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Aarons, Donna
Rockford River Run24:18
Medtronic TC1:24:53

Aasness, Kimberly
Hot Dash1:19:47

Aberg, Terri
Goldy's Run1:32:23

Ableidinger, Katlyn
Gopher to Badger1:28:11

Abrahamson, Gloria
Medtronic TC10:59

Abrahamson, Sue
Hot Dash1:11:25
Goldy's Run1:11:27

Aby, Bob
Defeat of Jesse James Days25:59

Acosta, Jason

Adams, John
MDRA Victory1:27:15

Adams, Katherine
Main Street6:40
Park Point36:44
Medtronic TC1:18:06
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:22:31
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:49:09
Lake Wobegon Trail3:57:42

Adriaens, Mary
Milk Run26:49
Hot Dash28:04

Agnew, Melissa
Main Street5:06
Medtronic TC5:13
Hoska Midsummer5:20
Brian Kraft Memorial18:18
MDRA Victory38:05
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:05
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:24:19

Akers, Patty
Goldy's Run1:21:01
Medtronic Twin Cities3:46:00

Albares, Laura
Medtronic TC1:03:30

Albers, Connie
Women Run the Cities59:54

Albu, Pamela
Get in Gear1:05:23

Alger, Brian
Get in Gear1:03:38

Allen, Eija

Alley, David
Valentine's Day TC22:18

Allyn, Richard
Medtronic TC9:27
Medtronic TC2:06:12

Alt, Anthony
Medtronic Twin Cities2:46:20

Alvarez, Melvin
Get in Gear19:41
Brian Kraft Memorial19:58

Amundson, Mary
Goldy's Run1:50:19
Medtronic TC2:15:34

Amundson, Pamela
Medtronic TC1:44:14

Anderholm, Julie
Medtronic TC1:25:14

Anderson, Alec
Medtronic TC4:25

Anderson, Barb
Hot Dash1:29:42
Red, White & Boom! TC2:04:12

Anderson, Blake
Park Point25:57

Anderson, Brian
Medtronic TC4:46

Anderson, Chuck
Farmington Dew Run6:32
Brian Kraft Memorial23:12
Bud Break23:35

Anderson, Claudia
Medtronic TC2:36:07

Anderson, Howard
William A. Irvin41:34

Anderson, Judy
Medtronic Twin Cities6:04:51

Anderson, Karen
Milk Run42:25

Anderson, Kimberly
Medtronic TC6:08
Garry Bjorklund1:33:51
Ron Daws1:56:01

Anderson, Linda
Medtronic TC1:19:41

Anderson, Peggy
Women Run the Cities1:31:04

Anderson, Rogers
Brian Kraft Memorial46:35
Get in Gear48:48

Andrea, Rick
Milk Run32:05

Andresen, Charles
Garry Bjorklund2:52:47

Andrew, John
Medtronic Twin Cities3:58:26

Andrews, Kathleen

Andrews, Vicki
Garry Bjorklund2:35:20

Angerhofer, Cindy
Medtronic TC8:35
Brian Kraft Memorial27:45
Bear Water Run1:34:44

Antony, Douglas
Monticello River Fest26:52

Arfsten, Nanning
Red, White & Boom! TC2:44:16

Arko, Julie
Get in Gear58:39
Garry Bjorklund2:06:04

Armstrong, Debra
Valentine's Day TC36:52

Armstrong, Tom
Milk Run36:46

Arnesen, Linda

Arnett, John
Red, White & Boom! TC26:26
Goldy's Run1:38:25

Arnold, Joe
Medtronic TC4:40

Arzamenida, Kara
Bear Water Run2:45:32

Ash, Susan
Garry Bjorklund1:55:51

Asmus, Michele
Medtronic Twin Cities3:09:08

Asp, Kathryn
Get in Gear40:08

Augustine, Richard
Music in Plymouth34:24

Austin-Minor, Elizabeth
Garry Bjorklund1:40:09

Awad, Omar
Medtronic TC5:12
Get in Gear37:29

Babcock, Mike
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:17:50
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:41:05
Medtronic Twin Cities3:25:25

Bach, Perry
Main Street5:24
Hoska Midsummer5:33
Farmington Dew Run5:37
Brian Kraft Memorial19:33
Lift Bridge39:37
New Prague1:33:25

Bagshaw, Helen
Goldy's Run1:40:32

Baillie, Constance
Women Run the Cities44:31

Bain, Piper
Medtronic TC1:04:50

Baker, Cherie
Urban Wildland2:22:34

Baker, Michael
Urban Wildland2:08:11
Get in Gear2:10:00

Balazovic, Debra
Medtronic TC1:36:14

Balder-Lanoue, Robin
MDRA Victory45:08
Medtronic TC1:19:23

Baldwin, Doug
Garry Bjorklund1:18:39
Medtronic Twin Cities2:43:30

Baldwin, Sam
Get in Gear50:54

Baltich, Elizabeth
Garry Bjorklund2:14:51

Banchy, Cindy
Hot Dash1:33:59
Get in Gear2:00:41

Bangma, Pauline
Get in Gear53:24

Barboun, Jill

Barlage, Jeanne
Medtronic TC1:30:49

Barnhart, Carol
Get in Gear46:28
Mothers Day46:56

Baron, Daniel
Ron Daws1:51:18

Barrett, Meg
Milk Run26:26

Barry, Carol
L.O.V.E. Run28:02
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:38:59

Bartelme, Delma
Brian Kraft Memorial28:15
Medtronic TC1:32:54
Hot Dash1:38:37
Red, White & Boom! TC2:04:22

Bartels, Chad
Medtronic Twin Cities2:52:45

Bartholow, Carol
Garry Bjorklund2:24:20

Bartleson, Eric
Farmington Dew Run35:32

Bartlett, Kate
MDRA Victory47:37

Bartnik, Aaron
MDRA Victory30:45
Garry Bjorklund1:09:49

Bashkirov, Denis
Medtronic Twin Cities2:38:56

Bateman, Mike
Medtronic Twin Cities3:01:33

Bates, Emma
USATF Championships55:36

Bauck, Bill

Baude, Sarah
Medtronic TC6:47

Bauer, Austin
USATF Championships54:10

Bauer, Nancy
Medtronic TC1:31:56

Bauer, Tim

Bauerly, Jenny
Grandpa's Run for the Walleye1:07:15
Medtronic TC1:58:13

Bauerly, Mark
Earth Day27:51

Baugh, Anita
Main Street7:05
Medtronic TC7:39
Brian Kraft Memorial24:36
Get in Gear51:16
MDRA Victory51:58
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:28:49
Medtronic TC1:31:03
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:56:57
Ron Daws2:32:57

Baumann, Kristy
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:48
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:26:11
Get in Gear1:27:22
Medtronic Twin Cities3:08:10

Baumert, Lisa
Medtronic TC5:06
Hoska Midsummer5:24
Brian Kraft Memorial17:23
Ogara's Irish Run29:20
Get in Gear35:00
MDRA Victory36:54
USATF Championships1:00:02
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:02:55
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:22:59

Baumgartner, Audrey
Medtronic TC1:38:12

Beaber, Aaron
Medtronic TC56:41

Beam, Braden
Medtronic TC5:55

Beebe, Bion
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:36:29
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:06:38
Red, White & Boom! TC2:11:53

Behling, Scott
Park Point25:50
Garry Bjorklund1:10:13

Belgard, Hugh
Garry Bjorklund2:45:48

Belkholm, Cindy
Power Tunnel50:04

Bengtson, Jim
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:30
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:24:29
Medtronic Twin Cities2:56:59

Benhardus, Kathryn
Hot Dash45:32

Benson, Dustin
Main Street5:09

Benson, Erika
Ogara's Irish Run43:15
Get in Gear55:10
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:39:35
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:12:31

Benzi, Tj
Medtronic TC5:19

Beranek, Aleda
Garry Bjorklund2:49:55

Berg, Taylor
Main Street5:17
Medtronic TC1:01:44
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:40
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:24:57

Berger, Debra
Medtronic TC1:49:23

Berger, John

Bergin, Jon
Get in Gear1:12:01

Berglund, Ron

Bergseth, Jerry
Get in Gear1:06:14

Berkner, Larry

Berkopec, Mike
Medtronic TC1:14:11

Berlinerblau, Maria Carmen

Berman, Art
Medtronic Twin Cities3:52:59

Bertucci, John
Farmington Dew Run7:22

Beutel, Jerry
Get in Gear49:34
Garry Bjorklund2:00:26

Bierman, Susan
Hot Dash1:57:36

Billig, Patrick
Main Street4:55
Medtronic TC5:01
Brian Kraft Memorial16:42
Stillwater Log Run17:21
Challenge Cancer & Challenge Obesity17:38
Ogara's Irish Run27:51
Get in Gear34:55
MDRA Victory35:09
Medtronic TC58:30
Hot Dash59:20
Garry Bjorklund1:16:31

Billmeyer, Curtis
Get in Gear1:38:21

Biondolillo, Carlo
Healthy Human Race1:44:56

Birkeland, Diane
MDRA Victory47:58
Goldy's Run1:22:51
Ron Daws2:06:44

Birkholz, Daniel
Get in Gear27:10

Bishop, Kim
Medtronic TC1:09:42
Hot Dash1:10:14

Bjork, Bonnie
Milk Run26:50

Bjork, David
Medtronic Twin Cities4:19:26

Bjornberg, Linda
Medtronic TC1:28:44
Garry Bjorklund1:52:33

Bjornberg, Michael
Main Street6:12
Medtronic TC6:18
Brian Kraft Memorial21:29
Milk Run22:35
Ogara's Irish Run35:10
Park Point35:55
Get in Gear44:32
Medtronic TC1:16:13
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:18:41
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:43:39
Garry Bjorklund1:43:54

Black, Dennis

Blackie, Spencer
Medtronic TC2:32:04

Blake, Debra
New Prague1:58:07

Blake, Lynn
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:29:46
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:57:46
Ron Daws2:21:11
Medtronic Twin Cities4:09:01

Blake, Madalyn

Blankenship, Denise
Get in Gear27:55

Blass, Lynne
Medtronic TC1:55:27

Bloomfield, Carrie
Women Run the Cities45:32
Garry Bjorklund1:38:48

Boatman, Jim

Boe, Tony
Medtronic TC7:52
Garry Bjorklund1:47:30

Boettge, Emily
Medtronic Twin Cities3:52:00

Boggie-Miloserdova, Irina
Garry Bjorklund2:00:06

Bohlke, Allan
Main Street4:57
Medtronic TC5:08
Brian Kraft Memorial17:28
Ogara's Irish Run28:58
MDRA Victory37:29
Medtronic TC1:02:09
Garry Bjorklund1:22:24

Bohn Hector, Bonnie
Medtronic Twin Cities4:47:55

Boler, Kelly
Main Street4:59
Get in Gear35:08

Bolla, Jane
Milk Run25:24
Brian Kraft Memorial26:09
MDRA Victory51:17
Medtronic TC1:32:29

Bolton, Elizabeth
Red, White & Boom! TC2:12:19

Bonnert, Eileen
Brian Kraft Memorial22:09
Medtronic TC1:12:44

Borash, Daniel

Borden, Amy
Medtronic TC5:38
Gopher to Badger1:28:10

Bork, Aubrey
Gopher to Badger1:38:58

Borner, David
Medtronic TC4:45

Bornhorst, William
Red, White & Boom! TC3:09:36

Bourassa, Joyce
Main Street5:47
MDRA Victory42:00
Bear Water Run1:09:22
Medtronic TC1:09:23
Red, White & Boom! TC1:37:08

Bourgois, Lacey
Medtronic TC1:05:28

Bourland, Eugene
Get in Gear1:28:18

Bowman, Ted
Milk Run31:24

Boyce, Sherry
Garry Bjorklund2:35:54

Boylan, Mary

Boyle, Lori
Garry Bjorklund2:09:55

Boys, Sharon
Goldy's Run1:41:55
Garry Bjorklund2:14:51

Braam, Jake
MDRA Victory32:44

Bradehoft, Cindy
Medtronic TC1:21:53
Get in Gear1:44:53

Bradley, Elaine
Garry Bjorklund2:19:18

Brady, Pat
Medtronic TC2:08:41

Brakemeier, Allen
Bud Break44:17

Braley, Doris
Get in Gear38:00

Brand, James
Main Street5:00
Medtronic TC5:05

Brandt, Douglas
Goldy's Run1:41:30

Brandt, Laura
Earth Day2:08:41

Brandt, Steve
Ron Daws2:22:05

Brannan, Nora

Brannan, Rodger
Garry Bjorklund1:44:46

Brase, Kaylea
Medtronic TC5:42

Brase, Patti
Milk Run25:28

Bredeken, Donna
Stillwater Log Run1:05:36

Breedlove-Gerard, Peggy
Red, White & Boom! TC25:40
Challenge Addiction & Challenge Happiness25:42
Mothers Day26:22
Fathers Day26:35
Easter Sunday Rise 'n' Shine27:43
New Year's Day Hopeful27:53

Breeggemann, Cindy

Breen, Jenny
Medtronic TC6:31
Brian Kraft Memorial21:47
Get in Gear45:23
Medtronic TC1:14:48

Breivik, Myrna
Garry Bjorklund3:24:56

Brennan, Catherine
Garry Bjorklund1:46:48
Medtronic Twin Cities4:13:43

Brennan, John
Get in Gear1:11:18
Medtronic TC2:04:30

Brennan, Thomas
New Prague1:32:34
Get in Gear1:32:51

Brenner, Anita
Women Run the Cities48:03
Get in Gear50:11
Gopher to Badger1:48:15

Bretscher, Daniel
Defeat of Jesse James Days52:57

Brewer, David
Easter Sunday Rise 'n' Shine43:08

Brewer, Kathryn
Red, White & Boom! TC40:36
Easter Sunday Rise 'n' Shine43:08

Brindley, Karen
Medtronic TC8:28
Medtronic TC1:49:51
Get in Gear2:15:01

Broadmoore, Andrew
Garry Bjorklund1:20:08

Brooks, Marie
Garry Bjorklund2:12:30

Brose, Mark
Medtronic TC5:26

Brouillard, Carol
Bear Water Run3:16:37
Medtronic Twin Cities4:27:23

Brown, Deborah
Medtronic TC1:29:00
Garry Bjorklund1:54:27

Brown, John
Medtronic TC7:40
Medtronic TC1:46:12

Brown, Leesa
MDRA Victory27:50

Brown, Mary
Red, White & Boom! TC1:57:45

Brown, Michael
Medtronic TC1:08:33

Brown, Paul
Main Street5:18
Hoska Midsummer5:28
Medtronic TC5:35
Brian Kraft Memorial18:40
Get in Gear40:06
Medtronic TC1:04:12
Goldy's Run1:06:18
Hot Dash1:07:25
Garry Bjorklund1:24:50

Brown, Sallie
Medtronic Twin Cities6:07:30

Brown, Tim
Medtronic TC5:56
Brian Kraft Memorial20:22
Park Point33:40
Ogara's Irish Run34:07
Get in Gear42:23
Garry Bjorklund1:36:32
Medtronic Twin Cities3:28:06

Bruestle, Sharon
Easter Sunday Rise 'n' Shine30:26
New Year's Day Hopeful30:47

Brunnette, Charles
Bear Water Run3:03:41

Brunsvold, Mark
Medtronic Twin Cities3:42:34

Buckley, Jim
Garry Bjorklund1:27:58

Buckley, Patty
Farmington Dew Run8:21

Buckvold, Leo
MDRA Victory46:28

Budge, Kathleen
Milk Run31:17

Buecksler, Caleb

Buenting, Mike
Hot Dash59:56
Medtronic TC59:58

Bugge, Amy
Park Point44:21
Garry Bjorklund2:01:56

Bugler, W. Ryan
Medtronic TC53:24

Buikema, Clifford
Garry Bjorklund2:12:08

Bukstein, Jeri
Medtronic Twin Cities5:42:40

Bumgarner, Mike
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)56:47
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:14:37
Medtronic Twin Cities2:37:16

Bunne, Ted
William A. Irvin46:02

Burlet, Teresa
Earth Day1:44:35

Burnett, Elizabeth
Medtronic TC1:19:58

Burns, Pat
Main Street4:41

Burrell, Cathy
Women Run the Cities28:34
Red, White & Boom! TC30:12
Valentine's Day TC31:12
Hot Dash32:17
Get in Gear1:04:36
Bear Water Run1:40:19
Garry Bjorklund2:20:02

Busch, Joni
Red, White & Boom! TC1:58:36
Medtronic Twin Cities4:11:38

Bute, Marnie
Goldy's Run1:29:02

Butler, Gerald
Main Street5:27
Farmington Dew Run5:31

Butterfield, Joe
Healthy Human Race1:54:24

Buytendorp, Nancy

Byland, Ron
Medtronic TC6:17

Byun, Herb
MDRA Victory55:51
Bear Water Run3:14:59
Medtronic Twin Cities4:46:40

Cady, Tim
L.O.V.E. Run34:54

Calcagno, Janet
Healthy Human Race2:06:13
Medtronic Twin Cities4:33:32

Calhoun, Pam
Medtronic TC1:50:11

Callahan, Teresa
Garry Bjorklund2:11:10
Medtronic Twin Cities4:08:59

Callanan, Stephanie
Milk Run22:20
Medtronic TC1:18:46

Campbell, Linda
Milk Run30:27

Campeau, Kari
Medtronic TC5:17
Brian Kraft Memorial17:58
Ogara's Irish Run30:12
MDRA Victory37:46
Medtronic TC1:02:44
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:38
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:25:20

Campeau, Nathan
Medtronic TC5:02

Capra, Trevor
Brian Kraft Memorial14:45

Carey, Bob

Carlsen, Amy
Urban Wildland1:39:27

Carlson, Dj
Hot Dash31:06
Red, White & Boom! TC31:23
Valentine's Day TC32:07
Stillwater Log Run1:18:26
Medtronic Twin Cities5:58:12

Carlson, Joseph

Carlson, Kelcey
Brian Kraft Memorial20:48

Carlson, Michelle
Goldy's Run1:20:59

Carlson, Roger
Lift Bridge1:38:00
Garry Bjorklund2:19:39
Medtronic Twin Cities4:58:11

Carlson, Sandy
Milk Run26:51

Caron, Chris
Main Street4:36
Medtronic TC4:43
Medtronic TC55:01

Caron, Christopher
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)56:28
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:14:11

Carr-Oxley, Marjie
MDRA Victory24:50

Carroll, Darren
Medtronic TC1:12:54

Carson, Suzanne
Medtronic TC8:21
Red, White & Boom! TC2:10:53

Carter, Bill

Carver, Vicki
Get in Gear45:17

Case, Sherry
MDRA Victory50:31
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:25:14
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:50:00
Ron Daws2:27:43
Medtronic Twin Cities4:12:24

Celichowski, Colette
Main Street5:12
Medtronic TC5:15
Hoska Midsummer5:21

Cervenka, Sara
Hot Dash1:08:22
Medtronic Twin Cities3:20:26

Chacich, Joni

Chaffin, Cathy
Get in Gear1:25:25

Chaigne, Didier

Charbonnet, Jennifer
Medtronic TC1:29:40

Charlesworth, Scott
Get in Gear2:01:49

Chazin, Andrea
MDRA Victory53:55
Medtronic TC1:45:00
Red, White & Boom! TC2:05:54

Cheboi, Gladys
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)58:46
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:18:53

Cheever, Jamie
Medtronic TC4:49

Chen, Janet
Medtronic Twin Cities4:47:29

Cherewatuk, Karen
Defeat of Jesse James Days1:32:19

Cherne, Sara
Park Point46:22
Medtronic Twin Cities5:30:19

Chestolowski, Mary
Healthy Human Race1:30:26

Cheyka, Joanna
Valentine's Day TC22:23
Medtronic TC1:20:37

Childs, Julie
Get in Gear56:22

Chileen, Julie
Garry Bjorklund1:46:18

Chin, Richard
Get in Gear19:39
Hot Dash20:28
Medtronic TC1:10:51

Christensen, Darrell
MDRA Victory58:52
Stillwater Log Run1:38:21
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:40:09
Medtronic TC1:51:27
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:09:20

Christensen, Dean
Defeat of Jesse James Days1:16:03

Christensen, Deborah
Women Run the Cities1:03:31

Christian, Dan
Get in Gear2:36:20

Chrudimsky, Jason
Medtronic TC5:10

Chucko, Lauren
Medtronic TC1:01:08

Cicha, John
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:37:48
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:07:05

Clanton, Anne
Y Run29:07
Stillwater Log Run29:13
Lift Bridge59:11
Goldy's Run1:44:21
Medtronic TC1:54:49
Get in Gear2:21:32

Clark, Amy
Main Street6:45
Medtronic TC7:00
Ogara's Irish Run38:41
MDRA Victory46:50
Get in Gear49:02
Medtronic TC1:21:07

Clark, Doron
Ogara's Irish Run26:32
Get in Gear33:21
Medtronic TC56:18
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)57:44
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:15:23

Clark, Harrison
Medtronic TC4:30
Main Street4:49
Brian Kraft Memorial15:30
Ogara's Irish Run25:39
Medtronic TC55:47
Garry Bjorklund1:13:25

Clark, Jill
Goldy's Run1:54:20
Garry Bjorklund2:32:42

Clark, Joan
Get in Gear1:07:45

Clarkin Tavakley, Kate
Main Street6:07
Brian Kraft Memorial20:30
Goldy's Run1:12:51
Get in Gear1:33:46
Medtronic Twin Cities3:21:15

Class, Katy
Medtronic TC6:40
Get in Gear46:23

Class, Rob
MDRA Victory38:14
Medtronic TC1:02:40
Garry Bjorklund1:26:07

Clements, Kathy
Goldy's Run1:33:08

Clowser, Ann
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:27:59
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:57:55

Cogger, Benjamin

Cole, Autumn
William A. Irvin36:40

Collins, Don
Ogara's Irish Run46:45
Get in Gear47:26

Colton, Diane
Medtronic TC1:28:30
Goldy's Run1:39:02
Garry Bjorklund2:01:54

Colvin, Eric
Medtronic TC4:35

Condie, Cathy
Medtronic TC1:22:14

Conlin, Patricia
Women Run the Cities1:21:29
Hot Dash2:24:52

Connell, Patricia
William A. Irvin35:33
Park Point54:26
Power Tunnel1:11:29

Connett, Patricia

Connolly, Mike
Main Street6:44
Medtronic TC1:18:03

Conrad, Alison
Women Run the Cities57:01
Red, White & Boom! TC2:06:55

Conrad, Lindsay
Medtronic Twin Cities3:23:13

Conrad, Sara
Medtronic TC5:50
Ogara's Irish Run31:44
Ron Daws1:50:12

Conry, John
Get in Gear48:28

Conti, John
Smokin' in Steele30:33

Conzet, Brenda
Earth Day2:06:06

Cook, Britton

Cook, Sam
Garry Bjorklund2:12:44

Cooper, Ken
Brian Kraft Memorial17:10

Corbin, Susan
Goldy's Run1:59:06

Costello, Julia
Women Run the Cities30:02

Cota, Lynn
Medtronic TC7:12

Cottrell, Claudia
Medtronic TC1:48:28
Garry Bjorklund2:30:47

Cottrell, Harry
Power Tunnel45:03
Medtronic TC1:14:38
Garry Bjorklund1:42:15

Coughlan, Susan

Couillard, Tom
Red, White & Boom! TC25:29
MDRA Victory54:14

Coulter, Murielc

Courneya, Nannette
Medtronic Twin Cities4:04:28

Covey, Steve
Earth Day1:34:32

Crain, Bill
MDRA Victory49:52

Crawford, Jennifer
Medtronic TC1:20:32

Crawford, Sara
Get in Gear1:58:48

Creagan, Ed
Healthy Human Race2:21:35

Croft, Mary
MDRA Victory1:02:56
Lift Bridge1:48:34
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:50:57
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:24:43

Cromer, Charles
Get in Gear1:39:23

Cronen, Judy
Farmington Dew Run8:55
Get in Gear30:54
MDRA Victory32:30

Crowe, Kathie
Power Tunnel1:31:44

Crudden, Kevin
Medtronic Twin Cities3:55:29

Cruz, Esther
Women Run the Cities46:23

Cueno, Nicole
Medtronic TC5:14
Brian Kraft Memorial17:55
Ogara's Irish Run29:30
Get in Gear37:46

Culshaw, Bev
River Rat33:22

Culver, Diane
Defeat of Jesse James Days27:05

Curley, Declan
Medtronic Twin Cities2:58:04

Curran, Dennis
Medtronic TC5:04

Currie, Juli
Goldy's Run1:19:11

Curto, Jim

Cutshall, Greg
Medtronic TC1:23:42

D'Aurora, Denise
Milk Run44:09
Garry Bjorklund3:10:12

Dahl, David
Y Run33:09

Dahlberg, Peter
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:12:19
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:32:30

Dahlin, Clara
Medtronic TC12:53
Women Run the Cities47:28

Daiss, Robert
Medtronic TC5:09
Brian Kraft Memorial17:34
Ogara's Irish Run29:02
Get in Gear36:49

Daker, Jan
Medtronic TC8:17
Farmington Dew Run8:49
MDRA Victory56:22
Women Run the Cities58:04
Goldy's Run1:46:35
Medtronic TC1:55:54
Get in Gear2:13:29

Dalen, Sheri
Medtronic TC1:29:42

Daley, Victoria
Medtronic TC1:37:48

Dalquist, Sandra
Medtronic TC8:57
Red, White & Boom! TC28:50
Brian Kraft Memorial29:41
Y Run30:00
Ogara's Irish Run50:40
MDRA Victory59:21
Women Run the Cities1:01:24
Get in Gear1:06:10
Medtronic TC1:39:34
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:41:39
Goldy's Run1:46:01
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:14:27

Daly, Dana
Healthy Human Race1:52:04

Daly, Kelli
Medtronic Twin Cities3:15:25

Danielson, Scott
Garry Bjorklund2:12:28

Danielson, Steven
Earth Day1:37:09

Danielson, Tom
Medtronic TC6:33
Rockford River Run47:20

Daubert, David
MDRA Victory38:16
New Year's Day Hopeful41:02
MDRA Victory1:14:45
Hot Dash2:03:10
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)2:06:10
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:43:55
Get in Gear2:46:40

Davenport, Brian
Main Street4:47
Medtronic TC4:55
Hoska Midsummer4:58

Davidson, Cory

Davis, Kate
MDRA Victory43:51
Medtronic TC1:12:05

Davis, Tammy
Hot Dash1:09:44

Davis, Wynn

Davison, Leimomi
Goldy's Run1:29:43

Day, Robert
Main Street5:30
Ron Daws1:51:09
Medtronic Twin Cities3:05:25

Daymont, Richard
Milk Run32:02

De Mars, Diane
William A. Irvin31:24
Monticello River Fest31:39
Garry Bjorklund2:45:11

DeBoer, Steve
Healthy Human Race1:44:58

DeGonda, Lois
Stillwater Log Run43:12
Milk Run45:20
Lift Bridge45:23

DeLong, Page
Milk Run25:30

DeVine, Jacki
Main Street6:22
Hoska Midsummer6:35
Medtronic TC6:43
Brian Kraft Memorial21:52
Spud Fest Lakes Run35:32
MDRA Victory44:11
Medtronic TC1:14:33

DeVine, Kurt
Main Street5:21

Deblieck, Carol
Ogara's Irish Run51:52
Get in Gear1:06:17
Gopher to Badger2:36:30

Decker, Sonya
Main Street5:46
Medtronic TC5:54
Brian Kraft Memorial19:13
Ogara's Irish Run31:40
Get in Gear40:15
Hot Dash1:06:16
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:07:59
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:29:33
Medtronic Twin Cities3:09:35

Dedering, Josh
Get in Gear (adjusted)31:07
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)53:03
Garry Bjorklund1:08:14
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:09:37

Dedering, Megan
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:04
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:23:39

Deeg, Mary
Women Run the Cities52:46
Hot Dash1:27:51

Deetz, Dorothy
Get in Gear51:58

Deigmann, Diane
Medtronic TC1:27:31

Dejaeghere, Joan
Women Run the Cities44:50

Delapp, Steven
Get in Gear1:18:27

Delisi, Jill

Denne, Sandy
Earth Day3:26:47

Depies, Kiera

Derrick, Melia
New Year's Day Hopeful31:31

Derus, Lori
Medtronic TC1:51:44

Deshayes, Lenny
Grandpa's Run for the Walleye20:37

Desplinter, Janine

Deuhs, John
Lake Wobegon Trail5:25:24

Dickau, Anne
Women Run the Cities1:06:37

Diebold, Rene

Diedrich, Darrin
Get in Gear38:38
Medtronic TC1:04:43
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:06:31
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:27:34

Dierking, Kirsten
Medtronic TC8:28

Dieterich, Joel
Medtronic TC4:37
Get in Gear32:36

Digrazia, Jody

Dincau, Christine

Dixon, Brian
Get in Gear39:46
MDRA Victory40:59
Medtronic Twin Cities3:24:18

Dobbs, Bill
Medtronic TC6:04
Medtronic TC1:10:09

Docherty, Daniel
Medtronic TC4:19
Brian Kraft Memorial14:33
Park Point24:24
Ogara's Irish Run24:26
Get in Gear (adjusted)29:51
Garry Bjorklund1:06:57
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:14:42

Docherty, Kevin

Docherty, Laura
Medtronic TC5:22
Hot Dash1:02:47

Dockter, Bruce
Medtronic TC5:55
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:11:33
Hot Dash1:12:14
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:33:38
Urban Wildland1:34:20
Earth Day1:34:58

Doe, Kevin
Brian Kraft Memorial16:03
Get in Gear33:47
Medtronic TC57:07
Goldy's Run58:08

Dolan, Mary
Get in Gear1:03:06

Dolence, Ann
Garry Bjorklund1:51:23

Domingues, David
Red, White & Boom! TC1:49:05

Domres, Daniel
Goldy's Run55:57

Donahue, Suzanne
Hot Dash1:33:31

Donakowski, Timothy

Donner, Joan
Get in Gear51:58
Medtronic TC1:28:38

Donohue, Carrie
Medtronic TC5:19
Brian Kraft Memorial18:21
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:36
Medtronic Twin Cities2:55:17

Dornfeld, Don
Hoska Midsummer8:06
Farmington Dew Run8:13
Monticello River Fest28:30
Brian Kraft Memorial28:31
Music in Plymouth28:57
Lift Bridge59:44
Jump to It1:05:22
Urban Wildland2:19:36
Get in Gear2:27:35
Medtronic Twin Cities5:40:18

Dougall, Pam

Dougherty, Gail

Doyle, Matt
Garry Bjorklund2:34:46

Doyscher, Cindy

Drekonja, Dimitri
Get in Gear35:16
Medtronic TC59:51

Dreshar, Candy
Medtronic TC7:10
Jump to It24:16
Red, White & Boom! TC24:44

Driscoll, Debbie
Stillwater Log Run30:26
Defeat of Jesse James Days30:38

Duda, Ruthann
Get in Gear1:58:16

Duffy, Beth
MDRA Victory1:09:14
Medtronic TC2:07:39

Duffy, Michael

Dykstra, Anne
Get in Gear56:39

Eagan, Tom
Goldy's Run1:17:45

Earl-Torniainen, Kitty
Medtronic Twin Cities3:41:22

Easker, Aaron
Get in Gear (adjusted)30:17
USATF Championships50:46

Eason, Ryan
Stillwater Log Run56:43

Eberhardt, Burgess
Medtronic TC2:04:20
Garry Bjorklund2:27:59

Ecklund, Susan
Goldy's Run1:58:47

Economy, Robert
Main Street4:58
Medtronic TC5:06
Brian Kraft Memorial16:48
Ogara's Irish Run28:17
Get in Gear35:29
MDRA Victory35:41
Medtronic TC58:49
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:00:55
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:20:49
Ron Daws1:38:29

Edwards, Susan
River Rat41:41

Egeland, Jean
Medtronic TC2:11:18
Garry Bjorklund2:42:57

Egge, Josephine
Defeat of Jesse James Days48:14

Ehrman, Julie
Get in Gear32:58

Eidenschink, Matthew
Medtronic Twin Cities2:39:50

Eikens, Kathleen
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:42:24
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:14:37

Eischens, Cindy
Hot Dash1:32:33
Get in Gear2:05:53

Elden, Arlene
Wheels Off2:05:54
Garry Bjorklund2:08:58

Ellenberger, Liz Abt
Medtronic TC1:31:38

Elliott, Lance
Medtronic TC4:49

Ellis, Margaret
Women Run the Cities30:34
Urban Wildland2:21:14

Ellis, Roy
Urban Wildland2:02:55

Elmer, April
Women Run the Cities27:02
Defeat of Jesse James Days1:28:28

Elmstrand, Erik

Emanuel, Vicki
Garry Bjorklund2:13:50

Emery, Chip

Emison, Pam
Bear Water Run1:29:34

Emmerich, Teeny

Enge, Jim
Urban Wildland1:50:27
Bear Water Run2:51:51
Medtronic Twin Cities3:51:43

Engert, Sheila
Medtronic TC1:16:52
Urban Wildland1:43:37
Lake Wobegon Trail3:40:37

Erb, Mary

Erdman, Arthur
Medtronic Twin Cities5:28:25

Ergen, Kathy
Power Tunnel49:40
Hot Dash1:24:13
Medtronic Twin Cities4:04:33

Erickson Dancer, Kim
Red, White & Boom! TC2:30:13

Erickson, Audrey
Get in Gear34:29
Garry Bjorklund2:59:54

Erickson, Colene
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:30:13

Erickson, Phil
Hoska Midsummer8:00
Brian Kraft Memorial26:43
MDRA Victory29:09
MDRA Victory54:52
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:56:04
Get in Gear2:25:27
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:27:23
Ron Daws2:34:37
Bear Water Run3:40:09
Medtronic Twin Cities5:14:46

Ernste, Michele
Defeat of Jesse James Days30:41

Escher, Paul
Medtronic TC4:10

Esterby, David
River Rat27:57

Evans, Karen
Brian Kraft Memorial28:30

Evans, Sue
Medtronic TC1:54:50

Eversman, Michelle
Medtronic TC1:10:13

Fackler, Jennifer
Medtronic TC1:23:48

Faragher, Lynnette
Goldy's Run1:30:13

Farley, Stephen
Garry Bjorklund1:50:41

Fee, Missy
Medtronic TC1:29:12

Feichtinger, Thomas
Brian Kraft Memorial15:27
Medtronic TC53:56
Hot Dash56:06

Feit, Amy

Fellows, Donnie
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)54:07
Gopher to Badger1:10:10
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:10:42

Felton, Susan
Medtronic TC1:22:11

Ferris, Ardelle
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:21:11
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:46:17

Feyereisen, Bill
Main Street4:38

Feyo, Colleen
Goldy's Run1:29:43

Finke, Robert
MDRA Victory37:15
Medtronic TC1:02:38

Finnegan, Richard
Farmington Dew Run12:36

Fischer, Kerri
Goldy's Run1:35:46
Medtronic TC1:42:28

Fisher, Dan
Get in Gear35:04

Fisher, Geri
Women Run the Cities39:32
Valentine's Day TC41:08
Get in Gear1:22:38

Fisher, Julia
Medtronic TC1:54:05

Fisher, Marge
Garry Bjorklund2:18:11

Fisher, Terry
Goldy's Run1:38:22

Fiskness, Ralph

Fitting, Skip
Earth Day1:31:53
Red, White & Boom! TC1:33:36

Fitzharris-Funk, Jennifer
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:11:40
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:33:41
Medtronic Twin Cities3:24:04

Fixsen, Linda
Earth Day2:10:00

Fladland, William
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)53:50
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:10:35
Medtronic Twin Cities2:29:18

Flanagan, Megan
Red, White & Boom! TC1:27:48

Flannery, Christopher
Hoska Midsummer5:29

Flannery, Elizabeth

Fleming, Franklin
Get in Gear2:08:48

Fleming, Thea
Medtronic TC1:05:48

Flores, Liz
Women Run the Cities46:45
Medtronic TC1:22:18
Red, White & Boom! TC1:45:11

Flower, Jill
Medtronic TC10:01
Medtronic TC2:22:12

Folkeringa, Gracia

Forbes, Katherine
Medtronic TC1:24:12
Urban Wildland1:54:08
Gopher to Badger1:55:33
Garry Bjorklund1:58:24

Ford, Paul
Earth Day2:04:22
Bear Water Run3:08:29
Lake Wobegon Trail4:10:05

Forrette, Jackie

Forsythe, Ruth
Medtronic TC1:44:02

Foss, Yolanda

Fossum, Alex
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:49
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:24:53

Fossum, Roger
Medtronic TC10:56
Red, White & Boom! TC2:42:17
Medtronic Twin Cities5:40:20

Foster, Jason
Garry Bjorklund1:20:04

Fox, Barry
Medtronic Twin Cities5:11:34

Fox, Mary
Bear Water Run1:24:49

Frank, Margaret
Milk Run27:53

Franke, Lisa
Medtronic Twin Cities3:53:10

Frascone, Bernadette
Bear Water Run3:22:19
Medtronic Twin Cities4:45:23

Fraser, Bill
Main Street11:03
Medtronic TC11:12
Farmington Dew Run11:15
Ogara's Irish Run1:03:27

Frawley, Bob
Lake Wobegon Trail3:48:36
Medtronic Twin Cities3:55:45

Frederick, Harold
Medtronic TC2:24:19

Fredericks, Patricia
Park Point53:35

Frederickson, Dennis
Milk Run39:09

Frederickson, Peggy
Medtronic TC1:30:10

Freed, Gwendolyn
MDRA Victory49:10
Red, White & Boom! TC1:51:09
Healthy Human Race1:53:56

Fremont, Pat

French, Jean
Bear Water Run3:07:51

Frerichs, Jack
Garry Bjorklund2:57:41

Freund, Larry
Mothers Day20:57

Frick, Elizabeth
Gopher to Badger1:25:15
Red, White & Boom! TC1:25:33

Frie, Rose
Medtronic Twin Cities4:15:56

Friede, Wendy
Get in Gear57:32
Garry Bjorklund2:11:10

Frischmann, Sharon
Women Run the Cities1:05:54

Fryer, Anthony
Main Street4:57
Medtronic TC5:02
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:00:46
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:19:50

Fuhs, Edward
Park Point34:49
Garry Bjorklund1:36:40

Fulton, Thomas
MDRA Victory1:08:24
Get in Gear1:23:29

Furlong, James
Get in Gear56:00

Furtney, Susan
Red, White & Boom! TC3:01:18

Gaalswyk, Sheila
Urban Wildland2:07:09
Medtronic Twin Cities4:39:12

Gabrielson, Carla
Earth Day1:38:03

Gacek, Melissa
Medtronic TC5:30
Brian Kraft Memorial18:17
Get in Gear38:04
MDRA Victory38:30
Medtronic TC1:03:05
Goldy's Run1:03:44
Garry Bjorklund1:21:55

Gaffaney, Greg
Hoska Midsummer7:35
Medtronic TC7:37
Milk Run25:35
Brian Kraft Memorial25:55
MDRA Victory52:56
Get in Gear53:43
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:37:22
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:08:28

Gagner, Joseph
Get in Gear46:04

Galiano, Susie

Gallagher, Jacob
Brian Kraft Memorial15:32
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)54:06
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:11:29

Garcia, Estevan
Medtronic TC1:09:05

Garry, Amber
Goldy's Run1:10:07

Gatyas, Tom
Medtronic TC58:29

Gau, Wanda
Main Street5:56
Brian Kraft Memorial20:05
River Rat26:04
MDRA Victory39:55
Get in Gear42:13
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:07:26
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:28:32
Lake Wobegon Trail3:17:59

Gausmann, Shad
Medtronic TC4:45

Gaustad, Patty
Garry Bjorklund2:13:53

Geck, Judy
Milk Run26:11

Gellerup, Peter
Medtronic TC5:26

Geppert, Jane

Gerber, Daniel
Medtronic TC4:48
Defeat of Jesse James Days53:26

Gerber, Lynne
Medtronic TC2:21:27
Get in Gear2:37:56

Gerlach, Christopher
Medtronic Twin Cities3:03:47

Gettle, Helen
Garry Bjorklund2:44:40

Ghylin, Curtis
Earth Day2:44:34

Giandelone, Eric
Lake Wobegon Trail2:45:01

Giannobile, Paul
Medtronic TC5:11
Brian Kraft Memorial17:56
Hot Dash18:12
Ogara's Irish Run28:57
Get in Gear37:31
Medtronic TC1:03:26

Gibas, Kelly
Garry Bjorklund1:40:23

Gibbs, Carrie
Medtronic TC1:21:55

Gilman, Jennifer

Gilmore, Bruce
Get in Gear58:53
Medtronic TC1:46:36

Giovinazzo-Yates, Sandra
Women Run the Cities1:01:17
Medtronic TC1:38:50

Gits, Charlie
Medtronic TC6:17
Hoska Midsummer6:21

Glassman, Debra
Goldy's Run1:41:00

Glatzmaier, Richard
Garry Bjorklund2:08:05

Glaubke, Eric
Medtronic TC4:50
Medtronic TC56:48

Glew, Duane
Rockford River Run23:59

Gluth, Brad
Farmington Dew Run6:31

Glynn, Kim
Bear Water Run2:41:14

Godfrey, Mary
Medtronic Twin Cities4:03:04

Goettl, Julie
Goldy's Run1:28:59

Goetzke, Kirt
Hoska Midsummer5:53
Milk Run19:28
Brian Kraft Memorial19:43
Ogara's Irish Run33:40
Park Point34:01
MDRA Victory39:31
Rockford River Run40:23
Lift Bridge41:10
Get in Gear41:48
Y Run43:45
Stillwater Log Run48:10
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:07:26
Goldy's Run1:15:22
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:28:27
Red, White & Boom! TC1:30:04
Medtronic Twin Cities3:10:22

Goodmanson, Paula
Medtronic TC1:39:02

Goodwin, Michelle
Garry Bjorklund1:33:13

Goodwin, Patricia
Get in Gear1:01:00

Gordanier, Danielle
Main Street6:07
Medtronic TC6:14
Hoska Midsummer6:23
Brian Kraft Memorial20:28
Ogara's Irish Run33:45
Get in Gear42:08
MDRA Victory43:15
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:13:17
Medtronic TC1:13:52
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:36:48
Red, White & Boom! TC1:40:20
Ron Daws1:59:42

Gordon, Gerry
MDRA Victory1:11:15

Gormley, Debra
Monticello River Fest21:10
Brian Kraft Memorial21:20
Park Point33:56
Garry Bjorklund1:36:26

Goudreault, Laurie
Medtronic TC8:03
Ogara's Irish Run46:45
MDRA Victory52:39
Medtronic TC1:33:56
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:35:00
Hot Dash1:38:36
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:05:25

Goudreault, Tom
Medtronic TC1:15:48

Goullaud, Eric
Get in Gear59:21

Graber, Maureen
Earth Day44:24

Grabowski, Anne
Medtronic TC6:59

Grace, Paul

Gragert, Carol
Spud Fest Lakes Run52:14

Grahek, Mary
Medtronic TC2:26:49

Graupner, Jim
Hoska Midsummer6:55
Farmington Dew Run6:55
Stillwater Log Run22:33
Brian Kraft Memorial23:53
Ogara's Irish Run39:16
Lift Bridge47:17
MDRA Victory47:49
Get in Gear48:33
Bear Water Run1:20:27
Urban Wildland1:48:00

Graves, Becky
Medtronic TC1:10:39

Gray, Lawrence
Stillwater Log Run1:32:46
Get in Gear2:01:05
Gopher to Badger2:01:29
Urban Wildland2:06:24

Graysmark, Charles

Greaves, Brenda
Medtronic Twin Cities6:26:37

Green, Kiley
Medtronic TC5:27
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:41
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:25:08
Medtronic Twin Cities2:59:58

Green, Linda
Medtronic TC6:54
Ogara's Irish Run36:23
Jump to It46:41
Medtronic Twin Cities3:52:40

Green, Max
MDRA Victory25:41

Greenawalt, Suzanne
Valentine's Day TC43:02

Greeno, Dan
Brian Kraft Memorial15:00
Ogara's Irish Run25:07
Get in Gear (adjusted)31:10
MDRA Victory31:20
Medtronic TC52:26
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)53:26
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:12:43
Ron Daws1:25:58

Gregori, Mark
Garry Bjorklund1:46:57

Gregory, Barb
Earth Day2:19:15
Lake Wobegon Trail5:21:51

Griffin-Bruton, Debbie
Monticello River Fest28:21

Grimm, Nimol
Gopher to Badger1:54:37

Grindland, Marlene
Earth Day26:02

Groff, Susan
Milk Run40:32

Gross, Cathleen
Medtronic TC5:19
Main Street5:38
Gopher to Badger1:28:10

Gross, Sy
Fathers Day48:27

Gross, Thomas
Goldy's Run2:23:14

Grossinger, Christopher
Medtronic TC4:56

Grossinger, Pamela
Medtronic TC5:58
Medtronic TC1:10:30

Grosso, Paul
Get in Gear1:47:35

Grundstrom, Wayne
Milk Run23:24
Get in Gear47:42
Medtronic TC1:19:13
Garry Bjorklund1:42:34

Grunewald, Gabriele
Medtronic TC4:45

Grunewald, Justin
Main Street4:23
Medtronic TC4:28
Hoska Midsummer4:34
Brian Kraft Memorial15:11

Guetter, Ron
Garry Bjorklund1:37:53
Red, White & Boom! TC1:39:31
Earth Day1:39:35

Guettler, William
Medtronic Twin Cities3:02:18

Gunther, Helen
Medtronic TC1:29:51

Gunvalson, Mike
MDRA Victory54:25
Red, White & Boom! TC2:12:10

Gural, Suzanne
Goldy's Run1:30:21
Red, White & Boom! TC2:14:34

Gutermuth, David
Hot Dash1:08:30
Medtronic Twin Cities3:01:07
Lake Wobegon Trail3:11:41

Gwost, Doug
Medtronic TC8:41
Medtronic TC2:09:47

Haack, Fred
Earth Day44:53

Haake, Patrick
Farmington Dew Run6:30
Medtronic TC1:16:18

Haddock, Michael
Healthy Human Race1:27:28

Hagan, Patrick
Medtronic TC7:09
Medtronic TC1:22:13

Hagberg, Jean
Spud Fest Lakes Run40:25
Medtronic TC1:27:22

Hagelstrom, Sherry
Medtronic TC1:50:25

Hagen, David
Get in Gear57:18

Hagen, Joann
Earth Day27:41

Hager, Derek

Hahn, Denis
Urban Wildland2:12:33

Hahn, Laurel
Get in Gear21:03

Hahn, Lori
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:36:41
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:07:45
Red, White & Boom! TC2:12:51

Hales, Kenny
Railroad Days Dash46:56

Haley, Dave
Milk Run21:02
Ogara's Irish Run35:21

Hall, Kyle
Medtronic TC4:48

Halvorson, Becky

Hamann, Maryjane
Medtronic TC1:44:38

Hamilton, Rebecca
Valentine's Day TC38:46
Women Run the Cities41:49

Hamm, George
Medtronic TC1:12:45
Goldy's Run1:14:48

Hammer, Stanley
Medtronic TC6:24
Garry Bjorklund1:38:02

Hampton, Jacqueline
Earth Day2:04:43

Handegard, Karen
Goldy's Run1:30:47
Medtronic TC1:46:52

Hanggi, Rose
Medtronic TC9:57

Hankee, Diane
Medtronic TC5:39

Hannon, Jim
Goldy's Run1:09:58

Hanscom, Laurie
Main Street6:38
Medtronic TC6:47
Brian Kraft Memorial21:41
MDRA Victory43:54
Get in Gear45:01
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:15:25
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:39:23
Medtronic Twin Cities3:42:25

Hansen, Karen
Medtronic TC1:31:03
Hot Dash1:33:17

Hansen, Scott
Medtronic TC5:23

Hanson, Jacqueline
Medtronic TC7:19
Ogara's Irish Run36:47

Hanson, Jan
Medtronic TC2:15:40

Hanson, Laurie
Milk Run24:22
Park Point38:33
Hot Dash1:27:55
Medtronic Twin Cities4:05:21

Hanson, Lorelei
Healthy Human Race1:51:11

Harder, Glenn

Hardman, Ray
Get in Gear47:07

Hardy, Rebecca
Y Run33:49

Hardy, Tim
Brian Kraft Memorial15:52
Ogara's Irish Run26:29
Get in Gear32:44
MDRA Victory33:13
Medtronic Twin Cities2:31:03

Harley, Lori
Bear Water Run3:18:11

Harney, Bernard
Get in Gear1:10:07

Harnly, Rosemary
Main Street8:55
Farmington Dew Run9:04
Medtronic TC9:08
Brian Kraft Memorial30:45
Defeat of Jesse James Days30:56
Jump to It31:31
Milk Run31:36
Music in Plymouth31:50
Park Point48:34
Ogara's Irish Run55:36
Get in Gear1:04:20
Women Run the Cities1:05:54
MDRA Victory1:07:58

Harper, Christine
Garry Bjorklund2:22:27

Harris, Ann
Stillwater Log Run24:32
Red, White & Boom! TC24:52

Harris, Frank
Medtronic TC1:36:54

Harris, Gretchen
Women Run the Cities30:05

Hart, Sharon

Hartnett, Michael

Hartwig, Kristopher
Red, White & Boom! TC1:39:26

Hartz, David
Earth Day1:33:00
Red, White & Boom! TC1:35:07

Hauer, Julie
Garry Bjorklund2:20:00

Haugejorde, Ann
Main Street7:34
Medtronic TC7:44
Brian Kraft Memorial27:02
Ogara's Irish Run47:56
Get in Gear59:10
Medtronic TC1:36:15

Haukos, Christina
Earth Day24:24
Grandpa's Run for the Walleye24:58

Haus, Andrea
Medtronic TC5:10
Main Street5:17
Brian Kraft Memorial17:50
Medtronic TC1:03:49

Haverkost, Mary
Milk Run27:34
Get in Gear2:10:43

Havir, Russell
Medtronic TC1:32:27

Havir, Win
Stillwater Log Run28:08

Hawkins, Bob
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)2:03:28
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:41:01
Medtronic Twin Cities5:55:55

Hawkins, Peter
Get in Gear27:17

Hay, Mary
Women Run the Cities57:21

Hayden, Connie
Medtronic Twin Cities4:01:40

Heaps, Jerry
Farmington Dew Run7:01
Hoska Midsummer7:02
Medtronic TC7:05
Ogara's Irish Run38:10
Hot Dash1:22:36
Ron Daws2:14:51

Hebl, Lisa
Garry Bjorklund1:50:15

Hedin, Brian
Wheels Off1:30:08

Hefferan, Cindy
Milk Run34:42

Heideman, Janice
Railroad Days Dash37:13

Heideman, Ray
Railroad Days Dash42:49

Heinen, Dale
Medtronic TC6:15
Milk Run21:24
Ogara's Irish Run35:20
Get in Gear43:35
Ron Daws2:01:48

Heltemes, Kelly
Medtronic TC6:02
Medtronic TC1:10:22

Hempe, Jay
Hot Dash1:08:27
Goldy's Run1:08:32

Henderson, Vicki
Hot Dash1:58:05

Henry, Cheryl
Women Run the Cities55:40

Henseler, Dennis
Jump to It44:14

Hentges, Carol
Hot Dash1:19:31
Gopher to Badger1:45:46
Bear Water Run2:49:31
Medtronic Twin Cities3:52:50

Hesli, Pat
Grandpa's Run for the Walleye47:39

Hewes, Karen
Get in Gear54:04

Heying, Jamie
Medtronic TC1:22:56
Earth Day1:49:13
Lake Wobegon Trail3:49:25

Hiatt, Mary
Medtronic TC12:08
Main Street12:17
Brian Kraft Memorial40:25

Hill, David
Valentine's Day TC22:57

Hill, Sheila
Garry Bjorklund1:44:40

Hill, Sue
William A. Irvin28:06

Himler, Heather
Medtronic TC5:48
Main Street5:51
Get in Gear41:15
Medtronic TC1:08:23
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:10:25
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:33:23

Hines, Lisa
Main Street6:41
Medtronic TC6:53
Hoska Midsummer6:57
Ogara's Irish Run36:17
Park Point37:35
Get in Gear45:56
MDRA Victory47:07
Medtronic TC1:27:08
Ron Daws2:10:02

Hinkeldey, Kim
Goldy's Run1:38:20
Healthy Human Race2:05:09

Hinners, Carrie
Medtronic TC5:29
Brian Kraft Memorial18:25

Hirsch, Ann

Hjellbakk, Oddbjorg
Medtronic TC1:53:57
Garry Bjorklund2:07:27

Hjelle, Mason

Hjeltman, Tina
Goldy's Run1:16:34
Medtronic TC1:18:57
Ron Daws2:02:58

Hjerpe, Julie
Grandpa's Run for the Walleye25:51

Hlavacek, Lisa
Medtronic Twin Cities4:02:47

Hlebain, Rick
Main Street6:14
Stillwater Log Run21:02
Get in Gear43:46
Medtronic TC1:14:16
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:17:15
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:40:56

Hnath, Sara
Hot Dash27:41
Women Run the Cities56:32
Medtronic TC1:36:22

Hoag, Jill
William A. Irvin41:16

Hoban, Monica
Medtronic Twin Cities4:15:55

Hocker, Kim
Get in Gear58:58

Hocum, Troy
Medtronic TC1:02:01

Hoeg, Molly

Hoekstra, Joel
Medtronic TC5:16

Hoff, Anthony
Medtronic Twin Cities2:37:30

Hoff, Krisana
MDRA Victory41:53
Medtronic TC1:10:43

Hoff, Mary
Bear Water Run1:30:14

Hoff, Tony
Hot Dash55:47

Hoffert, Susan
Get in Gear1:05:37

Hokanson, John
MDRA Victory45:37
Get in Gear46:21

Hokanson, Kathryn
Medtronic TC1:12:09

Hokenson, Marcia
Medtronic TC10:03

Hollingsworth, Sara

Holmbeck, Jeff
Main Street7:02

Holmseth, Gary
Defeat of Jesse James Days1:10:52

Holovnia, Jim
Farmington Dew Run5:03
Medtronic TC5:08
Brian Kraft Memorial17:24
Get in Gear37:28

Holt, McKenzie
Gopher to Badger1:27:03

Holt, Susan
Get in Gear1:02:22

Hoof, Marcus
Medtronic Twin Cities2:41:16

Hooyman, Loren
Medtronic TC1:11:33
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:13:48
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:37:30
Garry Bjorklund1:39:26
Ron Daws2:00:45

Hopkins, John
Brian Kraft Memorial18:47
MDRA Victory39:36

Hoppe, Dave
Medtronic TC5:48

Horn, Lisa
Get in Gear49:05

Horner, Karla
Hot Dash1:39:32

Horner, Kimberly
Hot Dash1:01:35
Garry Bjorklund1:19:33

Horstman, Liz

Hoskens, Judith
Red, White & Boom! TC28:21
Garry Bjorklund2:14:08

Hoskens, Thomas
Red, White & Boom! TC26:51
Garry Bjorklund2:08:22

House, Jerry
Medtronic TC8:07
Get in Gear54:35
Medtronic TC1:33:32

Howd, Carol
Medtronic TC1:18:22
Garry Bjorklund1:38:46

Hron, Diane
Urban Wildland2:07:30
Medtronic Twin Cities4:44:55

Hruska, Amy

Hu, Yubei
Medtronic Twin Cities3:55:20

Hudson, Carolyn
Gopher to Badger2:03:18
Medtronic Twin Cities4:48:19

Hudson, Marlys

Huebner, Robert
Milk Run32:34

Huffman, Shelly

Hughes, Rosemarie

Hulbert, Sally

Hultman, Debra
Medtronic TC6:20
Mothers Day22:58
Hot Dash1:15:18
Gopher to Badger1:38:53
Medtronic Twin Cities3:50:11

Humbert, Chris
Urban Wildland1:30:24

Hunsberger, Tom
Healthy Human Race1:33:47

Hurley, Julie
Medtronic TC1:15:36

Hurwitz, Thomas
Get in Gear1:11:44

Husnik, Nancy
Medtronic TC9:57

Hyopponen, David

Hyslop, Heather
Hot Dash1:24:16

Hyslop, N Whitney

Hytjan, Lori

Imes, Julian
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:50:34
Medtronic TC2:09:06
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:29:38

Isackson, Douglas
Get in Gear33:59

Ivanecky, Samuel
Get in Gear32:36

Jaakola, Jenny
MDRA Victory51:01
Hot Dash1:29:23
Medtronic Twin Cities4:11:17

Jackson, Edward
Ron Daws1:50:26

Jacobs, Ben
Medtronic TC4:39
Ogara's Irish Run25:36
Get in Gear32:39
Hot Dash55:02

Jacobsen, Sonia
Y Run27:00
Ogara's Irish Run42:38
Get in Gear54:14
MDRA Victory54:50
Medtronic TC1:32:19
Ron Daws2:33:47
Lake Wobegon Trail4:34:59

Jacobson, Gwen
Red, White & Boom! TC1:44:29

Jacobson, Lidia
Milk Run26:27

Jadrich, Mike
Bear Water Run3:42:48

Jaeger, Greg
Medtronic TC5:14
Medtronic TC1:00:23
New Prague1:19:03
Gopher to Badger1:20:07

Jago, Jamie
Garry Bjorklund2:07:26

James, Judith
Women Run the Cities41:45

Janaszak, Brian
Medtronic TC5:12

Jansem, Melissa
Earth Day1:36:17

Jansen, Gloria
Main Street7:31
Hoska Midsummer7:55
Milk Run26:03
Valentine's Day TC26:09
Red, White & Boom! TC26:10
Brian Kraft Memorial26:18
Women Run the Cities26:47
Park Point42:27
Ogara's Irish Run43:08
MDRA Victory52:51
Get in Gear53:58
Y Run54:25
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:29:53
Medtronic TC1:30:00
Goldy's Run1:30:53
Hot Dash1:32:28
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:58:20
Garry Bjorklund2:01:05

Jansen, Karen
Hot Dash1:26:53

Janssen, Susan
William A. Irvin31:24
Park Point42:59
Goldy's Run1:37:49
Medtronic Twin Cities4:57:40

Januschka Murray, Judy
Medtronic TC1:26:25

Januschka, Francis
River Rat43:38
Milk Run45:04
Earth Day46:59

Januschka, Mary
Milk Run26:05
Goldy's Run1:25:40
Medtronic TC1:26:26
Hot Dash1:29:25
Earth Day1:52:57

Januschka-Johns, Karen
Hot Dash1:29:24
Medtronic Twin Cities4:11:56

Jaskulke, Carmen
Medtronic TC1:10:05

Jason, Colleen
Medtronic TC1:24:20

Jendrzejek, David
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:19:42
Medtronic TC1:20:34
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:44:36
Garry Bjorklund1:46:55

Jenkins, Patrick
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)52:12
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:08:24

Jensen, Rachel
Hot Dash1:18:04
Red, White & Boom! TC1:46:12
Medtronic Twin Cities3:42:21

Jermann, Tyler
USATF Championships49:42
Hot Dash51:19

Jerop, Cynthia
Hoska Midsummer5:06
Garry Bjorklund1:16:13

Jeseritz, Cheryl
Lake Wobegon Trail3:07:10

Jeska, Joan
Medtronic TC11:19
Main Street11:37

Jessee, Kris
Medtronic Twin Cities3:52:08

Johnson, Allen
Get in Gear50:07

Johnson, Amy
Wheels Off1:38:26

Johnson, Barb
Milk Run24:59

Johnson, Barbie
Medtronic Twin Cities4:12:33

Johnson, Carolyn
Bud Break31:24

Johnson, Chase
Medtronic TC4:50

Johnson, Cindy

Johnson, Craig
Medtronic TC8:00

Johnson, Daniel
Main Street5:21
Medtronic TC5:33
Brian Kraft Memorial18:10
Ogara's Irish Run31:47
Get in Gear38:18
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:06:47
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:27:17
Medtronic Twin Cities3:22:21

Johnson, Dennis
MDRA Victory27:55

Johnson, Drew
Garry Bjorklund1:14:19
Medtronic Twin Cities2:39:21

Johnson, Eric
Medtronic TC57:14

Johnson, Haley
Garry Bjorklund1:28:15
Medtronic Twin Cities3:09:55

Johnson, Harvey
Milk Run28:56
Jump to It29:24
MDRA Victory59:15
Get in Gear1:00:08
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:39:47
Stillwater Log Run1:41:21
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:11:59

Johnson, Jeannie
Medtronic Twin Cities3:52:04

Johnson, Mary
Red, White & Boom! TC2:27:03

Johnson, Philip
Get in Gear1:02:42
Medtronic TC2:04:26

Johnson, Rick
Medtronic TC7:50
Goldy's Run1:32:20

Johnson, Rob
Garry Bjorklund1:57:47
Medtronic Twin Cities4:32:31

Johnson, Robin
Earth Day26:34

Johnson, Ronald
Garry Bjorklund1:37:06

Johnson, Sara
Medtronic TC1:19:14

Johnson, Sonjie
Get in Gear38:17
Jump to It38:30

Johnson, Steven
Medtronic Twin Cities4:28:01

Johnson, Susan
Garry Bjorklund2:24:08

Jokela, Joanne
Park Point51:53

Jonathan, Sarah
Medtronic TC4:59
Ogara's Irish Run28:57

Jones, David
Lake Wobegon Trail5:21:18
Medtronic Twin Cities5:40:25

Jones, Evan

Jones, Krista
Medtronic Twin Cities3:46:37

Joppru, Kay
Get in Gear45:56

Jordan, Denny
Main Street6:07
Medtronic TC6:15
Brian Kraft Memorial20:47
Milk Run21:20
Park Point34:16
Ogara's Irish Run35:09
Get in Gear43:07
MDRA Victory43:24
Medtronic TC1:11:06
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:12:22
Gopher to Badger1:34:10
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:34:49
Ron Daws1:59:57

Jordan, Lani
Red, White & Boom! TC2:14:51

Jordan, Leroy
Garry Bjorklund1:45:35

Jordan, Marvel
Milk Run49:27

Joseph, Becca
Goldy's Run1:15:11

Joyer, Rod
Medtronic TC6:52
Stillwater Log Run22:11
Lift Bridge47:06
MDRA Victory48:15
Bear Water Run2:56:59

Juber, Bruce
Medtronic Twin Cities3:28:02

Judd, Elaine
Earth Day2:22:00

Julson, Jeannine
Get in Gear1:43:28

Jung, Dorothy
Women Run the Cities59:23

Justin, Mick
Grandpa's Run for the Walleye53:11
Ron Daws2:26:06

Kaeding, Jeanie
Medtronic TC2:15:19

Kaeding, Paul
Medtronic TC2:15:19

Kaiser, Kevin
Medtronic TC6:30
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:13:09
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:36:17

Kaitala, Erik
Medtronic Twin Cities3:03:10

Kalamaroff, Loretta
Red, White & Boom! TC42:43

Kalil, Sufian
Bear Water Run2:00:55

Kamm, Jennifer
Medtronic Twin Cities3:40:42
Lake Wobegon Trail3:44:42

Kamp, Thomas
Medtronic TC1:14:37

Kampf, Ben
Medtronic Twin Cities2:39:43

Kampf, Heather

Kang, Shin
Get in Gear1:53:48

Karanja, Wilson
Medtronic TC4:32

Karelitz, Brigid
Medtronic Twin Cities3:31:36

Karlson, Beth
Brian Kraft Memorial25:37
Hot Dash26:25
Milk Run26:41
Valentine's Day TC28:02

Karp, Greg
Get in Gear44:06

Karsanbhai, Surendralal

Kaschmitter, Laura
Hot Dash1:27:28
Medtronic TC1:31:09

Kavouras, Theresa
Farmington Dew Run7:27
Goldy's Run1:20:30
New Prague1:44:30

Kayfes, Molly
Medtronic Twin Cities2:54:51

Kazmierczak, Clare
Milk Run20:32
Get in Gear40:28
MDRA Victory41:52
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:11:00
Medtronic TC1:11:04
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:32:45
Ron Daws1:55:23

Kazmierczak, Wayne
Get in Gear1:25:17

Keane, John
Medtronic TC4:40
Get in Gear32:39

Keeler Ramacier, Kelly
Ogara's Irish Run37:32
Get in Gear49:04

Keenan, Joseph
Main Street4:57
Medtronic TC5:03

Kelleher, Susie
Women Run the Cities51:03

Keller, Doug
Main Street5:06
Farmington Dew Run5:12
Medtronic TC5:15
Brian Kraft Memorial17:22
Y Run18:18
Ogara's Irish Run29:33
Get in Gear37:12
MDRA Victory37:54
Medtronic TC1:02:30

Kelly, Caryn
Medtronic Twin Cities3:26:56

Kemp, Ann
Women Run the Cities31:29

Kennedy, Michael
Main Street6:08
Brian Kraft Memorial20:51
Medtronic TC1:12:40

Kern, Stephen G

Kerr, Kathy

Kessler, Peter
Ogara's Irish Run31:14

Kester, Chad
Garry Bjorklund1:26:42

Ketchum, Julie
Hot Dash25:39
Y Run48:12
Garry Bjorklund1:47:29

Ketterer, Emily
William A. Irvin28:44
Park Point42:08

Kibbel, Glory
Medtronic TC11:06
Get in Gear1:22:21

Kibet, Luke
Medtronic Twin Cities2:21:22

Kidd, Angela
Brian Kraft Memorial19:37

Kidd, Nancy

Kidder, Sandra
Milk Run36:07

Kiefer, Jan
Get in Gear38:38

Kimber, Sharon
Power Tunnel1:19:19
Garry Bjorklund2:41:39

Kimberly, John

Kimmel, Dan
Medtronic Twin Cities4:34:38

Kincaid Swan, Patrice
Garry Bjorklund2:10:15

King, Laurie
Medtronic TC6:39
Ogara's Irish Run38:32
MDRA Victory46:32
Get in Gear47:38
Medtronic TC1:18:00

King, Richard
Medtronic TC2:33:07

Kingsbury, Matt
Garry Bjorklund1:31:42

Kipruto, Elisha
Medtronic TC4:10
Main Street4:18
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)51:40
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:08:38

Kipyokei, Diana
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)56:34
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:14:16

Kirby, David
Park Point48:00

Kirk, Kate
Medtronic Twin Cities5:57:24

Kirk, Robert
Get in Gear1:21:21

Kirkland, Noah
Medtronic TC4:22

Kirkland, Tanya
Garry Bjorklund1:42:50

Kirui, Nichola
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)49:41

Kjorstad, Gil
Garry Bjorklund2:08:36

Klausler, Michael
Milk Run39:53

Kleemeier, Doug
Medtronic Twin Cities2:59:32

Klegstad, Erin
Get in Gear1:34:42

Kleppe, Larry
Healthy Human Race1:42:22

Kley, Stephen
Get in Gear54:16

Kley, Steve
Medtronic TC1:30:52

Kleyman, Jody
Medtronic TC1:15:48

Kleyman, Rick
Farmington Dew Run8:23
Medtronic TC9:22
Brian Kraft Memorial27:25
MDRA Victory31:34
Ogara's Irish Run48:28

Knapczyk, Emily
Medtronic Twin Cities3:08:53

Knight, BJ
Main Street5:27
Farmington Dew Run5:35

Knight, Heidi
Goldy's Run1:26:36
Medtronic Twin Cities4:10:28

Knispel, Manuela
Main Street5:40

Knochenmus, Julie
Garry Bjorklund1:56:52

Knutson, Kari
Garry Bjorklund2:07:10

Kobilarcsik, Linda
Medtronic TC6:23
Ogara's Irish Run38:41
Get in Gear44:51
MDRA Victory46:05
Medtronic TC1:15:07
Goldy's Run1:19:14

Kocak, Mark
Medtronic TC1:14:11

Kocanda, Laurie
Medtronic Twin Cities3:39:34

Koeppen, Lisa
Medtronic TC1:16:39

Kohlnhofer, Teresa
Hot Dash1:29:12
Garry Bjorklund2:00:58

Kohorst, Steve
Garry Bjorklund1:48:05

Koivisto, Pam
Garry Bjorklund2:43:49

Koop, Gary
Healthy Human Race1:49:32

Koski, Jess
Medtronic TC6:08
Park Point34:56

Koski, Jill
Earth Day1:52:01

Koski, Kari
MDRA Victory41:38
Medtronic TC1:10:14
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:11:01
Lift Bridge1:11:40
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:33:19

Kosmider, Kristofer
Medtronic TC2:24:11

Kovacs, Denise
William A. Irvin30:56

Kovalesky, Pat
Medtronic TC2:32:25
Red, White & Boom! TC2:38:49
Gopher to Badger3:12:47

Kovell, Bob
Main Street6:52
Medtronic TC6:55

Kraftson, Torry

Kranz, Sonja
Medtronic TC1:42:03
Healthy Human Race1:57:17

Kreis, Cindy
Defeat of Jesse James Days1:16:22

Krenner, Nicole
Medtronic TC1:22:09
Gopher to Badger1:48:44

Kresky-Griffin, Lisa
Hot Dash1:19:36
Get in Gear1:39:31

Kroehler, Corrine
MDRA Victory58:22

Kroll, David
Garry Bjorklund1:20:14

Kroona, Heather

Kruckow, Debra
Medtronic TC8:11
Hot Dash27:40
Goldy's Run1:38:03
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:13:39

Krueger, Tom
Jump to It24:24

Kuelbs, Heidi
Hot Dash1:25:54

Kufahl, Ken
Ogara's Irish Run33:08
Get in Gear41:53
Medtronic Twin Cities3:34:47

Kuhlman, Michael
Medtronic TC4:42
Main Street4:45

Kunz, Don
Medtronic TC1:30:25

Kunz, Mary
Garry Bjorklund2:30:16

Kurak, Rob
Medtronic TC6:24

Kurtzman, Mike
Milk Run21:19
Music in Plymouth22:14

Kurui, Evans
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)50:00
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:06:19

Kuzara, Maxwell
Brian Kraft Memorial15:31

Kuzma, Ann
Hot Dash1:51:48

Kycek, Frederick
Valentine's Day TC33:27
Milk Run36:55

Kysely, Genevieve
Garry Bjorklund2:04:52

Labalestra, John
Medtronic TC7:16
Hoska Midsummer7:19
Brian Kraft Memorial24:25
Get in Gear50:51

Laberee, Erin
Medtronic Twin Cities3:29:32

Lafavor, Kristen
Hot Dash25:51
Get in Gear55:03

Laffen, Glenda

Lakhan, Jill

Lamker, Darlene
Grandpa's Run for the Walleye47:40

Land, Liana
Gopher to Badger1:47:26

Lando, Harry
Medtronic TC2:10:02
Get in Gear2:21:34

Landstrom, Brian
Medtronic Twin Cities4:31:56

Lane, Jon
Ron Daws1:47:32

Langevin, William
Medtronic Twin Cities4:24:44

Langhout, William
Brian Kraft Memorial19:59
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:14:19
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:39:24

Langley, Tom
William A. Irvin35:51

Langum, Patricia
Valentine's Day TC23:10
Milk Run23:20
Ogara's Irish Run38:49
Get in Gear48:22
MDRA Victory48:27
Hot Dash1:20:55
Goldy's Run1:22:09
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:23:51
Stillwater Log Run1:25:45
Gopher to Badger1:46:03
Red, White & Boom! TC1:50:06
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:51:26
Medtronic Twin Cities4:11:53

Larranaga, Jim
Main Street5:08
Medtronic TC5:13
Brian Kraft Memorial18:05
Get in Gear39:33
Medtronic TC1:05:49

Larsen, Rick
Medtronic TC5:48

Larsen, Ron
Gopher to Badger1:39:54

Larson, Alvin
MDRA Victory30:58

Larson, Gail
Garry Bjorklund3:10:53

Larson, Greg
Medtronic TC1:29:59
Garry Bjorklund2:02:09

Larson, Gwenn
Medtronic TC1:26:00

Larson, Jackie
Medtronic TC1:08:37

Larson, Kristi
Ogara's Irish Run41:31
Get in Gear50:58
Medtronic TC1:29:38

Larson, Mary
Music in Plymouth42:27
Women Run the Cities45:16

Larson, Norman
Y Run25:18

Larson, Pam
Goldy's Run1:28:42

Larson, Shelly
Medtronic TC1:21:54

Larson, Susan
Urban Wildland2:34:04

Larson, Trish
Lift Bridge1:50:14
Stillwater Log Run1:52:59

Larson, Vicky

Lauer, Cathy
Garry Bjorklund2:39:07

Lauer, Dot
Defeat of Jesse James Days1:32:19
New Prague2:10:03

Lauer, Ed
Medtronic TC1:26:12

Laughlin, Barbie
Hot Dash1:34:02

Laughlin, Diane

Laughlin, Michael

Lavere, Carla
Brian Kraft Memorial23:49
Park Point38:55
Ogara's Irish Run39:49
Get in Gear48:52
Bear Water Run2:55:01
Medtronic Twin Cities3:59:17

Lawler, Michael
Medtronic TC6:01
MDRA Victory43:29

Lawrence, Lloyd
Hot Dash42:00

Lawson, Jerry

LeDuc, Mark
Main Street6:39
Medtronic TC6:41
Hoska Midsummer6:56
Ogara's Irish Run36:08
Park Point36:51
Get in Gear45:32
MDRA Victory47:38
Hot Dash1:14:57
New Prague1:38:21
Ron Daws2:02:34

LePage, Francine
Get in Gear31:46

Leach, Caryl
Spud Fest Lakes Run49:58

Leach, Dennis
MDRA Victory47:22

Leaf, Sue
Valentine's Day TC30:54
Get in Gear1:06:47

Leafgren, Victoria
Get in Gear57:45

Learmont, Mary
Milk Run25:14

Lederer, Sally
Milk Run26:30
MDRA Victory53:03

Lee, Elizabeth
Get in Gear48:33
Medtronic TC1:23:31

Lee, Joan
Women Run the Cities28:12

Lee, May
Medtronic TC1:25:53
Stillwater Log Run1:26:04
Urban Wildland1:58:09

Lee, Stacey
Garry Bjorklund1:42:59

Leer, Elizabeth
Medtronic Twin Cities3:47:24

Leer, Sarah
Get in Gear1:03:16
Medtronic TC1:50:02

Lehn, Calvin
MDRA Victory31:51
USATF Championships52:47

Leifur, Conrad
MDRA Victory37:50
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:04
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:23:21
Red, White & Boom! TC1:27:44
Medtronic Twin Cities3:06:09

Leininger, Barb
Medtronic TC7:14
Brian Kraft Memorial23:21
William A. Irvin23:49
Milk Run23:58
Get in Gear48:34
MDRA Victory48:56
Hot Dash1:22:41
Medtronic TC1:22:42
Urban Wildland1:50:55

Lenarz, Jen
Medtronic TC1:15:52

Lendino, Ann
Medtronic TC1:22:48

Leno, Melanie
Garry Bjorklund2:11:23

Lensing, Rosemary
Bear Water Run1:29:21
Medtronic TC1:44:44

Leo, Lance
Hot Dash1:01:23

Leonardo, Luis
Medtronic TC5:04

Leslie, Kathy
Garry Bjorklund1:57:18

Lewandowski, Cindy
Spud Fest Lakes Run37:32
Goldy's Run1:18:04
Stillwater Log Run1:18:12
Bear Water Run2:41:25
Lake Wobegon Trail3:41:56

Lewandowski, Patty
Hot Dash1:34:46

Lewis, Kevin
Medtronic TC4:12
Brian Kraft Memorial14:18
USATF Championships49:54

Lewis, Wanda
Hot Dash1:19:35
Medtronic TC1:19:57
Gopher to Badger1:43:50
Red, White & Boom! TC1:45:09

Light, Julie
Red, White & Boom! TC2:03:16

Lillehaugen, Timothy
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)56:03
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:13:40

Lindberg, Bob
Get in Gear1:01:13

Lindberg, Phyllis
Get in Gear1:33:19

Lindell, Bruce

Lindell, W. Scott
Medtronic TC5:01
Get in Gear35:58

Lindquist, Jackson
Garry Bjorklund1:11:55

Lindsay, Marisa
Medtronic TC5:43

Lippold, Adam
Medtronic TC56:20

Little, Colleen

Little, Katie
Main Street6:09

Little, Michael
Medtronic TC5:01
Brian Kraft Memorial16:47
Get in Gear35:15

Livingston, Beth
New Year's Day Hopeful29:29

Loeffler, Eric
Main Street4:23
Hoska Midsummer4:31
Brian Kraft Memorial15:03
Ogara's Irish Run24:46
MDRA Victory30:47
USATF Championships50:40
Hot Dash51:28
Garry Bjorklund1:08:16

Loeffler, Michelle
Get in Gear51:23
Medtronic TC1:27:02
Gopher to Badger1:52:35
Red, White & Boom! TC2:06:36

Lohn, Erika

Loken, David
Medtronic TC1:25:12
Garry Bjorklund1:54:34

Long, Martha
Get in Gear58:32

Long, Steven
Garry Bjorklund1:32:05

Loran, Rod
Main Street6:02
Medtronic TC6:18
Brian Kraft Memorial21:22
Ogara's Irish Run34:52
MDRA Victory43:28
Get in Gear45:25
Medtronic Twin Cities3:38:52

Lorbiecki, Shannon
Red, White & Boom! TC1:59:40

Louiselle, Louise
Goldy's Run1:29:26

Lowery, Christine
Medtronic Twin Cities3:30:49

Loyd, Susan
Hoska Midsummer7:45
Brian Kraft Memorial27:00
Red, White & Boom! TC27:43

Luczak, Patsy
Garry Bjorklund2:27:43

Lueder, Mark
Medtronic Twin Cities3:49:03

Lund, Jennifer
Medtronic TC1:23:22

Lunde, Bruce
Medtronic TC1:41:55

Lundstrom, Chris
Garry Bjorklund1:15:36

Lungstrom, Kraig
Get in Gear43:03

Lunz, Harriet
Milk Run31:49

Lusignan, Trent
Medtronic Twin Cities2:31:52

Luzum, Elizabeth
Medtronic TC1:13:40

Lyke, Tom
Get in Gear2:32:45

Lyman, Lori
Hot Dash1:40:09
Garry Bjorklund2:12:48
Medtronic Twin Cities5:17:18

Lyness, Deb
Hot Dash1:40:22

Lyng, Julia
Medtronic TC6:20
Brian Kraft Memorial21:33

Maas, John
Valentine's Day TC19:50
Hot Dash1:07:04

Maas, Mary
Valentine's Day TC26:40
Hot Dash1:32:34

MacCallum, Vanessa
Medtronic TC1:19:58

MacMillan, Tracy
Goldy's Run1:37:09
Garry Bjorklund2:14:08

Macaulay, Malcolm

Mack, Sally
MDRA Victory43:40

Mackin, Kevin
Milk Run23:04

Madden, Kathi
Medtronic TC6:29
William A. Irvin22:36

Mader, Juli
Medtronic TC1:20:15

Madison, Patti
Garry Bjorklund1:53:51

Madole, Jennifer

Madrid, Kimberly
Medtronic TC1:10:16

Magdalene, William
Medtronic TC1:10:49

Magel, Rhonda
Komen Brainerd Lakes Race for the Cure25:41

Magnuson, John
William A. Irvin25:03
Ogara's Irish Run39:10
Goldy's Run1:20:58

Mahabadi, Shireen
Goldy's Run1:19:14

Mahon, Kathleen
Earth Day1:47:06

Mahoney, Joseph
Spud Fest Lakes Run27:23

Maier, Bob
Defeat of Jesse James Days1:27:49
Medtronic TC1:50:24
Red, White & Boom! TC2:19:00

Maiers, Mike
Bear Water Run2:38:25
Medtronic Twin Cities3:34:18

Mairs, Elizabeth
Medtronic TC1:17:26

Majeski, David
Milk Run31:17
Stillwater Log Run1:45:58
Bear Water Run3:40:22
Medtronic Twin Cities5:22:19

Maleniak, Rich
Medtronic TC4:34
Hoska Midsummer4:34

Maleniak, Richard
Brian Kraft Memorial15:38
Ogara's Irish Run26:01

Mann, Diane
Medtronic TC2:01:00
Gopher to Badger2:18:40

Mann, Mike
Ogara's Irish Run39:55
Lift Bridge48:08
MDRA Victory48:59
Get in Gear49:06

Manos, Connie
Milk Run34:08

Mans, Adam
Medtronic Twin Cities3:32:57

Manske, Karen
Medtronic TC7:31
Milk Run25:12
Lift Bridge1:23:28

Mansur, Alicia

Mansur, Sue
Y Run57:31

Mansur, Suzette
Get in Gear58:57
Garry Bjorklund2:06:10

Manzoni, Charles
Goldy's Run1:34:53

Marble, Jill

Marchand, Maria
Get in Gear51:57

Marden, Dorothy
Hoska Midsummer11:34
Medtronic TC12:11
Mothers Day38:54
Women Run the Cities39:44
Ogara's Irish Run39:50
Brian Kraft Memorial40:10
Challenge Cancer & Challenge Obesity40:17
Jump to It42:06
Y Run1:24:24
MDRA Victory1:25:17
Get in Gear1:27:03
Hot Dash2:18:43
Medtronic TC2:37:33
Garry Bjorklund3:12:00

Marden-Lokken, Sandy
Park Point53:08

Marette, Shelly
Medtronic Twin Cities4:30:33

Marklund, Dave
Garry Bjorklund3:04:59

Marlowe-Eich, Kathleen
Hot Dash22:31

Maron, Henry
Medtronic Twin Cities5:44:21

Marotz, Jake
Brian Kraft Memorial14:56
Ogara's Irish Run25:30
Get in Gear (adjusted)31:15

Marquis, Sue
Medtronic TC8:49

Marshall, John
Get in Gear43:02

Marshall, Wayne
William A. Irvin37:18

Martin, Lisa J
Garry Bjorklund1:41:37

Martin, Peter
Healthy Human Race2:02:24

Martins, Wesley

Martisko, Les
Medtronic Twin Cities5:24:17

Martone, Jennifer
Medtronic TC6:23
Brian Kraft Memorial21:12
Hot Dash1:14:56

Marvin, Susan
Garry Bjorklund2:31:17

Mata, Clara
Goldy's Run1:19:42
Bear Water Run2:56:52
Medtronic Twin Cities4:04:48

Matschiner, Gary
Garry Bjorklund3:04:53

Matthees, Barbara
Valentine's Day TC29:46
Medtronic TC1:54:00

Mattson, Lori
Women Run the Cities24:05

Maupin, Stephen
Medtronic TC8:27
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:35:26
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:04:59

May, Pat
Medtronic TC2:30:42

Mayer, Rebekah
Medtronic TC5:22
Brian Kraft Memorial18:43
Ogara's Irish Run30:34
Garry Bjorklund1:24:01
Medtronic Twin Cities3:10:07

Mayer, Suzanne

Mayerle, Jim
Brian Kraft Memorial29:28

Mburu, Philip
Medtronic TC4:27
Garry Bjorklund1:05:58

McCall, Nora
Medtronic TC5:35

McCarthy, John
Get in Gear1:38:44

McCarthy, Laura
Valentine's Day TC24:16
Hot Dash1:28:18
Medtronic TC1:30:11
Red, White & Boom! TC1:53:58

McCauley, Susan
Get in Gear2:36:20

McClellan, Deborah

McClellan, Sarah
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:11:09
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:33:27
Red, White & Boom! TC1:33:58
Urban Wildland1:34:14
Get in Gear1:36:07
Medtronic Twin Cities3:19:35

McCormick, Colleen
Goldy's Run1:23:58
Medtronic Twin Cities4:07:08

McCoy, Craig
Medtronic TC6:42
Ogara's Irish Run37:22
Get in Gear46:35

McCoy, Rene
Jump to It53:46
Garry Bjorklund2:07:33

McCoy, Timothy
Medtronic Twin Cities5:06:20

McCrossan, Mary
Lift Bridge1:34:05
Goldy's Run1:35:12

McDonough, Elizabeth
Music in Plymouth41:44

McGarthwaite, Susan
Get in Gear2:35:02

McGrath, Leila
Medtronic TC1:23:18
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:27:01
Get in Gear1:48:41
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:53:47

McGraw-Nakagaki, Suzie
Women Run the Cities57:26
Medtronic TC1:52:14

McGrory-Usset, Mary
Garry Bjorklund2:16:19

McKay, Kathleen
Medtronic TC14:29

McKenna, Jessica
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:11:42
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:33:45

McLachlan, Kathryn
MDRA Victory54:05

McMerty, Shawn
Main Street5:09

McMonagle, Mike
Medtronic TC5:46
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:07:27
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:28:42
Healthy Human Race1:29:37
Medtronic Twin Cities3:15:57

McNamara-Nelson, Patty
Goldy's Run1:21:23
Medtronic Twin Cities3:53:49

McNichols, Larry
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:42:14
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:13:52
Earth Day2:24:32
Medtronic Twin Cities5:12:24

Mcnabney, Vicki
William A. Irvin34:26

Mead, Gerad

Medernach, Jennifer
Urban Wildland1:55:10
Red, White & Boom! TC1:58:43

Meek, Geri
Medtronic TC2:19:28

Melek, Annie
Medtronic TC6:41
Brian Kraft Memorial22:03
MDRA Victory45:06
Get in Gear47:18

Melody, Donna
Hot Dash1:36:32

Menturweck, Lynne
Milk Run30:26

Merchant, Ben
Main Street4:39
Medtronic TC4:45

Meshbesher, Marlee
Hot Dash1:27:23
Earth Day2:10:17

Methven, Mary
Medtronic TC1:58:04

Metzdorff, Jeff
Ogara's Irish Run25:55

Metzdorff, Rebekah
Medtronic TC5:36

Meyer, Becky

Meyer, Dave

Meyer, Judy
Hoska Midsummer7:01
Brian Kraft Memorial22:56
MDRA Victory46:19
Get in Gear48:47
Medtronic TC1:20:56
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:21:30
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:47:07

Meyer, Michaela

Meyer, Molly
Medtronic TC1:13:58

Meysman, Tripti
MDRA Victory51:38

Mi, Kan
Medtronic Twin Cities3:06:08

Mickelson, Lori
Park Point36:53
Garry Bjorklund1:45:22

Middlebrook, Rodney
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:37:58
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:07:54

Mihm, Kristen
Garry Bjorklund1:34:34

Miller, Jean

Miller, Julie
Medtronic TC1:14:23

Miller, Kathleen
Medtronic TC6:23
Brian Kraft Memorial20:20
Y Run22:54
Get in Gear43:59

Miller, Kenny
Main Street4:33
Medtronic TC4:33
Brian Kraft Memorial15:25
Railroad Days Dash16:25
Ogara's Irish Run25:31
Get in Gear32:26
Medtronic TC54:53

Miller, Kristin
Main Street7:05
Brian Kraft Memorial24:46

Miller, Lynn
Get in Gear1:58:07

Miller, Patricia
Garry Bjorklund3:22:28

Miller, Sara
Medtronic Twin Cities3:50:24

Miller, Shawn
Grandpa's Run for the Walleye26:45

Miller, Susan
Mothers Day26:05
Valentine's Day TC27:43

Miller, Todd
Rockford River Run47:01
Lift Bridge1:20:54

Mills, Cheryl

Minge, Bill
Hot Dash25:14

Mishek, Cathy
Medtronic TC1:40:03

Mitchell, Debra
Medtronic TC1:35:30
Garry Bjorklund2:01:29

Mitchell, Raymond
Main Street5:40
Medtronic TC5:48

Mittelholtz, Helen
Gopher to Badger2:21:46
Get in Gear2:22:45

Moe, Bob
Garry Bjorklund1:39:35

Moe, Lenora
Garry Bjorklund2:15:19
Wheels Off2:28:26

Moe, Nancy
Medtronic Twin Cities6:14:41

Moen, Joan
Medtronic TC1:39:12

Moen, Katy
MDRA Victory35:45

Moening, Brad
Medtronic TC4:56
Brian Kraft Memorial16:37
Ogara's Irish Run27:38
Get in Gear34:51
Bear Water Run59:40

Molinaro, Anna
Medtronic Twin Cities3:17:36

Moline, Mary
Power Tunnel50:33
Garry Bjorklund1:49:18

Molke, Rob
Brian Kraft Memorial14:41
MDRA Victory30:18
USATF Championships50:42
Garry Bjorklund1:08:05

Moore, Robert
Medtronic TC7:43
MDRA Victory24:49
Red, White & Boom! TC25:42
Get in Gear25:50
Hot Dash27:07

Moore, Siglinde
Main Street13:12
Medtronic TC14:14
MDRA Victory42:50

Moore, Terry
Milk Run44:14

Moran, Eileen
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:22:43
Medtronic TC1:23:26
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:49:26
Urban Wildland1:49:58

Mordorski, Sharon
Red, White & Boom! TC3:21:44
Medtronic Twin Cities6:21:44

More, Rodney
Red, White & Boom! TC3:18:15

Morley, Connie
Lake Wobegon Trail4:58:10

Morley, Constance
Get in Gear2:15:31

Morrill, Dave
Healthy Human Race1:52:48

Morrill, David
Goldy's Run1:28:29
Medtronic TC1:40:01

Morrissey, Janet
Y Run31:54

Mortenson, Kelly
Main Street4:58
Hoska Midsummer4:59
Medtronic TC5:08
Brian Kraft Memorial17:37
Park Point28:19
Hot Dash1:03:22

Moses, Eileen
Music in Plymouth35:10
Women Run the Cities37:55

Moulsoff, Michael
Medtronic TC5:16
Brian Kraft Memorial18:25
Ogara's Irish Run30:45
MDRA Victory39:09
Medtronic TC1:05:01
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:07:03
Garry Bjorklund1:25:21
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:28:21

Mudek, Ed
Power Tunnel1:08:33

Muehring, Deb
Earth Day1:54:20

Mueller, Craig

Mueller, Joyce

Mulrooney, Kathleen
Hot Dash1:18:50
Medtronic Twin Cities3:34:05

Muniak, Ed
Defeat of Jesse James Days1:01:33

Munn, David
Medtronic Twin Cities3:23:14

Murad, Angela
Healthy Human Race1:41:24

Murphy, John
Medtronic Twin Cities6:05:00

Murphy, Redlin
Stillwater Log Run1:11:12

Murray, Judy
Milk Run26:04
Goldy's Run1:25:40
Hot Dash1:29:24
Earth Day1:52:58
Garry Bjorklund1:55:27

Murray, Paul
Medtronic TC8:52

Mutua, Eda
Get in Gear48:50
Earth Day1:57:10

Myers, Ann

Myers, Mark
Brian Kraft Memorial20:34
Get in Gear43:13
Medtronic TC1:12:11

Nachmias, Melissa
MDRA Victory49:19

Naegeli, Jacob
Medtronic Twin Cities2:40:17

Nagan, John
Medtronic TC1:51:38

Nagorney, David
Red, White & Boom! TC1:55:18

Nash, Paula
William A. Irvin37:02

Naslund, Jeannine
Get in Gear33:16

Naslund, John
Main Street6:37
Hoska Midsummer6:45
Medtronic TC6:53
Brian Kraft Memorial22:34
Milk Run22:54
MDRA Victory26:36
Park Point37:04
Ogara's Irish Run37:52
MDRA Victory46:25
Get in Gear47:50
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:19:18
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:43:46
Medtronic Twin Cities3:46:24

Nauman, Steve
Bear Water Run2:58:15

Neid, Pam

Neisen, Carol
Garry Bjorklund2:23:10

Neisse, Sue

Neisse, Susan
Stillwater Log Run43:25

Nelsen, Leeann
Garry Bjorklund2:14:12

Nelsen, Mark
Medtronic TC1:08:32

Nelson, Andrew
Medtronic TC4:23

Nelson, Dawn
Healthy Human Race1:45:36
Medtronic Twin Cities3:47:18

Nelson, Donald
Earth Day34:44

Nelson, Elaine
Garry Bjorklund1:29:21

Nelson, Jody
Hot Dash1:23:19
Red, White & Boom! TC1:51:01

Nelson, Joelle
MDRA Victory46:24

Nelson, Karen
Goldy's Run1:25:05

Nelson, Lisa
Goldy's Run1:24:59
Medtronic TC1:25:04

Nelson, Maria
Medtronic Twin Cities3:47:45

Nelson, Marilyn
Earth Day37:48

Nelson, Mike
Medtronic TC1:13:00
Lift Bridge1:14:13
Gopher to Badger1:38:55

Nelson, Shannon
Milk Run30:41

Nelson, Terri
Valentine's Day TC27:45
Hot Dash1:35:28
Red, White & Boom! TC2:05:02

Nelson, Vicki

Nelson-Ryan, Jodi
Earth Day1:36:47

Nemeth, Jayne
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:21:55
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:47:28

Nemeth, Suzanne
Get in Gear58:12

Nepple, Robert
Red, White & Boom! TC48:16

Nestingen, Peder

Nesvold, Lori
Medtronic TC1:19:08

Neuhaus, Donella
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:18:26
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:42:44
Medtronic Twin Cities3:28:46

Neuman, Jennifer
Medtronic TC1:19:06
Hot Dash1:20:20
Goldy's Run1:22:28

Neusch, Holly
Hot Dash1:17:37

Nevers, Cathleen
Garry Bjorklund2:28:50

Neville, Gerry
Farmington Dew Run6:27

Newgard, Tabitha
Medtronic TC1:19:40

Newman, Andrea
Get in Gear51:52

Nichols, Dan
Garry Bjorklund3:22:45

Nichols, Herb
Goldy's Run1:13:26
Hot Dash1:13:52
Get in Gear1:42:44
Red, White & Boom! TC1:46:46
Medtronic Twin Cities3:22:30

Nichols, Mary Jo
Harvest Hustle43:41
Bud Break44:02

Nicholson, Jane
Women Run the Cities31:32

Nielsen, Carla
Bear Water Run1:54:19

Nielsen, Dan
Garry Bjorklund1:15:00

Nielsen, Pam
Medtronic TC5:48
Medtronic TC1:09:44
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:13:00
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:35:07
Ron Daws2:02:47

Niemi, Kenneth
Garry Bjorklund3:18:00

Nitz, Debby
Women Run the Cities1:08:28

Nordquist, Paul
Medtronic TC4:44
Brian Kraft Memorial15:37
Get in Gear32:40
Medtronic TC54:20

Nordstrom, Ed
Brian Kraft Memorial17:48
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:03
Goldy's Run1:04:56
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:23:43

Nordstrom, Edward
Get in Gear36:23
Medtronic Twin Cities2:55:57

Nordwall, Tammy

Noren, Carol
Ron Daws2:42:23
Bear Water Run3:42:33

Norris, Bob
Medtronic TC9:01
Milk Run48:46

Norton, Ann
Medtronic TC1:20:28
Garry Bjorklund1:42:39

Nosal, Marc
Brian Kraft Memorial18:37
Ogara's Irish Run31:39
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:05:24
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:25:40
Ron Daws1:46:30
Medtronic Twin Cities3:05:33

Noskey, Suzanne
Ogara's Irish Run42:30

Novacinski, Moriah
Medtronic TC5:26
Medtronic TC1:06:20

Novak, Judy
Women Run the Cities45:52

Nygaard, Kim
Monticello River Fest22:14
L.O.V.E. Run22:21
Medtronic TC1:22:11

Nygaard, Nick
Park Point25:15

Nyhus, Sally
Valentine's Day TC43:53

Nyseth, Heather
Medtronic Twin Cities3:27:49

O'Brien, Mary
Get in Gear49:44
Medtronic TC1:24:46

O'Connor, Darla
Medtronic TC6:06
Brian Kraft Memorial21:48
Ogara's Irish Run35:29
Get in Gear42:49
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:09:00
Goldy's Run1:13:12
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:31:02

O'Gara, Kris
Goldy's Run1:16:52

O'Keefe, Valerie
Hot Dash1:42:05

O'Meara, Kristin
Healthy Human Race1:59:03

O'Neill, Jeff
L.O.V.E. Run23:14

O'Regan, Patrick
Get in Gear28:16

Oakes, Michael
Get in Gear38:05

Oatley, Sandra
Defeat of Jesse James Days1:35:27

Odden, Linda
Milk Run26:05
Women Run the Cities53:56
Hot Dash1:30:19
Red, White & Boom! TC2:04:25
Lake Wobegon Trail4:15:49

Oesterreich, Gina

Oja, Dorie
Get in Gear1:22:09
Garry Bjorklund2:56:03

Oliver, Kerry
Red, White & Boom! TC1:41:43
Medtronic Twin Cities3:38:51

Ollerman, Esti
Goldy's Run1:26:22
Medtronic Twin Cities4:00:28

Olsen, Jacob
Medtronic TC4:37

Olsen, Jon
Medtronic TC4:37
Medtronic TC56:34

Olson, Alec
Hoska Midsummer4:22
Brian Kraft Memorial14:33

Olson, Amy
Goldy's Run1:11:14

Olson, Cathy
Earth Day2:05:38

Olson, Dan
Garry Bjorklund1:36:22

Olson, David
Medtronic TC8:47
Brian Kraft Memorial31:40
Red, White & Boom! TC34:57
Valentine's Day TC36:58
Hot Dash39:06
Get in Gear1:07:30
Medtronic TC1:53:44

Olson, Diane
Earth Day3:03:12

Olson, Dick
Medtronic TC14:51

Olson, Elizabeth
Medtronic TC1:52:34

Olson, Hannah
Get in Gear38:23
Garry Bjorklund1:27:41

Olson, Hope
Garry Bjorklund2:12:08

Olson, Louise
Medtronic TC2:22:01

Olson, Lynn
Goldy's Run1:28:56

Olson, Mary
Women Run the Cities32:36
Garry Bjorklund2:39:30

Olson, Nancy
Valentine's Day TC28:14
Goldy's Run1:46:02
Medtronic TC1:52:43

Olson, Sara
Get in Gear53:16
Garry Bjorklund2:03:28

Olson, Verla
Get in Gear1:06:58
Medtronic TC2:07:08
Garry Bjorklund2:35:18

Olson-Hohman, Lauri
Garry Bjorklund1:48:33

Omberg, Clancy
Get in Gear1:18:09

Omundson, Michelle
Garry Bjorklund2:34:30

Onigkeit, Jim
Healthy Human Race1:20:16
Medtronic Twin Cities2:49:28

Onopa, Diane
Medtronic TC1:24:17

Opatz, Brittany
Goldy's Run1:05:49

Ormsby, Rebekah
Medtronic TC6:03
MDRA Victory20:44
Medtronic TC1:12:20

Orning, Judy
Music in Plymouth40:27

Orning, Lanny
Music in Plymouth31:32

Osberg, Craig
Goldy's Run1:18:15

Ost, Tom
Gopher to Badger1:37:08

Ost, Tracy
Earth Day1:41:00
Gopher to Badger1:41:16
Garry Bjorklund1:48:03

Ostendorf, Vicki
Women Run the Cities47:23

Ostroot, Tina
Goldy's Run1:26:46

Owens, Bob
Garry Bjorklund2:18:33

Oxentenko, Amy
Medtronic TC1:22:25

Packa, Wendy
Garry Bjorklund2:03:01

Paine, Jim
Goldy's Run2:00:56

Pakan, Martha
MDRA Victory1:07:09
Get in Gear1:09:18

Palas, Janet
Women Run the Cities57:26

Palmer, Shaun
Healthy Human Race1:37:04

Pangrac, Adam
Medtronic Twin Cities2:33:05

Paradis, Drew
Medtronic TC4:31
Brian Kraft Memorial15:28

Parish, Patrick
Medtronic TC4:40
Ogara's Irish Run25:54
Get in Gear32:34

Parker, Colleen
Medtronic TC14:08

Parker, Kara
Medtronic TC5:37
Brian Kraft Memorial18:58
Ogara's Irish Run30:35
Medtronic TC1:03:14

Parks, Susan
Earth Day30:54
Spud Fest Lakes Run52:49

Parmeter, Lorrie
Garry Bjorklund3:18:29

Paschke, Jordan
Medtronic TC5:24
Medtronic TC1:06:27
Garry Bjorklund1:26:59

Paschke, Wayne
William A. Irvin47:08

Path, Susan
Red, White & Boom! TC25:52
Music in Plymouth26:15
Hot Dash26:48
Valentine's Day TC27:26

Patrin, Candy
MDRA Victory1:00:00
Get in Gear1:02:04
Stillwater Log Run1:47:47
Lift Bridge1:48:28
Gopher to Badger2:21:55
Bear Water Run3:58:00
Medtronic Twin Cities5:52:28

Paurus, Robin
Medtronic TC7:23
Valentine's Day TC23:58
Hot Dash1:22:29
Medtronic TC1:29:29
Red, White & Boom! TC1:53:32

Paxton, Bobby
Main Street5:32
Medtronic TC5:36
Hoska Midsummer5:40
Brian Kraft Memorial18:09
Valentine's Day TC18:43
Ogara's Irish Run30:35
Get in Gear38:01
MDRA Victory38:39
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:04
Goldy's Run1:04:13
Medtronic TC1:05:41
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:24:14
Garry Bjorklund1:25:56

Payton, Laurie

Pearson, David
Medtronic TC1:29:38

Pearson, Jeff

Pearson, Toni
Garry Bjorklund1:53:36

Pedersen, Tom
Gopher to Badger1:56:52

Pederson, Larry
Healthy Human Race2:41:19

Pederson, Tia
Milk Run22:48
Garry Bjorklund1:46:30

Peelor, Philip
Farmington Dew Run8:23

Pehl, Colleen
Goldy's Run1:54:20

Pellicci, Ferro
Medtronic TC2:39:10

Pentel, Paul
MDRA Victory22:44
Brian Kraft Memorial22:49

Perell, Elizabeth
Garry Bjorklund2:34:50

Perko, Rachel
Medtronic TC1:09:52

Perry, Kenneth
Defeat of Jesse James Days32:52

Peters, Judith
Medtronic TC1:29:26

Peters, Leanne
Women Run the Cities1:07:48

Peters, Roger
Brian Kraft Memorial20:47

Petersen, Mary Jane
Women Run the Cities56:07
Hot Dash1:38:39

Peterson, Anne
Medtronic TC1:55:55
Garry Bjorklund2:12:54

Peterson, Brian
Main Street4:57

Peterson, David
Farmington Dew Run5:57

Peterson, Eric
Medtronic TC7:11
Brian Kraft Memorial23:50
Ogara's Irish Run41:30
MDRA Victory52:13
Get in Gear54:26

Peterson, Halee
Medtronic TC5:44

Peterson, Jonathan
Get in Gear (adjusted)30:58
MDRA Victory31:10
Garry Bjorklund1:07:22

Peterson, Julie
Medtronic TC1:34:38
Goldy's Run1:35:59
Hot Dash1:36:45

Peterson, Karen
Get in Gear26:34

Peterson, Kathy
Komen Brainerd Lakes Race for the Cure26:58
River Rat27:33
Park Point43:27
Grandpa's Run for the Walleye58:04

Peterson, Kris

Peterson, Lauren
Farmington Dew Run5:16

Peterson, Marcia
Get in Gear35:19

Peterson, Marie

Peterson, Randy
Ron Daws1:52:52

Peterson, Rebecca

Peterson, Rick
Brian Kraft Memorial20:22
MDRA Victory20:50
Medtronic TC1:11:32

Peterson, Ryan
Main Street4:27
Medtronic TC4:27
Brian Kraft Memorial15:02
Ogara's Irish Run25:10
Get in Gear (adjusted)32:19
MDRA Victory32:35
Medtronic TC53:40

Peterson, Thomas

Petit, Libby
Women Run the Cities1:15:33
Medtronic TC2:23:26

Petsch, Joyce

Petsch, William
Ogara's Irish Run39:07
Garry Bjorklund2:02:23

Peyton, Meghan
Medtronic TC5:01
USATF Championships57:45
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)58:26
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:17:13

Pfannenstein, Mary Kay
Women Run the Cities58:10
Medtronic TC1:40:38
Earth Day2:06:17

Pfeiffer, Julie
Medtronic TC1:22:56

Philippot, Donna
Women Run the Cities44:09
MDRA Victory44:15
Hot Dash1:13:18
Goldy's Run1:13:59
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:14:45
Get in Gear1:35:30
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:37:58
Urban Wildland1:39:09
Red, White & Boom! TC1:42:22
Medtronic Twin Cities3:16:00

Phillips, Alan
Hoska Midsummer8:50
Medtronic TC9:04
Brian Kraft Memorial29:23
Challenge Cancer & Challenge Obesity31:03
Ogara's Irish Run50:39
Get in Gear1:00:22
MDRA Victory1:01:32
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:52:14
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:25:35
Ron Daws3:00:11

Phillips, Denise
Milk Run41:47
Women Run the Cities44:16

Pick, Cynthia
Hot Dash1:20:50
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:22:12
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:47:44
Medtronic Twin Cities4:01:55

Pierret, Lindsey
Ogara's Irish Run29:03
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:01:18
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:20:36
Get in Gear1:20:43
Garry Bjorklund1:21:57

Pierson, Kathryn
Garry Bjorklund2:18:28

Pieters, Cindy

Pilon, Sue
Get in Gear1:07:56

Pincus, Stacey
Medtronic Twin Cities3:50:50

Ping, Megan

Plakut, John
River Rat26:46

Plant, Vicki

Plaziak, Jill
Medtronic TC7:22
Medtronic TC1:34:13

Plumbo, Joseph
Milk Run39:35

Pohl, Gerry
Medtronic Twin Cities4:20:51

Pohlkamp, Terry
Medtronic TC7:23
Gopher to Badger1:42:22
Bear Water Run2:46:23
Medtronic Twin Cities3:40:11

Pokorney, Susan
MDRA Victory56:17
Women Run the Cities58:16
Defeat of Jesse James Days1:32:04

Polomis, Taylor
Y Run43:18

Poppie, Kris
Hoska Midsummer7:20

Porath, Nichole
Stillwater Log Run1:03:07
Medtronic Twin Cities2:58:32

Porte, Eric
Main Street5:44
Medtronic TC5:50
Brian Kraft Memorial18:59
Medtronic TC1:05:10
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:07:17
Garry Bjorklund1:27:41
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:28:42
Ron Daws1:49:07

Posey, Sandy
Medtronic TC1:53:23
Red, White & Boom! TC2:23:51

Powers, Carla

Pramann, Laura
Get in Gear57:43
Medtronic TC1:49:28

Prange, Terri
Lake Wobegon Trail4:39:04

Pratt, Cassie
Medtronic Twin Cities3:03:33

Prescher, Carol

Preuninger, Philip
Hot Dash33:43
Red, White & Boom! TC33:45
Valentine's Day TC36:12

Prevost, LaVonna
William A. Irvin45:26

Printy, Judith
Women Run the Cities1:20:02

Prom, Patty
Stillwater Log Run29:28
Lift Bridge29:58

Prudhomme, Colleen
Brian Kraft Memorial23:41
Get in Gear49:32
Medtronic TC1:26:52
Lake Wobegon Trail4:02:19

Prueter, Jennifer
Medtronic TC1:30:18

Purcell, Mary
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:42:51
Red, White & Boom! TC2:12:44
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:16:40

Purrington, Burt
Garry Bjorklund3:18:29

Purrington, Norm
Medtronic TC7:38
Brian Kraft Memorial26:16
Stillwater Log Run29:14
Park Point43:28
Get in Gear54:12
MDRA Victory1:01:41
Lift Bridge1:37:56
New Prague2:00:46
Garry Bjorklund2:01:15

Purrington, Sandra
Garry Bjorklund3:09:20

Quie, David
Main Street5:41

Quinlan, Geri

Raduns, Bonnie
Earth Day44:21

Rafael, Dave
Get in Gear1:28:43

Ralph, Corinne
Spud Fest Lakes Run40:42

Ramacher, Sharon
William A. Irvin37:32

Ramacier, Jim
Ron Daws1:49:31

Randall, Suzette
Garry Bjorklund2:12:52

Ransom, Kirk

Rasmussen, Heather
Medtronic TC1:22:11

Rawn, Florence

Recker, Rick
Main Street8:41
William A. Irvin29:41
MDRA Victory29:44
Jump to It31:01
Harvest Hustle31:06

Rediger, Andrea
Hot Dash57:26

Reetz, Elizabeth
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:07:23
Lift Bridge1:09:13
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:29:04

Rehbein, Angela
Medtronic TC6:42

Reichenberger, Jeremy
Medtronic TC4:40
Main Street4:44
Goldy's Run56:35

Reimann, Bonnie
Medtronic TC7:33

Reimer, Pam
Women Run the Cities47:11
Medtronic TC1:23:44

Reinders, Matthew
Ogara's Irish Run29:14

Reinfeld, Bill
Brian Kraft Memorial21:41
Park Point35:35
MDRA Victory44:27
Get in Gear47:14

Reinfeld, Willliam
Ogara's Irish Run36:13
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:16:11
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:39:43

Reinstein, Adam
Medtronic TC58:29

Reisnouer, Vickie
Valentine's Day TC33:15
Red, White & Boom! TC33:46
Hot Dash34:31
Medtronic TC2:20:33

Reistad, Bridget
Garry Bjorklund1:59:39

Renier, Joe
Medtronic TC4:38
Brian Kraft Memorial15:43
Medtronic TC56:42
Garry Bjorklund1:12:52

Renneke, Lee
Get in Gear1:38:58

Renner, Max
Medtronic TC4:35
Brian Kraft Memorial15:29
Ogara's Irish Run25:33
Medtronic TC55:25

Resman, Sabrena
Healthy Human Race1:49:52

Reuterfeldt, Scott
Medtronic TC5:21
Main Street5:21

Rhame, Frank
Get in Gear1:14:40

Rice, Lauren
Hot Dash1:00:59
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:05:29
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:25:59

Richard, Pat
Medtronic TC1:10:34

Richnavsky, Scott
Hot Dash57:00

Rikala, Joy
Get in Gear1:04:31

Rinke, Beverly
William A. Irvin27:45
Get in Gear56:33
Medtronic TC1:38:08
Urban Wildland2:04:53
Lake Wobegon Trail4:31:49

Ritter, Alfred
William A. Irvin49:56

Ritz, David
Medtronic TC1:09:21

Rivard, Sam
Garry Bjorklund1:17:08

Rivard, Samantha
Get in Gear35:42

Rivers, Mike

Roach, Charlie
Main Street5:44
MDRA Victory40:25
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:11:04
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:37:43

Roach, Jan
River Rat42:38

Roberts, Christina
Medtronic TC5:23
Medtronic TC1:05:59

Robertson, Gregg
Main Street4:48
Brian Kraft Memorial16:23
Get in Gear34:41
Medtronic TC57:56
Garry Bjorklund1:14:51

Robinson, Shelley
Garry Bjorklund1:55:27

Rock, Missy
Healthy Human Race1:20:43
Medtronic Twin Cities2:55:50

Rock, Nathan
Garry Bjorklund1:11:49

Rockers, Dan
Medtronic TC1:20:38

Roden, Dan
Get in Gear43:11
New Prague1:31:15

Rodgers, Robin
Goldy's Run1:38:49

Roeger, Brent
Main Street4:44
Brian Kraft Memorial16:50
Ogara's Irish Run28:22
Ron Daws1:40:27

Rogers, Nick
MDRA Victory29:07
Get in Gear32:21

Rogness, Jodi
Goldy's Run1:37:35

Rogotzke, David

Roise, Charlene
Park Point44:02

Roles, Kari
Medtronic TC1:27:37

Rollie, Jessica

Ronning, Jean
Get in Gear38:23

Rooney, Bill
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:38:31
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:08:42

Roos, Patrick

Roscoe, Robert
Urban Wildland2:46:55

Roseen, David
Red, White & Boom! TC27:06
Valentine's Day TC27:38
Hot Dash27:51
Get in Gear55:52

Ross, Nick
Medtronic TC4:44
Brian Kraft Memorial15:39
Garry Bjorklund1:10:29

Ross, Patricia
Stillwater Log Run25:32

Ross, Scott
Medtronic Twin Cities3:28:33

Roth, Deborah
Music in Plymouth30:51
Bud Break31:46
Rockford River Run1:03:32

Roth, Mark
Goldy's Run1:14:09

Roth, Meghan
MDRA Victory36:43
Medtronic TC1:00:36

Roth, Michael
Medtronic TC4:38

Rother, Cindy
Medtronic TC1:27:20

Rotich, Sammy
Get in Gear (adjusted)30:20

Rousseau, Ed
Ogara's Irish Run45:01
Get in Gear58:53
Ron Daws2:46:45
Medtronic Twin Cities5:10:57

Roy, Lara
Brian Kraft Memorial22:55
Get in Gear47:08
Medtronic TC1:22:03

Rue, James
Medtronic Twin Cities3:57:23

Ruebke, Spencer
Medtronic TC54:47

Ruegg, Suzanne
Medtronic Twin Cities4:45:38

Runner, Kent
Smokin' in Steele27:03

Rusack, Roger
Medtronic TC1:40:41

Rusch, Katie
Urban Wildland1:23:12
Earth Day1:25:56

Russell, Patrick
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)57:23
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:15:27
Medtronic Twin Cities2:42:44

Ruth, Patricia
Medtronic TC8:33
Ogara's Irish Run45:50

Rutherford, Ryan
Brian Kraft Memorial14:15
USATF Championships49:12

Ruud, Caroline
Grandpa's Run for the Walleye56:39

Ryan, MaryClaire
Komen Brainerd Lakes Race for the Cure31:43

Ryan, Patrick
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:39:02
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:10:48

Rybar, Jan

Rykken, Judy
Harvest Hustle42:17
Get in Gear42:34

Saari, Doug
MDRA Victory47:37
Lift Bridge49:00
Stillwater Log Run1:22:52

Saari, Phil
Medtronic TC1:58:49

Saavedra, Malena

Sachs, Heidi
Red, White & Boom! TC23:30
Medtronic TC1:18:52
Garry Bjorklund1:52:35

Sage, Brendan
Main Street4:15
Brian Kraft Memorial15:03
MDRA Victory31:58
Garry Bjorklund1:09:10

Sagedahl, Sherwood
Medtronic TC6:55
Brian Kraft Memorial22:55

Sakry, Theresa
Valentine's Day TC21:55
Hot Dash1:14:31
Medtronic TC1:15:37
Red, White & Boom! TC1:48:16
Bear Water Run2:42:59

Salinas, Antonio
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:55:10
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:35:35
Medtronic Twin Cities5:29:51

Salmela, Kara
Medtronic TC1:20:45

Samec, Michaelene
Grandpa's Run for the Walleye45:28

Sampsell-Jones, Sara
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:39:54

Sampson, Viann
Goldy's Run1:37:43

Sander, Merilee

Sanders, James

Sanders, Michel
Red, White & Boom! TC31:45
MDRA Victory1:04:10
Goldy's Run1:50:15

Sandor, Marjorie
Get in Gear55:57
Medtronic TC1:38:29

Sandry, Tim
Red, White & Boom! TC22:58

Sather, Tamara
Medtronic TC1:23:54

Sathre, Benjamin
Medtronic TC4:18
Brian Kraft Memorial14:18
Ogara's Irish Run24:06
Get in Gear (adjusted)29:29
MDRA Victory30:16
USATF Championships49:15
Hot Dash49:59
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)50:45
Garry Bjorklund1:06:03
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:08:16
Red, White & Boom! TC1:10:14

Sawinski, Janice
Milk Run28:20
Goldy's Run1:29:27
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:31:48
Get in Gear2:02:42
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:03:53

Sayre, Jennifer
Medtronic TC1:56:26

Sazima, Donald
Y Run47:56
Music in Plymouth48:24

Schaefer, Barbara
Medtronic TC2:34:22

Schafer, Joan
Valentine's Day TC26:57
Goldy's Run1:33:08
Medtronic TC1:42:25
Red, White & Boom! TC2:05:04

Schaffar, Mary Jo
Challenge Cancer & Challenge Obesity45:50

Scheibel, Jim
Medtronic TC1:31:12
Red, White & Boom! TC2:05:30

Scheidt, Deb
Medtronic TC1:57:00

Schendel, Renae
Medtronic TC1:10:56

Scherber, Matthew
Main Street4:28
Medtronic TC4:35
Brian Kraft Memorial15:24
MDRA Victory32:38
Medtronic TC54:04

Scherer, Kathlene
Hot Dash1:41:35

Scheurle, Erik
Bear Water Run3:40:07

Schiemann, Katie
Medtronic Twin Cities2:49:59

Schlager, Derek
Medtronic TC4:40

Schlueter-Morland, Karen
Urban Wildland1:58:47
Medtronic Twin Cities4:27:40

Schmidt, David
Defeat of Jesse James Days24:45

Schmidt, Marlene
Goldy's Run1:27:07

Schmidt, Marly
William A. Irvin28:29

Schmidt, Matthew
Main Street5:13

Schmidt, Michael
Bear Water Run1:39:24

Schmidt, Terry
Women Run the Cities1:34:43

Schmidt-Dannert, Claudia
Medtronic Twin Cities3:54:37

Schmitt, Steve
Goldy's Run1:18:42

Schmitz, Alexander

Schmitz, Stuart
Ogara's Irish Run42:24
Y Run54:43

Schneider, Benjamin
Medtronic TC56:14

Schneider, Stephanie
Medtronic TC1:14:45

Schnobrich, Marilyn
Park Point44:58
Get in Gear59:46
Garry Bjorklund2:09:48

Schoeneberger, Paul

Schons, Suzanne
Medtronic TC6:20
Medtronic Twin Cities3:31:44

Schowalter, Bob
Medtronic TC6:41

Schreifels, John
Medtronic Twin Cities4:30:51

Schreiner, Tom
Hot Dash1:35:53

Schreurs, Pam
Get in Gear31:09

Schroeder, Ronald

Schubbe, Renee
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:24:27
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:49:44
Medtronic Twin Cities4:03:18

Schubring, Brian
Red, White & Boom! TC1:29:25

Schuldt, Barbara
Farmington Dew Run12:55

Schuldt, Rick
Farmington Dew Run7:12

Schulte, Carol
Earth Day35:35

Schultz, Julie
Garry Bjorklund1:52:22

Schulz, Carlin
Garry Bjorklund1:23:57

Schulz, Karen
Valentine's Day TC20:46
Hot Dash1:11:57

Schumacher, Tom
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:46
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:24:06
Medtronic Twin Cities3:01:24

Schwartz, Joanne
Milk Run23:04
Get in Gear1:51:56

Schwarz, Casey
Main Street5:38
Brian Kraft Memorial19:43
Ogara's Irish Run31:46
MDRA Victory40:56
Hot Dash1:07:13

Schwie, Lynn
Medtronic TC2:37:00

Seaman, Michael
Farmington Dew Run6:32
Medtronic TC6:46
Hoska Midsummer6:46
Jump to It22:38
Brian Kraft Memorial22:42
Y Run22:44
Park Point37:39
Ogara's Irish Run38:00
MDRA Victory45:26
Get in Gear46:07
Stillwater Log Run1:22:39

Sebesta, Karen
Medtronic TC8:31

Sedbrook, Cody
Garry Bjorklund1:12:27

Sederstrom, Donna
Medtronic TC1:40:06

Seidenkranz, Heidi
William A. Irvin24:23

Seitz, Deborah
Healthy Human Race2:11:28

Seng, Kate
Medtronic Twin Cities4:50:36

Serreyn, Kyle
Medtronic TC4:47

Serreyn, Tracy
Medtronic TC6:24
Brian Kraft Memorial21:14
Get in Gear45:11
Medtronic TC1:14:06

Setter, Mike
Farmington Dew Run7:06
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:23:12
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:49:53
Ron Daws2:16:58

Sevcik, Daniel
Medtronic TC4:42

Severson, Kyle
Medtronic TC4:41

Severson, Levi
Brian Kraft Memorial15:28
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)54:06
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:11:14
Medtronic Twin Cities2:33:41

Severude, Allan
Main Street4:55
Farmington Dew Run5:05
Medtronic TC5:08
Brian Kraft Memorial17:28
Ogara's Irish Run28:57
Medtronic TC1:07:54

Sexton, Sally
Milk Run24:51
Medtronic TC1:30:30

Sharkey, Diana
Garry Bjorklund2:31:56

Shea, Kathleen
Farmington Dew Run8:26
Brian Kraft Memorial27:23
MDRA Victory58:10
Medtronic TC1:35:43

Sheie, Mary
Challenge Cancer & Challenge Obesity32:23

Shenk, Karen
Bud Break28:37

Sheridan, Jessica
Medtronic TC1:15:32

Sheridan, Margaret
Bear Water Run2:51:49

Shirer, Karen
Get in Gear41:03

Shirer, Steve
Get in Gear23:15

Shumaker, Therese
MDRA Victory46:25
Goldy's Run1:16:26

Sibley, Alan
Farmington Dew Run6:23

Siddons, Brian
Goldy's Run1:15:31

Siddons, Jeanette
Goldy's Run1:22:15

Sieh, Tim
William A. Irvin19:57

Sikorski, William
Main Street5:12
Medtronic TC5:16
Garry Bjorklund1:25:21

Silverberg, Tom
Bear Water Run2:49:42
Medtronic Twin Cities3:48:09

Simon, Nancy
Brian Kraft Memorial30:04

Simonson, Faye
Get in Gear1:14:41

Singleton, Abbey
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:42
Gopher to Badger1:25:03
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:25:18
Red, White & Boom! TC1:27:36

Sirois, Karen
Garry Bjorklund1:55:25

Sjolund, Steven
Ron Daws2:09:25

Skaar Meier, Pamela
Women Run the Cities56:47

Skare, Myra

Skiermont, Stephanie
Medtronic TC1:15:44
Urban Wildland1:39:28

Skillings, Joel
Medtronic TC1:12:14

Skon, Peggy
Medtronic TC1:24:06

Skuza, Jennifer
Goldy's Run1:27:27
Medtronic Twin Cities4:07:15

Slaggie, Tom
Hot Dash47:14

Slavik, Marguerite
Medtronic TC1:19:48
Lift Bridge1:21:52

Smieja, Jim
Mothers Day25:48
Milk Run26:32
Easter Sunday Rise 'n' Shine26:42

Smith, Amy
Women Run the Cities22:57

Smith, Brent

Smith, Jackie
Medtronic TC1:10:34

Smith, Kevin
Hot Dash27:10

Smith, Laura
Garry Bjorklund1:57:28

Smith, Lisa
Garry Bjorklund1:26:37

Smith, Louis
Grandpa's Run for the Walleye37:22

Smith, Megan
Medtronic Twin Cities2:50:19

Smith, Scott
Garry Bjorklund1:34:34

Smith, Terry
Garry Bjorklund2:09:34

Smyth, Alison
Medtronic TC5:17
Ogara's Irish Run29:03
Get in Gear36:54

Snider, Rick

Snuggerud, Ann
Medtronic TC1:18:05

Snyder, Roger
Y Run25:23

Snyder, Tamara
Gopher to Badger1:42:11
Get in Gear1:44:23
Medtronic Twin Cities3:53:29

Socha, Gina
Power Tunnel57:14

Solie, Brenda
Hot Dash1:22:26

Soll, Roxy
Goldy's Run1:51:00

Soller, Beth
Stillwater Log Run28:17

Sonnesyn, Jill
Garry Bjorklund1:53:23

Sonnesyn, Marit
Medtronic TC5:21
Brian Kraft Memorial18:04
Ogara's Irish Run30:25
Get in Gear37:39
MDRA Victory38:19
Garry Bjorklund1:20:48

Sonnesyn, Steve
Medtronic TC5:26
Brian Kraft Memorial18:18

Sons, Bonnie
Medtronic TC5:58
Main Street6:07
Hoska Midsummer6:09
Brian Kraft Memorial20:00
Ogara's Irish Run33:43
MDRA Victory42:07
Get in Gear42:43

Soukup, Bev
Hot Dash1:31:09

Soukup, Beverly
Medtronic TC1:33:20
Garry Bjorklund2:02:29

Soupir, Samantha
Main Street5:23

Sowada, Sebastian
Platte River Run15:28

Sparkman, Dan
Hoska Midsummer6:10
MDRA Victory20:56

Speicher, Sara
Medtronic TC1:39:14

Spoon, Emma
Garry Bjorklund1:25:04

Spoth, Kris
Medtronic TC4:35

St.George, Brian

Stanfield, Amy
Garry Bjorklund1:58:22

Stanislowski, Leroy
Stillwater Log Run2:28:30
Lift Bridge2:29:31

Stark, John
William A. Irvin38:04
Garry Bjorklund2:52:46

Statsman, Joann
Milk Run31:32

Stattelman, Jennifer

Stauffacher, Lee
Medtronic TC7:56
Brian Kraft Memorial27:20
Park Point45:47
MDRA Victory57:58
Lift Bridge1:40:47
Medtronic TC1:50:34

Steele, Martha

Steffes, Marian
Earth Day2:18:34

Stein, Paul
William A. Irvin24:19

Steinhagen, Amy
Medtronic TC1:20:41

Steinhauser, Mark
Medtronic Twin Cities4:40:20

Stenzel, Steve
Main Street4:58

Stepan, Brock
Medtronic TC58:47

Stevens, Craig
Garry Bjorklund2:12:23

Stevens, Pam
Hot Dash1:33:52
Medtronic TC1:41:49

Stewart, Robert
Get in Gear39:26
MDRA Victory39:29
Hot Dash41:28

Stier, Anna
Get in Gear1:37:23

Stiff, Darci
Garry Bjorklund2:18:23

Stiff, Samuel

Stinson, Kay

Stoick, Kari
Garry Bjorklund1:34:18

Stoltman, Jonathan
Earth Day1:14:17

Stoneberg, Patricia

Stoneking, Diane
Hoska Midsummer7:40
Brian Kraft Memorial25:23
MDRA Victory53:15
Medtronic TC1:31:25
Garry Bjorklund1:59:13

Strachota, Anne
Medtronic Twin Cities5:12:41

Strait, Heather
Medtronic TC1:13:06

Strand, Mary
Medtronic Twin Cities4:09:40

Strand, Rick
Milk Run23:04
Medtronic TC1:22:10

Strandquist, Patty
Medtronic TC9:27
Medtronic TC1:42:48

Strandquist, Robert
Medtronic TC10:05

Strege, Auralee

Strelnieks, Marilyn
Garry Bjorklund2:08:17

Strickland, Gordy
Healthy Human Race2:42:25

Strike, Daniel
Medtronic TC4:39
Main Street4:43
Brian Kraft Memorial16:20
MDRA Victory17:24
Ogara's Irish Run27:39
Get in Gear33:57
MDRA Victory34:14
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)58:44
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:17:05
Medtronic Twin Cities2:44:18

Stubler, Sharon
Medtronic TC6:40
Brian Kraft Memorial21:21
Park Point35:22

Sturmer, Rayna
Medtronic Twin Cities4:42:01

Sturtz, Tammy
Medtronic Twin Cities3:58:45

Stute, Dianne
River Rat36:11

Styba, Mike
Goldy's Run1:20:45
Red, White & Boom! TC1:44:05

Sudoh, Ann
Medtronic TC1:17:01

Sugden, Barb
Bear Water Run1:47:39

Sullivan, Jennifer
Hot Dash1:19:23
Medtronic TC1:20:09
Red, White & Boom! TC1:45:05

Sullivan, Patti
Valentine's Day TC27:28
Medtronic TC1:39:24
Red, White & Boom! TC2:05:03

Sullwold, Shirley

Sundet, Amy
Hot Dash1:09:23

Sunstrom, Samantha
USATF Championships1:01:46

Svobodny, Jeanne

Swan, Patrice
Hot Dash1:40:05

Swank, Adam
Park Point27:13
Garry Bjorklund1:14:00

Swanson, Adrian
Brian Kraft Memorial15:23
Get in Gear32:43

Swanson, Brenda
Garry Bjorklund1:44:28

Swanson, Shannon

Swanson, Steve
Medtronic TC1:21:50
Earth Day1:47:45

Swart, Elaine
Goldy's Run1:40:40

Swartz, Laura
Medtronic TC1:15:19

Swenson, Lyle
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:27:32
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:55:32

Swigart, Susan
Medtronic Twin Cities3:55:08

Tangwall, Deanna
Lift Bridge1:30:10

Tapajna, Stephen
Medtronic TC1:00:17

Tarone, Elaine
Milk Run33:50

Tatton, Chris
Medtronic Twin Cities2:53:46

Tax, Laurie
Earth Day26:12
Medtronic TC1:33:05

Taylor, Andrew
Get in Gear35:28
Garry Bjorklund1:17:52

Taylor, Andy
Medtronic TC5:02
Brian Kraft Memorial16:46

Taylor, Greg
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:31:51
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:01:00
Medtronic Twin Cities4:24:46

Taylor, Gregory
Ron Daws2:33:30

Tebben, Joyce
Earth Day31:50

Teigen, Marty
Earth Day1:35:02

Telega, Gary
Get in Gear1:14:20
Garry Bjorklund2:58:04

Terhaar, Becky
Earth Day35:04

Terrell, Kristin
Medtronic TC1:20:44

Terry, Jill

Tessier, Beth
Medtronic TC1:50:47
Garry Bjorklund2:20:57

Tessier, Gloria
Jump to It27:31

Thelen-Bachmeier, Lisa
Goldy's Run1:25:56

Thies, Andrew

Thies, Eric

Tholen, Jillian
Brian Kraft Memorial17:20
Ogara's Irish Run28:55
Get in Gear36:28
Medtronic TC59:32
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:03
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:23:39

Thomas, Angela
Medtronic TC6:24
Brian Kraft Memorial22:30
Get in Gear47:09
Garry Bjorklund1:46:03

Thomas, Megan
Gopher to Badger1:34:01

Thomford, Deb
Red, White & Boom! TC1:55:17

Thompson, Connie
Earth Day32:53

Thompson, Daniel
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:36:12
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:07:57

Thompson, Hope
Women Run the Cities1:15:24
Medtronic TC2:23:26

Thompson, Larry
Medtronic TC7:42
Brian Kraft Memorial24:42
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:33:01
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:03:12

Thompson, Linda
Milk Run29:44

Thomsen, Jill
Get in Gear48:21
Goldy's Run1:26:03
Garry Bjorklund1:50:15
Medtronic Twin Cities4:02:41

Thoreson, Mary
Garry Bjorklund2:02:29

Thorsett, Ron
Medtronic Twin Cities4:33:52

Thune, Joan
Garry Bjorklund2:32:36

Tibor, Kristine
Gopher to Badger1:51:42

Tiegs, Diane
Women Run the Cities29:17
Medtronic TC1:49:59

Tierney, Sue
Stillwater Log Run1:40:37

Titusdahl, Gary
Get in Gear56:30

Todd-Bense, Brenda
Hot Dash1:26:49
Medtronic TC1:27:25

Todorov, Emmanuel
Main Street5:29

Toepfer, Cole
Medtronic TC4:31
Brian Kraft Memorial15:38

Tollefson, Carrie
William A. Irvin17:56
Milk Run18:25
Ogara's Irish Run18:35

Tollefson, Ginger

Tomaszewski, Carole

Toppin, Andrea
Medtronic Twin Cities2:52:53

Torkelson, Marie
Get in Gear1:08:30

Tornabene, Ladona

Traeger, Laura

Tran, Tuyet-Anh
MDRA Victory59:00
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:40:10

Trandem, Marvin
Red, White & Boom! TC2:14:08
Medtronic Twin Cities4:29:33

Traul, John
Medtronic TC1:22:16
Hot Dash1:22:37
Garry Bjorklund1:48:58
Red, White & Boom! TC1:52:31

Trauman, Sarah
Medtronic TC5:32

Trees, Kathy
Komen Brainerd Lakes Race for the Cure42:18

Trefethen, Dave
Monticello River Fest25:34
Spud Fest Lakes Run40:43
Lake Wobegon Trail4:20:00

Trelstad, Lee
MDRA Victory38:42

Trembath, Mary
Medtronic TC1:41:20

Trenkmann, Richard
Get in Gear33:54

Trenz, Missy
Monticello River Fest20:33
Spud Fest Lakes Run33:57

Trettel, John
Lake Wobegon Trail3:14:13

Trier, Renee
Music in Plymouth32:37
Women Run the Cities35:10

Trites, Dave
Garry Bjorklund3:02:42

Troup, Rasa
Brian Kraft Memorial19:50

Tuccitto, Debi

Turner, Patricia
Women Run the Cities38:49

Tweeten, Kay
Women Run the Cities1:20:20

Twigg, Roger
Easter Sunday Rise 'n' Shine24:24

Twito, Ruth
L.O.V.E. Run49:24

Underbakke, Jeanne
Women Run the Cities30:15

Urdahl, Lisa
Medtronic TC7:12

Urick, Kaila
Hot Dash1:04:15
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:58
USATF Championships1:05:09
Garry Bjorklund1:22:10

Valley, Ken
Medtronic TC6:15
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:11:33
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:33:40

Van Bellinger, Laura
Goldy's Run1:23:21
Hot Dash1:26:22
Red, White & Boom! TC1:51:20

Van Brocklin, Sunny
Medtronic TC7:53

Van Danacker, John
Main Street4:54
Medtronic TC5:05
Brian Kraft Memorial17:02
Ogara's Irish Run28:13
Get in Gear35:10
MDRA Victory36:11
Medtronic TC58:34
Hot Dash59:26
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:00:33
Garry Bjorklund1:16:43
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:19:18

Van Der Schans, Cathy
Main Street7:56
Medtronic TC8:06

Van Riper, Kay
Garry Bjorklund2:04:53

Van Wychen, Jeff
Ogara's Irish Run34:04
Medtronic TC1:11:38

Vander Eyk, Terese
Earth Day1:56:16

Vanderbilt, Aileene
Women Run the Cities43:06

Vannelli, Erin
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:22:36
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:49:07

Vaughan, Lindsey
Medtronic Twin Cities3:22:59

Vento, Kurt
Monticello River Fest31:11

Vernier, Dena
Lift Bridge43:19

Vetter, Paul
Medtronic TC1:24:10

Vickerman, Susan
Medtronic TC7:36
Medtronic TC1:28:49

Virkus, Gus

Virkus, Julie
Medtronic TC6:26
Brian Kraft Memorial21:15
Park Point35:05
MDRA Victory44:17
Get in Gear44:52
Medtronic TC1:16:15
Garry Bjorklund1:37:59

Vitek, Patti
Medtronic TC2:32:55
Garry Bjorklund3:12:39

Voeller, Jerry
Get in Gear56:42

Vogel, Therese
Garry Bjorklund1:56:13

Vogt, Lindsay

Voight, Angie
Main Street5:27
Hoska Midsummer5:39
William A. Irvin19:01
Brian Kraft Memorial19:12
Milk Run19:31
Valentine's Day TC19:43
Ogara's Irish Run30:37
MDRA Victory39:25
Hot Dash1:05:43
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:06:27
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:27:01
Medtronic Twin Cities3:09:05

Von De Linde, Stephanie
Medtronic TC1:12:50

Vose, Amy
Medtronic TC1:21:55

Vrambout, Olivier
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)57:41
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:15:38
Urban Wildland1:17:08
Red, White & Boom! TC1:18:11
Medtronic Twin Cities2:32:04

Vreeland, Jean
Garry Bjorklund2:14:53

Vreeman, Amber
Garry Bjorklund1:37:14

Wacek, Lisa
Medtronic TC1:20:55

Wacker, Dennis

Waggoner, Patricia

Waggoner, Shannon
Medtronic TC1:22:45

Wagner, Carston
Medtronic TC1:09:32

Wagner, Elizabeth

Wagner, Kathryn
Medtronic Twin Cities3:19:05

Wagner, Michelle
Hot Dash1:41:41
Medtronic TC1:46:19
Red, White & Boom! TC2:14:25

Wagner, Tara
Women Run the Cities42:57

Wahlberg, Liz
Women Run the Cities30:00
Milk Run31:17

Wahman, Bob
Get in Gear1:26:33

Wahman, Jarrow

Waite, Matthew
Medtronic TC5:27
Medtronic TC1:02:27

Waldera, Ed
Get in Gear50:54
Medtronic TC1:29:48

Waldera, Edward
Ogara's Irish Run26:45
Garry Bjorklund1:52:50

Waldorf, Pat
Milk Run30:36

Wallach, Dennis
Ogara's Irish Run31:49
Get in Gear39:49
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:06:23
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:27:05
Garry Bjorklund1:28:05
Medtronic Twin Cities3:13:54

Walseth, Heather
Garry Bjorklund1:35:51

Walsh, Debra
Bear Water Run4:05:34
Medtronic Twin Cities5:22:02

Walsh, Timothy
Bear Water Run3:31:01

Walter, Mary
Medtronic Twin Cities4:23:58

Walter, Pam
Medtronic TC1:17:51
New Prague1:37:44

Walztoni, Kirk
Medtronic Twin Cities2:58:01

Ward, Janet
William A. Irvin33:27

Ward, Julie
Women Run the Cities25:20

Warshaw, Erin
Women Run the Cities51:47

Waslaski, Janelle
Hot Dash1:24:44
Medtronic Twin Cities3:41:55

Wasson, Ann
Brian Kraft Memorial24:09
Milk Run25:05
Get in Gear50:53
Women Run the Cities51:15
Garry Bjorklund1:57:06

Wateland, Elizabeth
Ogara's Irish Run36:06
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:19:55
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:45:41

Waterbury, Deborah
Milk Run29:09

Watsick, Frank
William A. Irvin39:38

Watson, Tom
Grandpa's Run for the Walleye33:00

Webb, Linda
Get in Gear54:52

Webber, Leigh

Weber, Wade

Weber-Paxton, Sheryl
Medtronic TC7:52
Brian Kraft Memorial25:45
Valentine's Day TC26:20
Ogara's Irish Run42:59
Get in Gear55:23
Goldy's Run1:33:45
Medtronic TC1:42:10

Weeks, Dale
Hot Dash31:24
Challenge Addiction & Challenge Happiness32:33
Get in Gear1:10:24

Wegener, Joel
MDRA Victory35:22
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)58:48
Medtronic TC58:57
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:17:28

Wegleitner, Kate
Medtronic TC1:14:12

Wegner, Lana
Medtronic TC1:06:33

Wegner, Lynn
William A. Irvin31:07

Weier, Pam
Brian Kraft Memorial22:38
Ogara's Irish Run37:17
Get in Gear46:18

Weil, Richard
Challenge Cancer & Challenge Obesity26:37
MDRA Victory55:10

Weiler, Paul
Bear Water Run3:13:36
Medtronic Twin Cities4:32:20

Weiner, William
Red, White & Boom! TC34:33

Weinzierl, Kristin
Medtronic Twin Cities3:15:25

Weisbecker, Julia
Hot Dash22:40
Medtronic TC1:20:43

Weiser, Kevin
Rockford River Run20:37
Fathers Day20:40
Defeat of Jesse James Days20:40
MDRA Victory20:45

Weispfennig, Scott

Welke, Betty
Stillwater Log Run43:26

Wells, Conor
Valentine's Day TC15:14
Get in Gear (adjusted)31:21
Hot Dash52:02
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)52:58
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:09:24
Medtronic Twin Cities2:26:01

Wells, Naomi
Get in Gear44:34

Wenaas, Claude
Garry Bjorklund2:07:22
Get in Gear2:09:15

Wengert, Clare
Earth Day25:57

Wessman, Sonia

Westberg, Jean
Smokin' in Steele46:56

Westerlund, Dick
Healthy Human Race2:22:25

Westerlund, Jack

Westra, Ruth

Weyer, Lonnie
Goldy's Run1:12:53

Wheeler, Lisa
Medtronic TC1:52:12

White, Walter

Whitesell, Heather
Brian Kraft Memorial23:02
Valentine's Day TC23:44
Red, White & Boom! TC23:47
Hot Dash24:12

Whitworth, Anne
Park Point40:43

Wick, Joan

Wicktor, Lisa
Red, White & Boom! TC2:07:48
Garry Bjorklund2:09:01

Widmer, Marise
MDRA Victory24:19
MDRA Victory47:20

Wiebesiek, Laurie
New Prague2:35:19

Wiebusch, Cinde
Medtronic TC1:17:37
Garry Bjorklund1:41:44

Wieffering, Eric
Medtronic TC1:10:12

Wiersum, Karen
Ron Daws2:26:35

Wiersum, Matthew
Medtronic TC4:49
Medtronic TC54:09

Wiinanen, Randy
Park Point30:34

Wiitala, Lynne
William A. Irvin26:05
Garry Bjorklund2:01:03

Wilcox, Jenny
Medtronic TC1:09:27

Wilde, Wendy
William A. Irvin27:00

Willaert, Lisa
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:30:00
Medtronic TC1:30:48
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:59:13

Wille, Jerry
Medtronic TC5:40

Willett, Marcia
MDRA Victory35:18
William A. Irvin42:07

Williams - Winona, Linda
Hot Dash1:14:07

Williams, Angie
Brian Kraft Memorial18:04
Ogara's Irish Run30:23
Get in Gear37:45
Medtronic TC1:01:55
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:26
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:24:13

Williams, Barb
Goldy's Run1:40:45

Williams, Jerry
Medtronic TC1:57:37

Williams, Linda
Brian Kraft Memorial32:36
Ogara's Irish Run52:23
Get in Gear1:08:30

Williams, Marcia
Earth Day1:56:39

Wilmers, Penny
Garry Bjorklund1:53:35

Wilmot, Lisa
Hot Dash24:28
Goldy's Run1:22:13

Wilmot, Wayne
Garry Bjorklund2:09:45

Wilson, Joan
Medtronic TC1:29:34

Wilson, Rhona
Medtronic Twin Cities3:33:45

Wimmer, Nicholas
Medtronic TC54:55
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)56:51
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:14:24

Winderl, Susan
Goldy's Run1:30:01

Windus, Lynn
Garry Bjorklund2:09:36

Winkelman, Warren
Defeat of Jesse James Days1:09:53

Wirt, Mark
Medtronic TC5:43
Hoska Midsummer5:49
Farmington Dew Run5:52

Wirth, Rochelle
Medtronic TC1:11:49

Wirtz, Mary
Ogara's Irish Run29:30
Hot Dash1:03:34
Healthy Human Race1:26:55

Wischnack, Alex
Garry Bjorklund1:14:07

Wischnack, Andrew
Garry Bjorklund1:14:58

Withbroe, Christine
Medtronic Twin Cities3:41:09

Witt, Peg
Defeat of Jesse James Days1:32:19

Wolf, Amy
Hot Dash1:28:09
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:28:11
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:56:50
Red, White & Boom! TC1:59:00

Wolf, James
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:55:27
Hot Dash2:07:20
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:31:17
Urban Wildland2:33:36
Red, White & Boom! TC2:48:48

Wolfgram, Tierney
Red, White & Boom! TC17:35

Wolfley, Sandra Jo
Lift Bridge25:05

Woller, Heidi
Medtronic Twin Cities3:18:22

Wolters, Lynn

Wondra, Claudia
Milk Run30:05
Urban Wildland2:19:20
Garry Bjorklund2:23:08

Woo, Tom
Medtronic TC1:09:33

Wood, Marjory
Park Point50:56
Garry Bjorklund2:50:13

Woodland, Sally
Garry Bjorklund2:35:10

Woodrow, Anita
Medtronic TC1:11:06

Woolsey, Amy
Earth Day1:52:15

Worthington, Clark
Medtronic Twin Cities5:36:38

Worthinton, Clark
Urban Wildland2:17:54

Wotruba, Mary
Garry Bjorklund1:56:09

Wright, Don
Medtronic TC9:15
Brian Kraft Memorial31:54
Challenge Cancer & Challenge Obesity32:50
Mothers Day33:10
Park Point53:20
MDRA Victory1:16:40

Wurst, Jody
Bear Water Run1:29:46

Wyatt, Jeanette
Milk Run47:57

Yang, Tony
Main Street5:20
Brian Kraft Memorial18:28
Ogara's Irish Run31:31
MDRA Victory39:00
Get in Gear39:09
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:06:39
Garry Bjorklund1:24:51
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:27:01
Gopher to Badger1:27:41
Medtronic Twin Cities3:09:58
Lake Wobegon Trail3:14:29

Yelle, Jean

Yetzer, Mary
Ogara's Irish Run37:41
Get in Gear48:28

Ylvisaker, Steve
Medtronic TC7:07

Yoder, Leslie
Medtronic TC2:06:46

Yoon, Hyun
Brian Kraft Memorial18:11
Ogara's Irish Run29:47
Get in Gear37:27
MDRA Victory38:50
Medtronic TC1:03:52
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:06:03
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:28:01
Ron Daws1:44:33

Youngberg, Becky
Valentine's Day TC19:22
Ogara's Irish Run30:58
Get in Gear39:22
Hot Dash1:04:39
Goldy's Run1:06:15
Medtronic TC1:08:58
Red, White & Boom! TC1:31:47
Lake Wobegon Trail3:13:29

Youngblom, Lynn
Garry Bjorklund2:16:02

Zanker, Jacob
Main Street4:50

Zanker, Kevin
Main Street5:06
MDRA Victory36:32
Hot Dash1:03:20
Medtronic Twin Cities2:54:55

Zee, Charles
Red, White & Boom! TC1:58:51
Medtronic Twin Cities4:37:04

Zeleznikar, Jody

Zetterlund, Allen
Main Street5:49
Medtronic TC6:05
Brian Kraft Memorial20:58
Get in Gear42:06
MDRA Victory42:42
Medtronic TC1:08:47
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:10:07
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:32:59
Earth Day1:39:03

Zien, Jerry
Medtronic TC7:35

Zirkle, Sarah
Get in Gear1:52:49

Zitur, Cheryl
Goldy's Run1:15:16

Zuehlke, Katie
Brian Kraft Memorial20:58
Medtronic TC1:12:20
Garry Bjorklund1:38:14

Zurn, Tom
Hot Dash1:20:14

Zutz, Adam
Get in Gear1:11:22