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Aasness, Kimberly
Hot Dash1:19:47

Aberg, Terri
Goldy's Run1:32:23

Abrahamaon, Sue
Goldy's Run1:11:27

Abrahamson, Sue
Hot Dash1:11:25

Adriaens, Mary
Hot Dash28:04

Akers, Patty
Goldy's Run1:21:01

Alley, David
Valentine's Day TC22:18

Amundson, Mary
Goldy's Run1:50:19

Anderson, Barb
Hot Dash1:29:42

Anderson, Kimberly
Ron Daws1:56:01

Armstrong, Debra
Valentine's Day TC36:52

Arnett, John
Goldy's Run1:38:25

Bagshaw, Helen
Goldy's Run1:40:32

Banchy, Cindy
Hot Dash1:33:59

Baron, Daniel
Ron Daws1:51:18

Bartelme, Delma
Hot Dash1:38:37

Baugh, Anita
Ron Daws2:32:57

Baumert, Lisa
Ogara's Irish Run29:20

Benhardus, Kathryn
Hot Dash45:32

Benson, Erika
Ogara's Irish Run43:15

Bierman, Susan
Hot Dash1:57:36

Billig, Patrick
Ogara's Irish Run27:51
Hot Dash59:20

Birkeland, Diane
Goldy's Run1:22:51
Ron Daws2:06:44

Bishop, Kim
Hot Dash1:10:14

Bjornberg, Michael
Ogara's Irish Run35:10

Blake, Lynn
Ron Daws2:21:11

Bohlke, Allan
Ogara's Irish Run28:58

Boys, Sharon
Goldy's Run1:41:55

Brandt, Douglas
Goldy's Run1:41:30

Brandt, Steve
Ron Daws2:22:05

Breedlove-Gerard, Peggy
Easter Sunday Rise 'n' Shine27:43
New Year's Day Hopeful27:53

Brewer, David
Easter Sunday Rise 'n' Shine43:08

Brewer, Kathryn
Easter Sunday Rise 'n' Shine43:08

Brown, Paul
Goldy's Run1:06:18
Hot Dash1:07:25

Brown, Tim
Ogara's Irish Run34:07

Bruestle, Sharon
Easter Sunday Rise 'n' Shine30:26
New Year's Day Hopeful30:47

Buenting, Mike
Hot Dash59:56

Burrell, Cathy
Valentine's Day TC31:12
Hot Dash32:17

Bute, Marnie
Goldy's Run1:29:02

Campeau, Kari
Ogara's Irish Run30:12

Carlson, Dj
Hot Dash31:06
Valentine's Day TC32:07

Carlson, Michelle
Goldy's Run1:20:59

Case, Sherry
Ron Daws2:27:43

Cervenka, Sara
Hot Dash1:08:22

Cheyka, Joanna
Valentine's Day TC22:23

Chin, Richard
Hot Dash20:28

Clanton, Anne
Y Run29:07
Goldy's Run1:44:21

Clark, Amy
Ogara's Irish Run38:41

Clark, Doron
Ogara's Irish Run26:32

Clark, Harrison
Ogara's Irish Run25:39

Clark, Jill
Goldy's Run1:54:20

Clarkin Tavakley, Kate
Goldy's Run1:12:51

Clements, Kathy
Goldy's Run1:33:08

Collins, Don
Ogara's Irish Run46:45

Colton, Diane
Goldy's Run1:39:02

Conlin, Patricia
Hot Dash2:24:52

Conrad, Sara
Ogara's Irish Run31:44
Ron Daws1:50:12

Corbin, Susan
Goldy's Run1:59:06

Cueno, Nicole
Ogara's Irish Run29:30

Currie, Juli
Goldy's Run1:19:11

Dahl, David
Y Run33:09

Daiss, Robert
Ogara's Irish Run29:02

Daker, Jan
Goldy's Run1:46:35

Dalquist, Sandra
Y Run30:00
Ogara's Irish Run50:40
Goldy's Run1:46:01

Daubert, David
New Year's Day Hopeful41:02
Hot Dash2:03:10

Davis, Tammy
Hot Dash1:09:44

Davison, Leimomi
Goldy's Run1:29:43

Day, Robert
Ron Daws1:51:09

Deblieck, Carol
Ogara's Irish Run51:52

Decker, Sonya
Ogara's Irish Run31:40
Hot Dash1:06:16

Deeg, Mary
Hot Dash1:27:51

Derrick, Melia
New Year's Day Hopeful31:31

Docherty, Danny
Ogara's Irish Run24:26

Docherty, Laura
Hot Dash1:02:47

Dockter, Bruce
Hot Dash1:12:14

Doe, Kevin
Goldy's Run58:08

Domres, Daniel
Goldy's Run55:57

Donahue, Suzanne
Hot Dash1:33:31

Eagan, Tom
Goldy's Run1:17:45

Ecklund, Susan
Goldy's Run1:58:47

Economy, Rob
Ogara's Irish Run28:17
Ron Daws1:38:29

Eischens, Cindy
Hot Dash1:32:33

Ergen, Kathryn
Hot Dash1:24:13

Erickson, Phil
Ron Daws2:34:37

Faragher, Lynnette
Goldy's Run1:30:13

Feichtinger, Thomas
Hot Dash56:06

Feyo, Colleen
Goldy's Run1:29:43

Fischer, Kerri
Goldy's Run1:35:46

Fisher, Geri
Valentine's Day TC41:08

Fisher, Terry
Goldy's Run1:38:22

Fraser, Bill
Ogara's Irish Run1:03:27

Gacek, Melissa
Goldy's Run1:03:44

Garry, Amber
Goldy's Run1:10:07

Giannobile, Paul
Hot Dash18:12
Ogara's Irish Run28:57

Glassman, Debra
Goldy's Run1:41:00

Goettl, Julie
Goldy's Run1:28:59

Goetzke, Kirt
Ogara's Irish Run33:40
Y Run43:45
Goldy's Run1:15:22

Gordanier, Danielle
Ogara's Irish Run33:45
Ron Daws1:59:42

Goudreault, Laurie
Ogara's Irish Run46:45
Hot Dash1:38:36

Graupner, Jim
Ogara's Irish Run39:16

Green, Linda
Ogara's Irish Run36:23

Greenawalt, Suzanne
Valentine's Day TC43:02

Greeno, Dan
Ogara's Irish Run25:07
Ron Daws1:25:58

Gross, Thomas
Goldy's Run2:23:14

Gural, Suzanne
Goldy's Run1:30:21

Gutermuth, David
Hot Dash1:08:30

Haley, Dave
Ogara's Irish Run35:21

Hamilton, Rebecca
Valentine's Day TC38:46

Hamm, George
Goldy's Run1:14:48

Handegard, Karen
Goldy's Run1:30:47

Hannon, Jim
Goldy's Run1:09:58

Hansen, Karen
Hot Dash1:33:17

Hanson, Jacqueline
Ogara's Irish Run36:47

Hanson, Laurie
Hot Dash1:27:55

Hardy, Rebecca
Y Run33:49

Hardy, Tim
Ogara's Irish Run26:29

Harnly, Rosemary
Ogara's Irish Run55:36

Haugejorde, Ann
Ogara's Irish Run47:56

Heaps, Jerry
Ogara's Irish Run38:10
Hot Dash1:22:36
Ron Daws2:14:51

Heinen, Dale
Ogara's Irish Run35:20
Ron Daws2:01:48

Hempe, Jay
Hot Dash1:08:27
Goldy's Run1:08:32

Henderson, Vicki
Hot Dash1:58:05

Hentges, Carol
Hot Dash1:19:31

Hill, David
Valentine's Day TC22:57

Hines, Lisa
Ogara's Irish Run36:17
Ron Daws2:10:02

Hinkeldey, Kimberly
Goldy's Run1:38:20

Hjeltman, Tina
Goldy's Run1:16:34
Ron Daws2:02:58

Hnath, Sara
Hot Dash27:41

Hoff, Tony
Hot Dash55:47

Hooyman, Loren
Ron Daws2:00:45

Horner, Karla
Hot Dash1:39:32

Horner, Kimberly
Hot Dash1:01:35

Hultman, Debra
Hot Dash1:15:18

Hyslop, Heather
Hot Dash1:24:16

Jaakola, Jenny
Hot Dash1:29:23

Jackson, Edward
Ron Daws1:50:26

Jacobs, Ben
Ogara's Irish Run25:36
Hot Dash55:02

Jacobsen, Sonia
Y Run27:00
Ogara's Irish Run42:38
Ron Daws2:33:47

Jansen, Gloria
Valentine's Day TC26:09
Ogara's Irish Run43:08
Y Run54:25
Goldy's Run1:30:53
Hot Dash1:32:28

Jansen, Karen
Hot Dash1:26:53

Janssen, Susan
Goldy's Run1:37:49

Januschka, Mary
Goldy's Run1:25:40
Hot Dash1:29:25

Januschka-Johns, Karen
Hot Dash1:29:24

Jensen, Rachel
Hot Dash1:18:04

Jermann, Tyler
Hot Dash51:19

Johnson, Daniel
Ogara's Irish Run31:47

Johnson, Rick
Goldy's Run1:32:20

Jonathan, Sarah
Ogara's Irish Run28:57

Jordan, Denny
Ogara's Irish Run35:09
Ron Daws1:59:57

Joseph, Becca
Goldy's Run1:15:11

Justin, Mick
Ron Daws2:26:06

Karlson, Beth
Hot Dash26:25
Valentine's Day TC28:02

Kaschmitter, Laura
Hot Dash1:27:28

Kavouras, Theresa
Goldy's Run1:20:30

Kazmierczak, Clare
Ron Daws1:55:23

Keeler, Kelly
Ogara's Irish Run37:32

Keller, Doug
Y Run18:18
Ogara's Irish Run29:33

Kessler, Peter
Ogara's Irish Run31:14

Ketchum, Julie
Hot Dash25:39
Y Run48:12

King, Laurie
Ogara's Irish Run38:32

Kleyman, Rick
Ogara's Irish Run48:28

Knight, Heidi
Goldy's Run1:26:36

Kobilarcsik, Linda
Ogara's Irish Run38:41
Goldy's Run1:19:14

Kohlnhofer, Teresa
Hot Dash1:29:12

Kresky-Griffin, Lisa
Hot Dash1:19:36

Kruckow, Debra
Hot Dash27:40
Goldy's Run1:38:03

Kuelbs, Heidi
Hot Dash1:25:54

Kufahl, Ken
Ogara's Irish Run33:08

Kuzma, Ann
Hot Dash1:51:48

Kycek, Frederick
Valentine's Day TC33:27

Lafavor, Kristen
Hot Dash25:51

Lane, Jon
Ron Daws1:47:32

Langum, Patricia
Valentine's Day TC23:10
Ogara's Irish Run38:49
Hot Dash1:20:55
Goldy's Run1:22:09

Larson, Kristi
Ogara's Irish Run41:31

Larson, Norman
Y Run25:18

Larson, Pam
Goldy's Run1:28:42

Laughlin, Barbie
Hot Dash1:34:02

Lavere, Carla
Ogara's Irish Run39:49

Lawrence, Lloyd
Hot Dash42:00

LeDuc, Mark
Ogara's Irish Run36:08
Hot Dash1:14:57
Ron Daws2:02:34

Leaf, Sue
Valentine's Day TC30:54

Leininger, Barb
Hot Dash1:22:41

Leo, Lance
Hot Dash1:01:23

Lewandowski, Cindy
Goldy's Run1:18:04

Lewandowski, Patty
Hot Dash1:34:46

Lewis, Wanda
Hot Dash1:19:35

Livingston, Beth
New Year's Day Hopeful29:29

Loeffler, Eric
Ogara's Irish Run24:46
Hot Dash51:28

Loran, Rod
Ogara's Irish Run34:52

Louiselle, Louise
Goldy's Run1:29:26

Lyman, Lori
Hot Dash1:40:09

Lyness, Deb
Hot Dash1:40:22

Maas, John
Valentine's Day TC19:50
Hot Dash1:07:04

Maas, Mary
Valentine's Day TC26:40
Hot Dash1:32:34

MacMillan, Tracy
Goldy's Run1:37:09

Magnuson, John
Ogara's Irish Run39:10
Goldy's Run1:20:58

Mahabadi, Shireen
Goldy's Run1:19:14

Maleniak, Richard
Ogara's Irish Run26:01

Mann, Michael
Ogara's Irish Run39:55

Mansur, Sue
Y Run57:31

Manzoni, Charles
Goldy's Run1:34:53

Marden, Dorothy
Ogara's Irish Run39:50
Y Run1:24:24
Hot Dash2:18:43

Marlowe-Eich, Kathleen
Hot Dash22:31

Marotz, Jake
Ogara's Irish Run25:30

Martone, Jennifer
Hot Dash1:14:56

Mata, Clara
Goldy's Run1:19:42

Matthees, Barbara
Valentine's Day TC29:46

Mayer, Rebekah
Ogara's Irish Run30:34

McCarthy, Laura
Valentine's Day TC24:16
Hot Dash1:28:18

McCormick, Colleen
Goldy's Run1:23:58

McCoy, Craig
Ogara's Irish Run37:22

McCrossan, Mary
Goldy's Run1:35:12

McNamara-Nelson, Patty
Goldy's Run1:21:23

Melody, Donna
Hot Dash1:36:32

Meshbesher, Marlee
Hot Dash1:27:23

Metzdorff, Jeff
Ogara's Irish Run25:55

Miller, Kathleen
Y Run22:54

Miller, Kenny
Ogara's Irish Run25:31

Miller, Susan
Valentine's Day TC27:43

Minge, Bill
Hot Dash25:14

Moening, Brad
Ogara's Irish Run27:38

Moore, Robert
Hot Dash27:07

Morrill, David
Goldy's Run1:28:29

Morrissey, Janet
Y Run31:54

Mortenson, Kelly
Hot Dash1:03:22

Moulsoff, Michael
Ogara's Irish Run30:45

Mulrooney, Kathleen
Hot Dash1:18:50

Murray, Judy
Goldy's Run1:25:40
Hot Dash1:29:24

Naslund, John
Ogara's Irish Run37:52

Nelson, Jody
Hot Dash1:23:19

Nelson, Karen
Goldy's Run1:25:05

Nelson, Lisa
Goldy's Run1:24:59

Nelson, Terri
Valentine's Day TC27:45
Hot Dash1:35:28

Neuman, Jennifer
Hot Dash1:20:20
Goldy's Run1:22:28

Neusch, Holly
Hot Dash1:17:37

Nichols, Herb
Goldy's Run1:13:26
Hot Dash1:13:52

Nielsen, Pam
Ron Daws2:02:47

Nordstrom, Ed
Goldy's Run1:04:56

Noren, Carol
Ron Daws2:42:23

Nosal, Marc
Ogara's Irish Run31:39
Ron Daws1:46:30

Noskey, Suzanne
Ogara's Irish Run42:30

Nyhus, Sally
Valentine's Day TC43:53

O'Connor, Darla
Ogara's Irish Run35:29
Goldy's Run1:13:12

O'Gara, Kris
Goldy's Run1:16:52

O'Keefe, Valerie
Hot Dash1:42:05

Odden, Linda
Hot Dash1:30:19

Ollerman, Esti
Goldy's Run1:26:22

Olson, Amy
Goldy's Run1:11:14

Olson, David
Valentine's Day TC36:58
Hot Dash39:06

Olson, Lynn
Goldy's Run1:28:56

Olson, Nancy
Valentine's Day TC28:14
Goldy's Run1:46:02

Opatz, Brittany
Goldy's Run1:05:49

Osberg, Craig
Goldy's Run1:18:15

Ostroot, Tina
Goldy's Run1:26:46

Paine, Jim
Goldy's Run2:00:56

Parish, Patrick
Ogara's Irish Run25:54

Parker, Kara
Ogara's Irish Run30:35

Path, Susan
Hot Dash26:48
Valentine's Day TC27:26

Paurus, Robin
Valentine's Day TC23:58
Hot Dash1:22:29

Paxton, Bobby
Valentine's Day TC18:43
Ogara's Irish Run30:35
Goldy's Run1:04:13

Pehl, Colleen
Goldy's Run1:54:20

Petersen, Mary Jane
Hot Dash1:38:39

Peterson, Eric
Ogara's Irish Run41:30

Peterson, Julie
Goldy's Run1:35:59
Hot Dash1:36:45

Peterson, Randy
Ron Daws1:52:52

Peterson, Ryan
Ogara's Irish Run25:10

Petsch, William
Ogara's Irish Run39:07

Philippot, Donna
Hot Dash1:13:18
Goldy's Run1:13:59

Phillips, Alan
Ogara's Irish Run50:39
Ron Daws3:00:11

Pick, Cynthia
Hot Dash1:20:50

Pierret, Lindsey
Ogara's Irish Run29:03

Polomis, Taylor
Y Run43:18

Porte, Eric
Ron Daws1:49:07

Preuninger, Philip
Hot Dash33:43
Valentine's Day TC36:12

Ramacier, Jim
Ron Daws1:49:31

Rediger, Andrea
Hot Dash57:26

Reichenberger, Jeremy
Goldy's Run56:35

Reinders, Matthew
Ogara's Irish Run29:14

Reinfeld, Willliam
Ogara's Irish Run36:13

Reisnouer, Vickie
Valentine's Day TC33:15
Hot Dash34:31

Renner, Max
Ogara's Irish Run25:33

Rice, Lauren
Hot Dash1:00:59

Richnavsky, Scott
Hot Dash57:00

Rodgers, Robin
Goldy's Run1:38:49

Roeger, Brent
Ogara's Irish Run28:22
Ron Daws1:40:27

Rogness, Jodi
Goldy's Run1:37:35

Roseen, David
Valentine's Day TC27:38
Hot Dash27:51

Roth, Mark
Goldy's Run1:14:09

Rousseau, Ed
Ogara's Irish Run45:01
Ron Daws2:46:45

Ruth, Patricia
Ogara's Irish Run45:50

Sakry, Theresa
Valentine's Day TC21:55
Hot Dash1:14:31

Sampson, Viann
Goldy's Run1:37:43

Sanders, Michel
Goldy's Run1:50:15

Sathre, Ben
Ogara's Irish Run24:06
Hot Dash49:59

Sawinski, Janice
Goldy's Run1:29:27

Sazima, Donald
Y Run47:56

Schafer, Joan
Valentine's Day TC26:57
Goldy's Run1:33:08

Scherer, Kathlene
Hot Dash1:41:35

Schmidt, Marlene
Goldy's Run1:27:07

Schmitt, Steve
Goldy's Run1:18:42

Schmitz, Stuart
Ogara's Irish Run42:24
Y Run54:43

Schreiner, Tom
Hot Dash1:35:53

Schulz, Karen
Valentine's Day TC20:46
Hot Dash1:11:57

Schwarz, Casey
Ogara's Irish Run31:46
Hot Dash1:07:13

Seaman, Michael
Y Run22:44
Ogara's Irish Run38:00

Setter, Mike
Ron Daws2:16:58

Severude, Allan
Ogara's Irish Run28:57

Shumaker, Therese
Goldy's Run1:16:26

Siddons, Brian
Goldy's Run1:15:31

Siddons, Jeanette
Goldy's Run1:22:15

Sjolund, Steven
Ron Daws2:09:25

Skuza, Jennifer
Goldy's Run1:27:27

Slaggie, Tom
Hot Dash47:14

Smieja, Jim
Easter Sunday Rise 'n' Shine26:42

Smith, Kevin
Hot Dash27:10

Smyth, Alison
Ogara's Irish Run29:03

Snyder, Roger
Y Run25:23

Solie, Brenda
Hot Dash1:22:26

Soll, Roxy
Goldy's Run1:51:00

Sonnesyn, Marit
Ogara's Irish Run30:25

Sons, Bonnie
Ogara's Irish Run33:43

Soukup, Bev
Hot Dash1:31:09

Stevens, Pam
Hot Dash1:33:52

Stewart, Robert
Hot Dash41:28

Strike, Daniel
Ogara's Irish Run27:39

Styba, Mike
Goldy's Run1:20:45

Sullivan, Jennifer
Hot Dash1:19:23

Sullivan, Patti
Valentine's Day TC27:28

Sundet, Amy
Hot Dash1:09:23

Swan, Patrice
Hot Dash1:40:05

Swart, Elaine
Goldy's Run1:40:40

Taylor, Gregory
Ron Daws2:33:30

Thelen-Bachmeier, Lisa
Goldy's Run1:25:56

Tholen, Jillian
Ogara's Irish Run28:55

Thomsen, Jill
Goldy's Run1:26:03

Todd-Bense, Brenda
Hot Dash1:26:49

Tollefson, Carrie
Ogara's Irish Run18:35

Traul, John
Hot Dash1:22:37

Twigg, Roger
Easter Sunday Rise 'n' Shine24:24

Urick, Kaila
Hot Dash1:04:15

Van Danacker, John
Ogara's Irish Run28:13
Hot Dash59:26

Van Wychen, Jeff
Ogara's Irish Run34:04

Vanbellinger, Laura
Goldy's Run1:23:21
Hot Dash1:26:22

Voight, Angie
Valentine's Day TC19:43
Ogara's Irish Run30:37
Hot Dash1:05:43

Wagner, Michelle
Hot Dash1:41:41

Waldera, Edward
Ogara's Irish Run26:45

Wallach, Dennis
Ogara's Irish Run31:49

Waslaski, Janelle
Hot Dash1:24:44

Wateland, Elizabeth
Ogara's Irish Run36:06

Weber-Paxton, Sheryl
Valentine's Day TC26:20
Ogara's Irish Run42:59
Goldy's Run1:33:45

Weeks, Dale
Hot Dash31:24

Weier, Pam
Ogara's Irish Run37:17

Weisbecker, Julia
Hot Dash22:40

Wells, Conor
Valentine's Day TC15:14
Hot Dash52:02

Weyer, Lonnie
Goldy's Run1:12:53

Whitesell, Heather
Valentine's Day TC23:44
Hot Dash24:12

Wiersum, Karen
Ron Daws2:26:35

Williams - Winona, Linda
Hot Dash1:14:07

Williams, Angela
Ogara's Irish Run30:23

Williams, Barb
Goldy's Run1:40:45

Williams, Linda
Ogara's Irish Run52:23

Wilmot, Lisa
Hot Dash24:28
Goldy's Run1:22:13

Winderl, Susan
Goldy's Run1:30:01

Wirtz, Mary
Ogara's Irish Run29:30
Hot Dash1:03:34

Wolf, Amy
Hot Dash1:28:09

Wolf, James
Hot Dash2:07:20

Yang, Tony
Ogara's Irish Run31:31

Yetzer, Mary
Ogara's Irish Run37:41

Yoon, Hyun
Ogara's Irish Run29:47
Ron Daws1:44:33

Youngberg, Becky
Valentine's Day TC19:22
Ogara's Irish Run30:58
Hot Dash1:04:39
Goldy's Run1:06:15

Zanker, Kevin
Hot Dash1:03:20

Zitur, Cheryl
Goldy's Run1:15:16

Zurn, Tom
Hot Dash1:20:14