear39:13

McClay, Corey

McClellan, Sandra
Brian Kraft Memorial19:31
Goldy's Run1:07:54

McCormick, Colleen
Goldy's Run1:25:14

McCoy, Craig
Get in Gear47:33
Hot Dash1:19:49

McDonough, Liz
Medtronic TC12:55
Hot Dash44:57

McElveen, Kari
Valentine's Day TC31:53

McGarthwaite, Susan
Hot Dash1:55:49

McGrath, Leila
Brian Kraft Memorial24:00
Get in Gear1:49:47

McGraw Nakagaki, Suzie
Women Run the Cities1:40:32

McGregor, Katie
Brian Kraft Memorial18:35

McNamara, Richard
Goldy's Run33:06

McNichols, Larry
Earth Day2:31:45

Mcnamara-Nelson, Patty
Goldy's Run1:21:10

Medernach, Jennifer
Hot Dash1:28:30

Meinhardt, Kathy
Goldy's Run43:55

Melde, Sarah
Women Run the Cities57:24

Melek, Annie
O'Gara's Irish Run37:42

Meshbesher, Marlee
Get in Gear1:56:03
Earth Day1:57:35

Meyer, Judy
O'Gara's Irish Run39:43
Get in Gear49:11

Meyer, Michaela

Michaud, Dawn
Earth Day1:39:31

Mickelson, Lori

Mielke, Tina
Hot Dash1:21:15
Get in Gear1:46:37
Lake Wobegon Trail3:45:47

Mikel, Shelly
Goldy's Run1:20:40

Mikkalson, Michelle
Goldy's Run1:15:57

Milbeck, Bradley
Earth Day1:37:48

Miller, Kathleen
Get in Gear43:42

Miller, Kenny
Medtronic TC4:36
Brian Kraft Memorial15:45
O'Gara's Irish Run26:04
Get in Gear32:42

Miller, Kristin
Medtronic TC7:07
Brian Kraft Memorial24:36

Miller, Kristine
Goldy's Run1:19:54

Miller, Sara
Goldy's Run1:26:55

Miller, Todd
Goldy's Run1:23:12
Hot Dash1:23:26

Moe, Diane
Medtronic TC12:36

Moen, Katy
Brian Kraft Memorial16:13
Get in Gear33:53

Moening, Brad
Medtronic TC5:00
Brian Kraft Memorial17:10
Goldy's Run17:27
O'Gara's Irish Run28:53
Get in Gear34:58

Moline, Mary

More, Rodney
Get in Gear1:31:11

Morgan, Linda
Goldy's Run27:33
Women Run the Cities59:43

Morley, Connie
Get in Gear2:19:03

Morris, Jane
Goldy's Run1:11:37

Morse, Dan
Hot Dash21:54

Mortensen, Mary
Get in Gear21:31

Mortenson, Kelly
Brian Kraft Memorial17:07
O'Gara's Irish Run28:53

Moses, Eileen
Medtronic TC10:36
Women Run the Cities33:48
Goldy's Run34:22

Moulsoff, Michael
Medtronic TC5:22
Brian Kraft Memorial18:52
O'Gara's Irish Run30:56

Mumbleau, Allison
Hot Dash1:10:36

Munn, David
Medtronic TC6:29
Get in Gear1:37:25

Murali, Radha
Women Run the Cities43:42

Murray, Judy
Goldy's Run1:27:50

Nagorney, David
Goldy's Run1:25:34

Naslund, John
Medtronic TC6:59
Brian Kraft Memorial23:01

Nauman, Steve
Get in Gear1:50:19

Neisse, Susan

Nelsen, Leeann

Nelson, Andrew
Medtronic TC4:33

Nelson, Ann
Medtronic TC7:34
Hot Dash1:28:55

Nelson, Joelle
Brian Kraft Memorial23:08

Nelson, Lisa
Women Run the Cities1:25:30

Nelson, Lynne
Medtronic TC8:35

Nelson, Terri
Goldy's Run1:35:00

Nemeth, Jayne
Get in Gear1:49:58

Nepple, Robert
Get in Gear1:35:27

Neuman, Jennifer
Hot Dash1:19:50

Neusch, Holly
Goldy's Run1:14:38

Nichols, Mary Jo
Bud Break44:08

Nicholson, Jane
Women Run the Cities29:46

Nordquist, Paul
Medtronic TC4:36

Nordstrom, Edward

Noren, Carol
Goldy's Run1:45:13

Norris, Bob
Medtronic TC12:27

Novak, Judy
Women Run the Cities43:22

Nowlan, Anne
Goldy's Run26:48

Nygaard, Kim
Earth Day1:47:13

Nyseth, Heather
Medtronic TC6:09

O'Connor, Darla
Medtronic TC5:59
Brian Kraft Memorial20:37
O'Gara's Irish Run34:33
Goldy's Run1:09:14
Get in Gear1:29:55

O'Gara, Kris
Goldy's Run1:14:39

O'Hara, Tim
O'Gara's Irish Run42:56

O'Neill, Kelly
Goldy's Run1:28:31

O'Regan, Patrick
Get in Gear29:28

Oakes, Michael
Get in Gear38:54

Odden, Linda
Women Run the Cities53:44
Hot Dash1:31:05

Oja, Dorie
Hot Dash45:57
Get in Gear1:18:08

Olson, Alec
Medtronic TC4:15
Brian Kraft Memorial14:57
O'Gara's Irish Run24:49

Olson, Cathy
Earth Day2:09:01

Olson, Darci
Goldy's Run1:20:02

Olson, David
Medtronic TC9:24
Brian Kraft Memorial31:58
Valentine's Day TC37:04
Hot Dash39:04

Olson, Diane
Earth Day3:01:50

Olson, Glen
Get in Gear26:55

Olson, John
Goldy's Run34:09

Olson, Roger
Goldy's Run37:11

Olson, Sara
Get in Gear56:12

Olson, Verla
Goldy's Run37:11
Get in Gear1:09:36

Opatz, Brittany
Goldy's Run1:06:01

Ormsby, Rebekah
Medtronic TC5:43
Hot Dash1:10:12

Ossmann, Joyce
Bud Break45:37

Ost, Tom
Hot Dash1:13:05

Ost, Tracy
Hot Dash1:14:25
Goldy's Run1:16:59

Otten, Tammy
Goldy's Run1:41:03

Paine, Jim
Goldy's Run2:21:38

Pakan, Martha
Get in Gear1:14:44

Palo, Jennifer
Hot Dash24:59

Paradis, Drew
Medtronic TC4:30

Paradis, Nikki
Medtronic TC5:04
Brian Kraft Memorial17:53

Parish, Patrick
Medtronic TC4:50

Parker, Christine
Women Run the Cities56:15

Parker, Kara
Medtronic TC5:49
Brian Kraft Memorial19:11
O'Gara's Irish Run30:45

Parker, Michelle
Women Run the Cities43:13

Patrin, Candy
Brian Kraft Memorial34:05
Get in Gear2:26:54

Paulson, Mary
Women Run the Cities57:35

Paxton, Bobby
Medtronic TC5:44
Brian Kraft Memorial18:41
Valentine's Day TC19:55
O'Gara's Irish Run31:06
Get in Gear38:20
Goldy's Run1:06:37
Hot Dash1:07:02

Pearson, Fred
Goldy's Run42:32

Pearson, Kris
Lake Wobegon Trail3:23:38

Pearson, Mark
Get in Gear1:37:44

Pedersen, Tom
Get in Gear2:05:46

Pelowski, Mike
Goldy's Run25:15

Peluf, Greg
Get in Gear57:41

Peters, Daniel
Medtronic TC4:49
Hot Dash56:43

Petersen, Mary Jane
Women Run the Cities1:29:38

Peterson, Anne

Peterson, Brian
Medtronic TC4:54

Peterson, Forrest
Get in Gear57:40

Peterson, Halee
Medtronic TC5:32

Peterson, Kathy
Women Run the Cities1:33:22

Peterson, Marcia
Get in Gear40:10

Peterson, Ryan
Medtronic TC4:33

Peyton, Meghan
Brian Kraft Memorial17:15

Philippot, Donna
Goldy's Run1:15:00

Phillips, Alan
Medtronic TC9:28
Brian Kraft Memorial33:03
O'Gara's Irish Run54:38
Get in Gear1:07:23
Ron Daws3:10:09

Phillips, Denise
Women Run the Cities41:30
Goldy's Run44:58

Phillips, Gloria
Get in Gear1:20:35

Phipps, Mary
Earth Day2:31:30

Pierret, Lindsey
Goldy's Run1:01:52

Pilcher, Colleen
Get in Gear36:16

Plaziak, Jill
Medtronic TC7:21

Pogatchnik, Marci
Goldy's Run1:28:04

Pohlkamp, Terry
Medtronic TC6:50

Pokorney, Susan
O'Gara's Irish Run46:10
Hot Dash1:38:15

Polovitz, Bernadine
Valentine's Day TC25:05
Hot Dash1:32:27

Porath, Jim
Goldy's Run1:36:11

Porath, Nichole

Porte, Eric
Medtronic TC5:47
O'Gara's Irish Run31:44
Get in Gear39:49
Ron Daws1:49:47

Pramann, Laura
Goldy's Run28:52
Get in Gear59:07

Pratt, Michelle
Hot Dash1:06:59

Preuninger, Philip
Valentine's Day TC40:30

Price, Stephanie
Medtronic TC5:07
Brian Kraft Memorial17:43
Get in Gear37:20
Ron Daws1:40:26

Prom, Patty

Prose, Heidi
Lake Wobegon Trail3:48:57

Prudhomme, Colleen
Get in Gear51:20

Purcell, Mary
Ron Daws2:39:56
Lake Wobegon Trail4:19:56

Purrington, Norm
Medtronic TC8:19
Valentine's Day TC30:06
Brian Kraft Memorial32:09
O'Gara's Irish Run46:43
Get in Gear59:30

Quiggle, Gretchen
Earth Day2:04:05

Raitor, John
Lake Wobegon Trail3:19:33

Rasmussen, Heather
Earth Day1:46:35

Realmuto, George
Get in Gear1:18:32

Recker, David
Get in Gear43:10

Recker, Rick
Goldy's Run28:11
Brian Kraft Memorial31:04

Reetz, Elizabeth
Women Run the Cities1:06:10

Rehbein, Angela
Medtronic TC6:40

Reichel, Jeffrey

Reichenberger, Jeremy
Medtronic TC4:41

Reichow, Joel
Brian Kraft Memorial14:32

Reiling, Joelle
Valentine's Day TC21:00

Reinahrdt, Jo
Medtronic TC7:49

Reinders, Matthew
Brian Kraft Memorial18:35

Reinfeld, Bill
Valentine's Day TC22:07
Hot Dash22:39
O'Gara's Irish Run36:12
Get in Gear46:40

Reisnouer, Vickie
Hot Dash34:33
Goldy's Run37:37

Renier, Joe
Medtronic TC4:38

Rhame, Frank
Get in Gear43:47

Rice, Lauren
Get in Gear35:53
Hot Dash59:26

Richardson, Jim
Get in Gear47:16

Rinek, Robert
Hot Dash27:51

Roach, Charlie
Brian Kraft Memorial22:21

Roberts, Christina
Medtronic TC5:32

Robertson, Gregg
O'Gara's Irish Run27:49

Roeger, Brent
Brian Kraft Memorial17:28
O'Gara's Irish Run28:16

Roggenkamp, Leigh Ann
Women Run the Cities58:55

Rogotzke, David

Rohr, Vincent
Ron Daws2:48:58

Roles, Kari
Get in Gear1:50:30

Root, Lynn
Get in Gear2:09:00

Roseen, David
Medtronic TC8:46
Valentine's Day TC28:01
O'Gara's Irish Run46:06
Get in Gear1:03:20
Hot Dash1:41:25

Roth, Deborah
Bud Break30:52

Roth, Meghan
Medtronic TC5:23

Rotich, Sammy
Get in Gear29:22

Rousseau, Edward
Medtronic TC9:43
Brian Kraft Memorial29:45
Valentine's Day TC33:49
O'Gara's Irish Run47:39
Get in Gear1:01:08
Ron Daws3:00:54

Routhier, Nate

Rupert, Barbara
Earth Day2:12:53

Rusk, Shannon
Goldy's Run1:38:49

Ryan, Kathryn
Medtronic TC9:36

Ryan, Patrick
Medtronic TC9:12
Brian Kraft Memorial30:37
Get in Gear1:10:27

Rybar, Jan
Bud Break19:56

Rynda, Laura
New Prague2:07:30

Saari, Cher
Women Run the Cities40:37

Saari, Doug
Get in Gear48:57

Sage, Brendan
Medtronic TC4:25
Brian Kraft Memorial15:30
O'Gara's Irish Run24:54
Get in Gear31:57

Sagedahl, Sherwood
Medtronic TC7:19

Sakry, Theresa
Valentine's Day TC21:54
Hot Dash1:16:16

Salsberg, Marianne
Medtronic TC8:36
Goldy's Run28:24
Women Run the Cities1:34:48

Sandor, Marjorie
Get in Gear57:27

Sarafolean, Mary
O'Gara's Irish Run32:34

Sathre, Benjamin
Brian Kraft Memorial14:54
Get in Gear30:50

Saveraid, Erika
Women Run the Cities1:11:04

Sawinski, Janice
Goldy's Run1:35:34
Get in Gear2:06:09

Schafer, Joan
Goldy's Run1:34:56

Schaffler, Kay
Bud Break43:10

Schell, Mackenzie
Brian Kraft Memorial18:00

Scherber, Matthew
Medtronic TC4:30

Schlafke, Jamie
Earth Day1:44:03

Schlegelmilch, John
Brian Kraft Memorial30:44

Schmid, Laurie
Women Run the Cities31:47

Schmidt, Marly
Goldy's Run1:39:15

Schmidt, Terry
Mothers Day36:29

Schmidt-Dannert, Claudia
Lake Wobegon Trail4:02:21

Schnobrich, Marilyn
Get in Gear58:24

Schons, Suzanne
Get in Gear20:55
O'Gara's Irish Run21:22

Schreurs, Pam
Get in Gear29:18

Schwartz, Joanne
Get in Gear1:53:08

Schwarz, Casey
Valentine's Day TC19:53
O'Gara's Irish Run32:44
Goldy's Run1:09:07

Seaman, Michael
Medtronic TC7:23
Valentine's Day TC23:20
Brian Kraft Memorial24:50
Get in Gear49:54

Sebesta, Karen
Medtronic TC8:13

Sedlack, Lynn
Valentine's Day TC25:13

Sedrakyan, Ana
Get in Gear33:16

Seitz, Dorothy
Get in Gear42:11

Sellers, Elizabeth
Medtronic TC6:23

Seltz, John
Get in Gear1:15:35

Semeja, Donna
Goldy's Run31:45

Seng, Kate
Women Run the Cities1:41:13

Serreyn, Tracy
Medtronic TC6:21
Brian Kraft Memorial21:38
O'Gara's Irish Run35:23
Get in Gear43:53

Severson, Levi
Brian Kraft Memorial15:58

Severude, Allan
Medtronic TC5:13
Brian Kraft Memorial17:35
O'Gara's Irish Run30:11

Sevey, Sandra
Get in Gear2:15:26

Shannon, Robin
Hot Dash1:37:21

Sharkey, Diana

Shea, Kathleen
Brian Kraft Memorial29:12
O'Gara's Irish Run46:08
Get in Gear58:18

Shenk, Karen
Bud Break28:53

Sheridan, Margaret
Women Run the Cities1:20:09
Get in Gear1:49:40

Shirer, Karen
Get in Gear34:47

Shoemaker, Paul
Medtronic TC7:10

Sieracki, Breanna
Medtronic TC4:58

Simons, Julie
Get in Gear1:07:38

Simonson, Faye
Get in Gear1:15:05

Sjoberg, Jennifer
Hot Dash1:13:44
Lake Wobegon Trail3:31:48

Skiermont, Stephanie
Hot Dash1:12:23

Skon, Peggy
Goldy's Run1:25:00

Skruppy, Virginia
Medtronic TC7:56

Skuza, Jennifer
Goldy's Run1:30:05

Smedsrud, Joe
Lake Wobegon Trail3:30:39

Smith, Ellen
Medtronic TC5:27

Smith, Laura

Smith, Leslie
Medtronic TC7:01

Smith, Ruth

Snyder, Patricia
Goldy's Run46:39
Women Run the Cities46:46

Soller, Beth
Goldy's Run29:37

Sonnesyn, Marit
Medtronic TC5:18
Brian Kraft Memorial18:10
Get in Gear37:29

Sonnesyn, Steve
Medtronic TC5:23

Sons, Bonnie
Medtronic TC6:12
Goldy's Run20:00
Brian Kraft Memorial21:22
O'Gara's Irish Run33:06
Get in Gear41:51

Soukup, Bev
Hot Dash1:31:50

Spehar, Elizabeth
Medtronic TC5:20

Stahl, Stephanie
Medtronic TC6:54

Stalter, Rosemary
Medtronic TC6:52

Stanford, Janice
Lake Wobegon Trail3:51:04

Stanply, Anji
New Prague1:29:01

Steffes, Marian
Earth Day2:26:53

Stenzel, Steve
Medtronic TC5:05

Stepan, Dave
Get in Gear58:48

Stevens, Pam
Hot Dash1:32:52

Stewart, Robert
Hot Dash40:40
Get in Gear41:57

Stoermer, Jean
Get in Gear50:58

Stoltman, Jonathan
Earth Day1:14:02

Stoneking, Diane
Medtronic TC8:19
Brian Kraft Memorial27:28

Strike, Daniel
Medtronic TC4:50
Brian Kraft Memorial16:44

Styba, Michael
Goldy's Run1:26:21

Sullivan, Jennifer
Hot Dash1:19:26
Goldy's Run1:21:59

Sullivan, Patti
Women Run the Cities1:31:56

Sutton, Marc
Medtronic TC6:37

Swan, Patrice
Hot Dash1:41:03

Swank, Adam

Swanson, Brenda

Swart, Elaine
Goldy's Run1:34:59

Sydow, Dan

Tarbuck, John
Get in Gear1:09:39

Telega, Gary
Get in Gear1:15:46

Terry, Jill
Get in Gear1:07:56
Women Run the Cities1:51:09

Tessier, Beth
Women Run the Cities56:44

Thomford, Deb
Goldy's Run1:25:30

Thompson, Daniel
Get in Gear54:17

Thompson, Larry
Medtronic TC7:49
Brian Kraft Memorial26:49
O'Gara's Irish Run42:43
Get in Gear53:07

Thompson, Tracy
Goldy's Run1:29:30

Thomsen, Jill
Get in Gear50:57

Thomson, Barb
Goldy's Run39:04

Tiegs, Diane
Hot Dash32:17
Women Run the Cities1:01:44

Toborg, Lori
Get in Gear1:48:03

Tollefson, John
Get in Gear1:00:14

Tollefson, Peter
Medtronic TC4:37

Traeger, Laura
Goldy's Run31:55

Tran, Tuyet-Anh
Medtronic TC8:37

Treacy, Jill
Get in Gear1:54:07

Trefethen, Dave
Lake Wobegon Trail4:23:44

Trier, Renee
Hot Dash47:14

Turner, Patricia
Women Run the Cities38:11
Get in Gear41:13

Twardowski, Julie
Earth Day1:55:16

Tweeten, Kay
Women Run the Cities1:18:05

Twomey, Alan
Medtronic TC4:50

Underbakke, Jeanne
O'Gara's Irish Run32:13

Valdez, Edi
Get in Gear1:39:05

Vallejo, Barbara
Goldy's Run42:32

Valley, Ken
Medtronic TC6:28

Van Brocklin, Sunny
Medtronic TC7:48

Van Danacker, John
Brian Kraft Memorial17:23

VanAvery, Luanne
Goldy's Run37:53

Vander Eyk, Terese
Earth Day2:02:26

Vanderbilt, Aileene
Women Run the Cities45:17

Vandevoorde, Wilhelmina
Goldy's Run42:13

Voight, Angie
Medtronic TC5:30
Brian Kraft Memorial18:45
Valentine's Day TC19:46
O'Gara's Irish Run31:05
Goldy's Run1:05:44
New Prague1:27:26

Volz, Matt
Medtronic TC4:34

Vrambout, Olivier
O'Gara's Irish Run26:16

Wacek, Lisa
Hot Dash1:20:13
Get in Gear1:46:09

Waddle, Eleanor
Medtronic TC5:29

Wagner, Michelle
Valentine's Day TC29:11
Women Run the Cities59:20
Hot Dash1:38:07

Wagner, Tara
Lake Wobegon Trail3:27:30

Wahman, Jarrow

Waite, Matthew
Medtronic TC5:02
Brian Kraft Memorial17:02
O'Gara's Irish Run28:41
Get in Gear36:21

Waldera, Ed
Get in Gear59:27

Wallach, Dennis
O'Gara's Irish Run31:32
Get in Gear40:07
Ron Daws1:49:20

Walter, Pam
Earth Day1:36:58

Wander, Caroline
Goldy's Run23:54

Warnert, Linda
Earth Day2:24:28

Warshaw, Erin
Women Run the Cities1:26:54

Wasson, Ann
Medtronic TC7:14
O'Gara's Irish Run40:41

Waterbury, Deb

Waterbury, Deborah
Goldy's Run29:56

Weber-Paxton, Sheryl
Women Run the Cities28:29

Weeks, Dale
Get in Gear1:07:18

Wegner, Deb
Hot Dash1:27:59

Weier, Pamela
Brian Kraft Memorial23:36

Weiler, Paul
Get in Gear2:01:10

Weiner, William
Goldy's Run37:38

Welke, Betty

Wells, Conor
Hot Dash51:37

Wells, Naomi
Get in Gear45:19

Welsh, John
Get in Gear56:22

Westra, Ruth

Westside, Teddy
Medtronic TC4:43

Wetherall, John
Goldy's Run20:46

White, Carole
Women Run the Cities39:53

Widmer, Marise
Medtronic TC6:57
Brian Kraft Memorial23:15
Bud Break23:56
Valentine's Day TC24:01
O'Gara's Irish Run38:54
Get in Gear48:04

Wilking, Gale
Get in Gear1:06:38

Willett, Marcia
Get in Gear1:18:42

Williams, Angie
Medtronic TC5:28
O'Gara's Irish Run30:14
Get in Gear37:33

Williams, Marcia
Earth Day1:53:38

Willsher, Ronda
Get in Gear29:11

Wilson, Nancy
Women Run the Cities40:47
Goldy's Run46:03

Wimmer, Nicholas
Medtronic TC4:38

Winter, Cathy
Women Run the Cities1:30:18

Wirt, Mark
Medtronic TC5:54

Wirth, Rochelle
Ron Daws2:01:08

Wirtz, Mary
Medtronic TC5:34

Wise, Jen
Women Run the Cities47:13

Wolf, Amy
Goldy's Run1:31:53

Wolf, James
Goldy's Run2:07:33

Wood, Lauren
Get in Gear43:18

Wood, Marjory

Woolsey, Amy
Earth Day1:49:37

Wright, Don
Brian Kraft Memorial34:06

Wurm, Deette
Earth Day1:54:11

Yang, Tony
O'Gara's Irish Run31:35

Yetzer, Mary
Brian Kraft Memorial24:19

Yoon, Hyun
Get in Gear39:09

Youngberg, Becky
O'Gara's Irish Run31:09
Goldy's Run1:06:01

Zachman, Andrew
O'Gara's Irish Run25:06
Hot Dash51:16

Zanker, Kevin
Brian Kraft Memorial18:07

Zarling, Larry
Hot Dash1:38:50

Zbikowski, Tim
Medtronic TC7:50

Zeleznikar, Jody
Get in Gear44:32

Zetterlund, Allen
Brian Kraft Memorial21:36
O'Gara's Irish Run33:16
Get in Gear41:22

Zitur, Cheryl
Goldy's Run1:14:48

Zustiak, Sue
Get in Gear32:41

Zutz, Adam
Get in Gear1:10:10